Shadow Court Magician Chapter 11: My First Job as a Strategist

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In this way, I became a court magician, librarian, and princess’ strategist.


 The titles are increasing, but I don’t really care.


 No, the princess’s maid seems to care.



“Leon-sama, I’m sorry to bother you, but why don’t you resign as a librarian and just maintain being an honorary court magician?” (Chloe)



 It’s a constructive and natural opinion, but when I’m reluctant, the princess agreed with me.



“Chloe, that sounds good right? Every time Leon-sama leaves the battlefield, then he can work in the army and have him work as my strategist.” (Sicily)




“Picking up a book for Leon-sama is like taking in water for a fish. He will work in the court library until I become the queen of this country and create a Library for Leon-sama.” (Sicily)



 She acknowledged my other job.


 A boss who understands my thoughts. Certainly, I “have” to be surrounded by books.


 I still want to live my life as a librarian at the bottom of my heart, but I had other thoughts.


 It is to make the princess, who I will serve from “Shadow”, rise to the top.


The current goal was to make her the “queen” of this country, “at the least”.



 When I told Sicily this, replied with a question.



“Me, the Queen?” (Sicily)



 Both of them had blank looks.


 Then Chloe,



“As expected, Leon-sama. An outstanding person really has a different perspective from ordinary people.” (Chloe)





 Sicily refutes modestly.



“Last night, I swore to do anything to have Leon-sama. I am determined to execute any strategy you give me, but I am the third princess of this country. I have three brothers and two sisters. How can a girl like me take the throne?” (Sicily)


“Now, the king is sick. Until a few years ago, he was a brave king who was said to be the picture of health in Ernia, but now he is just a bedridden old man.”


“…………” (Sicily)



 Sicily is silent, and so Chloe answers instead.



“So, you’re saying that he will soon be removed from power and there will be a struggle for the throne.” (Chloe)


“That’s right. I wonder if Kerich, who tried to assassinate the princess, will take the first step.”


“What are you trying to say?” (Sicily)


“He’s the second prince, so if he kills the first prince, he will inevitably be next in line to the throne.”


“Are you suggesting he will kill our eldest brother Maxis?” (Sicily)


“He tried to kill his cute little sister like you, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill him.”


“Also, Maxis would be aiming for Kerich so that he would cement his claim to the throne. They are in the same boat.”


“–It means that the next king will not be decided without spilling a drop of blood.” (Chloe)



 Chloe adds.



“-Because my father never left a will.” (Sicily)



 Sicily laments, and I say it doesn’t matter.



“In any case, conflicts will occur. No matter which of your three brothers becomes king, rifts and bad blood will still occur.”


“… maybe.” (Sicily)


“That’s why we shouldn’t hesitate to aim for the throne. It’s easier to move this country if you become the Queen.”


“But, as I said earlier, I am the sixth child of the king. The furthest down the line.”


“I know, so I’ll do a lot of behind-the-scenes political maneuvering.”



 But there is more, I continued.



“We need to get the princess up and running until we reach the stage where we can aim for the throne. We need to make the people of this country call out to the princess.”


“The princess is a disciple of the saint of the slums. The people of the slums support us.” (Chloe)



 It was Chloe’s words.



“I appreciate that, but it’s not enough. We need the support of the entire population to be enthusiastic about it, as well as the support of the most powerful people in the court.”


“You mean, we need the support of all kinds of people.” (Sicily)


“That’s right. The best way to do that is to raise your military achievements.”


“Is that the best and fastest?” (Sicily)


“Yes. Wars are a big topic for the people. A general who is stronger than anyone else is respected for that alone. Even the court nobles will look up to a general who is strong in war.”


“If that is the case, then the immediate goal is to rise through the ranks through warfare, but will war come this quick and convenient?” (Sicily)



 Currently, the continent is dominated by the League of Kings in the west and the Astoria Empire in the east, but the war has not come for as long as I came here.


 Although skirmishes like the other day occur occasionally, “tournament battles” where the main forces of each other collide occur only once every few years.


 It can be said that the League of Kings and the Astoria Empire maintain an “uneasy truce” across the border.


 It’s difficult to get promoted for now, but I wasn’t impatient.


 In the first place, I do not believe that I can establish a military command by my own talent alone. I wasn’t that full of myself.



“In order to earn achievements in war, we must first expand the princess’s army.”



 The princess’s rank in the army is “brigadier general”. Fortunately, she could have her own staff.


 She needs someone she can entrust a number of soldiers. She should have “divisions” from her “brigade”. She needs ranks that can help her on the battlefield, and I think it is essential to collect “usable” personnel for now. We are in quite the bind.


 If the princess goes on to move up the ranks, she will have to manage multiple divisions, and she will need subordinates she could trust.


 When I told her about my idea, she agreed with me.



“I was able to get the strongest warrior in the world and the best librarian in the world, but I feel that my army is not strong enough…. Oh, of course, Leon-sama is also the strongest magician.” (Sicily)


“I’m happy with the compliment. I’m sure the army isn’t enough. I would like to have a staff officer who can jump into the front line with the soldiers and wield a sword.”



 Sicily agreed with my words and shared her worries with me.



“I want a tough guy that I can count on, not just any warrior.”


“He’s the kind of guy who can jump into a hail of arrows while wielding a sword and take down the enemy general.” (Sicily)


“Yes. He should be a man of character. Not a coward, but a man with a good heart.”


“But is there someone that convenient? If so, wouldn’t they be already belonging to some unit and their superior wouldn’t be willing to let them go?” (Sicily)


“Maybe. But there are few generals who know the value of a brave man. I’ve seen a lot of generals who don’t know the true value of a brave man and treat him badly.”


“Similar to Leon-sama. All your superiors in the past didn’t understand Leon-sama’s value.” (Sicily)


“I see.”



 With a bitter smile, the maid who disappeared before I knew it brought a bunch of paper, “Here.”



“This is?”



 Chloe replied.



“These are the newspapers of the Royal Capital for the past year.” (Chloe)


“Oh, all the major newspapers are here.”



 There were all the famous newspapers published in Guardian Hume, Dwarf Times, Sun Elfism, and the Royal City. [T/N: I feel like every country has its version of these newspapers.]


 There were no gossip magazines such as Tusupo.



“I knew we wouldn’t get anywhere discussing it here, so I brought the newspapers. Let’s look at some articles from the past. There’s even a special issue on soldiers who served in the war.” (Chloe)


“That’s a great idea.”



 Chloe bows down. Then, other maids who seem to be her protégés enter the room one after another before leaving the newspapers.






 That’s a year’s worth of major newspapers. The amount seemed to be considerable.


 Chloe smiled when I let out an unintentional sigh.



“Shall I make some tea before reading the newspapers?” (Chloe)



 As she says that, another maid rolled in a silver trolley. A set of tea utensils was on top. Also some baked sweets.


 As an avid tea drinker, my heart fluttered. I knew that the tea and sweets in a royal mansion would be delicious.


 As I gazed at the maid who was making the tea in a polite but efficient manner, I smelled the room filling up with the aroma of tea.






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