Shadow Court Magician Chapter 113: A Holy Grave

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 “An agreement has been reached with the Imperial Army. All soldiers belonging to the Ernian nation must cease fighting immediately. I repeat, peace has been reached between the Imperial Army and the Ernian Army.”



 An announcement that resembled the shouting of an intelligence officer flowed across the battlefield. Sicily, who had received unexpected information from this, put down her sword and returned to the fortress.


 There were the imperial soldiers who had finished the signing ceremony. They had returned with a resolute attitude. It was admirable, even though it was right after their defeat, but now was not the time to show them respect.


 Sicily ignores them and calls out to Ziggurat’s adjutant.



“I want to meet the Lieutenant General!” (Sicily)



 Her voice was filled with refusal and rebuttal.


 Sicily was also unhappy with the peace.


 It’s not that she doesn’t want a peaceful resolution. She is not happy with the nonaggression settlement, but she is unhappy with the fact that it was reached now, at this time, and without the permission of the military government.


 Sicily was both a princess and a statesman.


 She knew what would happen if a person in Ziggurat’s position decided to make peace on the spot.


 The adjutant seemed to be imagining the same thing as Sicily, and although he had a sad expression on his face, he told her that he could not meet with her. She asks why.



“I don’t think Lieutenant General Ziggurat is still alive.” (Adjutant)



 Ignoring the adjutant who says straightforwardly, the soldier collapses on the spot and cries, and she goes to Ziggurat’s office, there she heard a gunshot as she marched.


 A silent thud echoed.


 Sicily runs, her heart quivering, her body shaking, but Ziggurat, whom she meets again in his office, has become a silent corpse.


 Ziggurat’s officers were standing by with tears in their eyes.


 He said with tears in his eyes.



“…the Lieutenant General has now been relieved of his post.” (Soldier)


“…why, Lieutenant General Ziggurat …I still need you…” (Sicily)


The Lieutenant General is a soldier who knows shame. That doesn’t mean he takes life for granted. The lieutenant general took his life to comfort his wife’s soul and to prevent his men from suffering the same fate.” (Soldier)


“……” (Sicily)



 Sicily also shed tears. She immediately understood the meaning of the soldier’s words.



“The general had his wife taken hostage by the Maxis faction. He was probably threatened that if he sided with Sicily-sama, she would be killed. But she is a proud woman, and yesterday she committed suicide so that Lieutenant General Ziggurat would not have to worry about her in the future.” (Soldier)



 What a proud wife, Sicily’s chest tightened at her nobility.



“His loyalty to Sicily-sama will be fulfilled. However, he cannot fulfill his duty to the Ernian Army. He must have thought that if he didn’t take responsibility for the peace, we, his officers, would be held accountable. The Lieutenant Gpaid for the peace with his own life.” (Soldier)



 After saying that, the staff officer cries. He kept crying and continued to cry without a care in the world.


 The other soldiers who heard the gunfire came over, but they were all in tears.


 This was evidence that Ziggurat had won the hearts of the officers.


 She reconfirmed that, but she didn’t want to confirm it this way.


 She wished for the old general to still be alive. She didn’t need him to become her subordinate or anything irreverent like that. She just wanted him to live and spend the rest of his life in peace.


 This was no longer possible, but Sicily prayed for him and his wife so that they could at least make it to paradise together.


 Ziggurat’s office and its surroundings are filled with those who adore him.



 His office became a Holy Grave. [T/N: (T.T)]

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