Shadow Court Magician Chapter 122: [Side Story] Chicken

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 The Princess of Ernia Sicily von Ernia was a little bit of an airhead.


 She could study well and was intelligent, but she was also what you would call a natural airhead, and sometimes acted foolishly.


 For example, one day, when she was out shopping in the city in secret, she behaved like this.



 Sicily is on her way to a butcher shop in the market to prepare a home-cooked meal for her beloved strategist Leon.


 However, the butcher shop was run by a shopkeeper who had immigrated from a foreign land and could not speak the native language of the country.



 Foreigners are the main customers of this butcher shop.


 Normally people would change the store, but that’s where Sicily’s common sense was missing, that thought didn’t come to my mind, so she just decided to buy meat using gestures.


 First, she wanted to make beef tongue stew, so she showed her tongue.


 The owner seemed to understand and gave her a high-quality beef tongue.


 That night, she was able to serve Leon a delicious tongue stew. [T/N: I want me some Lengua Estofado.]


 The following week, Sicily went out to buy chicken breasts to make sautéed chicken.


 Sicily blushed for a bit and pointed to her chest.


 However, it was difficult for the owner to understand her intentions. She had no choice but to pull her breasts apart a little, point at them, and mimic the sound of a bird.


 The shopkeeper looked at Sicily’s chest with a grin and gave her a chicken breast.


 That night, Leon ate a delicious sautéed chicken.


 The following week, Sicily went to the market to make Leon some fried chicken.


 The shop owner is smirking from the beginning.


 Sicily lightly rolls up her skirt to sign chicken thighs.


 To show the thighs in her skirt but to lift her skirt a bit in a curtsy and say hello.


 Sicily greeted the shopkeeper “Good morning” and ordered chicken thighs in a fluent foreign language.



“…………” (Butcher)



 The shopkeeper was shocked.


 The girl, Sicily von Ernia, was well educated and intelligent, and it was not impossible for her to master a foreign language in two weeks.



 When Sicily received a chicken thigh from the shopkeeper, she took it back to the mansion and served the juicy, hot fried chicken to her beloved strategist.

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