Shadow Court Magician Chapter 111: Sicily Dances on the Battlefield

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 Sicily’s plans were “all” thought off by Sicily on her own.


 Leon von Almarsh is a man of divine talent, but he is only human. He is only taking the best course of action after carefully examining all the information.


 Even if it looks like magic to others, he only offers a well-planned and well-prepared solution.


 Leon had no information about this fortress, nor did he have any information about the deployment of the Imperial forces. In such a situation, it was impossible for him to devise a plan.


 However, Sicily, his disciple, was different. She had observed the imperial troops’ command structure, the soldiers, and their positions. The command system of the imperial army, the morale of the soldiers, the state of supply, and so on.


 She was also able to obtain a large amount of information from Lieutenant General Ziggurat.


 By consolidating this information and mobilizing all of her wisdom, she was able to come to a conclusion.


 In other words, they could get rid of the Imperial Army.


 Leon’s best disciple, Sicily, thought so.


 When she tells Ziggurat about it, his eyes shine.



“The imperial army is 30,000 strong, but they have been besieging this fortress for several months and are exhausted. They may be a large army, but they are not a strong army. I wonder if there is an opportunity to take advantage of that.” (Sicily)


“We are aware of that, but with the fortress so well surrounded, the moment we open the gates, they will be able to break into the fortress.” (Ziggurat)


“Then we’ll just have to thin out the gates. I’m sorry, Lieutenant General Ziggurat, but I need to borrow 100 of your division’s best men.” (Sicily)


“As you wish.” (Ziggurat)


“And the uniforms of the Imperial Army. You must have some from those you’ve captured.” (Sicily)


“Of course there are. –Are you trying to disguise yourself as an enemy soldier?” (Ziggurat)


“Yes. But the general must have thought of that.” (Sicily)


“Of course I have. But that’s not enough to create an opening for 30,000 soldiers.” (Ziggurat)


“And what about the custody of the princess of the enemy kingdom?” (Sicily)


“Are you planning to use yourself as bait, Your Highness!?” (Ziggurat)


“Yes. I am just a novice and a woman, but as many as 100 soldiers have entrusted their lives to me. Where would I be without putting myself in danger?” (Sicily)


“If anything happens to you, the reformation of this country will be impossible.” (Ziggurat)


“If we lose here, it would be the same.” (Sicily)



 She replied in a tone as if she were some kind of master strategist, making the issue seem insignificant.



“The first step is to win this battle. And this is the only way to win this battle.”



 Ziggurat knew that Sicily’s determination couldn’t be broken.


 Thus, he decided to respond to her spirit by making the elite he would send to the princess the cream of the crop.



“I understand. I will fully follow the princess’s plan. When the Imperial Army shows an opening, then we will storm the castle, is that correct?” (Ziggurat)


“Yes, the other issue is this.” (Sicily)



 Sicily points to the map on the desk.



“This is where the enemy’s supplies are concentrated. If we burn it down, the enemy army will have no choice but to leave.” (Sicily)


“I see, the enemy is not stupid, and they are exhausted. If we cut off their supplies, they will inevitably leave.” (Ziggurat)


“Yes, definitely. I have heard that the officers of the Imperial Army are not mediocre. However, I’m sure you’ll be able to find a way to take advantage of this.” (Sicily)


“You’re as resourceful as a military strategist. It’s frightening.” (Ziggurat)


“I was trained by the world’s greatest military strategist up close.” (Sicily)


 After that, Sicily and Ziggurat moved to the final stages of the plan. So, when the operation was finalized, she noticed that Ziggurat’s sight was directed at the wall.


 When Sicily gazed in the direction of his interest, there was a picture of a woman.



“Is she your wife?” (Sicily)



 Naturally, such a phrase came out.


 Ziggurat then said.



“My wife is wasted on me.” (Ziggurat)



 That was his answer.


 It was surprising that a rugged veteran general would sound so melancholy, but it doesn’t seem to be words of sadness. He was truly thankful for his wife.



“She is like a heavenly maiden who has accompanied a foolish soldier like me without a single complaint. If I live a second life, I want to marry her again.” (Ziggurat)



 It was a line that made one feel deep affection.


 It made Sicily feel warmth in her heart.



“Is your wife in the Royal Capital?” (Sicily)


“Yes. Yes, she’s probably still waiting for me to return. But this is the last time she will miss me.” (Ziggurat)


“What do you mean?” (Sicily)


“After this war, I’m going to retire. I’m not going to let the years pass me by, and I want to take care of my wife.” (Ziggurat)


“——” (Sicily)



 At the same time, she felt troubled, but at the same time, she knew that it was meant to be.


 The veteran general’s popularity and commanding ability were essential to Sicily, but Sicily also knew that he was tired of fighting. He had fought for forty years since his first battle at the age of sixteen. There was no way a little girl like Sicily could stop him from retiring.


 Besides, Sicily wanted to see Ziggurat and his wife drinking tea in their small garden. She wanted to look at them through the hedge and murmur, “Thank you for your years of devotion.”


 She thought so from the bottom of her heart, so she said with the sincerest of smiles.



“I will try to have you spend your retirement with your wife as soon as I can.” (Sicily)



 When Ziggurat heard those words, his eyes looked like he was staring at his own granddaughter.



“Thank you, Your Highness.” (Ziggurat)



 It was all he could say.





 Princess Sicily lead a hundred elite soldiers and acted as a decoy.


 It was a bold and fearless plan, but the performers were unafraid. As expected, the elite of the Earth Division is indomitable.


 Sicily wanted to rely heavily on their military strength and courage, but she also wanted to make sure that everything was in order.


 First of all, information should be transmitted in advance.


 She wanted to spread the rumor to the enemy forces that the third princess of Ernia was staying in this fortress.


 Sicily is an exceptionally beautiful princess, but her value does not lie in that. She knew that her value was in her royal blood.


 The royal family does not spring up suddenly, so this operation will not succeed unless preparations are made in advance.


 Chloe, who was also known as the Spy Maid, and the intelligence officers of the Earth Division were the ones to pass on the information. Because they were professionals, they succeeded in making the information known to the Imperial Army’s top brass in three days.


 On the fourth day, the bombardment of the fortress seemed to have weakened.


 They probably chose to use the princess as a prisoner of war as a bargaining chip rather than defeating her on the battlefield.


 It was a decision that could only be made because the situation was in favor of the imperial army, but at this point, they would take advantage of it.


 On the fifth day, after confirming that Sicily’s presence had been recognized by the end of the Imperial Guard, Sicily made her move.


 Using a tunnel in the fortress, she appeared in the middle of the imperial army and launched a night attack on them.


 They probably didn’t expect that the one they were surrounding would be the one attacking by nightfall.


 The imperial troops were in a panic, and some of the imperial officers were even sleeping soundly in their nightcaps. Sicily opened fire on him as she charged at him.


 She aims at the officer and fires her gun.


 It passes by the officer’s cheek, three inches to the side. This is not because she has been merciful. It was simply because Sicily’s gun skills were inferior, but there was no problem.


 The codename for this operation was.



“Chaos and Terror”



 And it was.


 As long as they could instill fear in the enemy army, that was all that mattered.


 Sicily and the elite of the Earth Division began to retreat immediately after raining bullets on the enemy army.


 If they stayed here, they might be surrounded by reinforcements, and Sicily’s goal was to spread chaos and fear to the entire Imperial army.


 The Imperial troops were confused by the unexpected night attack, but they were even more confused when they heard that it was the princess herself who was leading the attack.


 They had heard that Sicily was a statesman who aspired to reform, but they had never heard that she was a soldier.


 Although they had heard that she had previously defeated the imperial army’s impregnable fortress of Macaulay, it was commonly believed by the imperial army that she was simply in the rear and did not have the strength or courage to stand on the battlefield.



“It was is a big misunderstanding—” (Imperial Officer)



 The Imperial Officer turned pale. This is because Sicily was carrying out night raids day after day, undermining the morale of the Imperial Army.


 Sicily is always on the front lines, inspiring the soldiers.


 It is said that the girl in the maid’s uniform is one of the most powerful soldiers in the world and that 29 soldiers have had their skulls crushed by the mysterious pocket watch she controls.


 Twenty-nine out of three hundred and ninety-nine, but still, it would be unbearable to have one’s skull cracked in one’s sleep on the following night. The soldiers began to worry more about their own lives than the merit of capturing the princess.


 Although there were no deserters yet, the morale of the Imperial Army was clearly waning.


 The general staff, who had trained in military arts at the military academy, changed course.


 They gave up on capturing Sicily and decided to defeat her on the battlefield.



“The order issued yesterday will be withdrawn. Those who have captured Sicily alive will be promoted by two ranks. Instead, those who bring the corpse of Sicily will be ones getting promoted by two ranks.” (Imperial Officer)



 The order was quickly relayed to the imperial soldiers, but that didn’t change the way Sicily and the others stood their ground. During the day, they hid in caves and forests, and at night, they repeatedly made night raids on the imperial army.


 They began to cooperate with the fortress, and when Sicily was about to be besieged, they showed their readiness to open the gates to save her. This put the Imperial forces at their mercy.


 After a week of toying with the Imperial troops in this manner, their patience seemed to be wearing thin.


 They broke part of the siege and began to make serious efforts to defeat Sicily.


 Hearing the report, Sicily smiled.



“This is it. I’ve been waiting for this moment.” (Sicily)



 Sicily’s appearance was dirty from the nightly raids. However, she had not lost a shred of her nobility. The maid reiterated her respect for her master’s natural nobility, but she wanted her to rest if possible. She pleaded, “Please rest.”



“I understand.” (Sicily)



 Surprisingly, she agreed and told her that she would take a rest in the forest. She said she would take a bath in the forest.


 The elite of the Earth Division, who had been suffering from nervous exhaustion, was pleased.


 Sicily cleanses herself and washes her hair under Chloe’s watchful eye.


 She soaks her hair in the conditioner that Leon made for her. Chloe asks.



“I didn’t expect you to take a day off, Your Highness.” (Chloe)


“I wouldn’t mind not taking a bath for a month.” (Sicily)


“…please don’t say that in front of… Leon-sama.” (Chloe)


“But I will say it in front of Leon-sama because Leon-sama is not the kind of person who would dislike me for such a thing.” (Sicily)


“—Well, he might get angry with at Her Highness, who is too high strung on the battlefield.” (Chloe)


“That’s it. I was planning to fight until the end of the mission without resting, but then I heard Leon-sama’s voice.” (Sicily)


“What is it?” (Chloe)


“He said, ‘Your energy is inexhaustible, but your soldiers are not.’ I heard him calmly admonishing me.” (Sicily)


“Sounds like something Leon-sama would say.” (Chloe)


“Either way, the decisive battle will be fought tomorrow, when the gates of the fortress open and the main body of the Earth Division charges in. If Lieutenant General Ziggurat can successfully break through the 30,000 troops of the Imperial Army and destroy the enemy’s supply depot, he will win, if not, he will lose.” (Sicily)


“That’s easy to understand. So let’s regain our strength, shall we?” (Chloe)


“Yes.” (Sicily)



 Sicily washed off the suds with water and told Chloe to bathe with her.


 Chloe, being a woman herself, gratefully accepted the offer, and the two of them then thanked the soldiers for their hard work.


 Tomorrow, everything would be decided, and we would cook all the food we had left. They are allowed to drink as much as they want.


 The elite soldiers were happy.


 They make a lot of noise as if all the tiredness they’ve been through is blown away.


 They enjoy drinking while feasting on the battlefield cuisine prepared by Sicily and Chloe.


 Sicily smiles at the scene, but her expression darkens when she sees the number of dishes they have prepared.


 When they left the fortress, there were exactly 100 soldiers.


 Now, the number had dwindled to fifty-seven.


 Many of them had been killed or captured in the daily fighting. Not a single one of the remaining 43 was unharmed.


 That’s how hard they had to fight.


 Sicily’s chest was tightened, but she never regretted her actions.



 If she regrets and stopped here, the death of those who courageously offered their lives would be for naught.

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