Shadow Court Magician Chapter 123: [Side Story] No Way I Can Get Ready In 10 Minutes

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 On that day, there was an important military ceremony in the morning, but the military strategist Leon was late.



“Oh, my, this is really bad!”



 The princess is the kindest person I know, so she won’t be angry, but if the military strategist is absent from an important ceremony, she will become the butt of ridicule. I wanted to avoid that.



“Chloe, the maid, would be making sarcastic remarks for a few weeks.”



 It’s possible that my birthday present will always be an alarm clock.


 That’s not a very good future, so I consulted my subordinate Victor to see if there was any way to avoid it.



“Lieutenant Victor, what excuses can I make that would deceive them?”


“I can’t help you, so I’ll give you a special excuse.” (Victor)



 Lieutenant Victor, the demon god, answers magnanimously.



“The wisdom of an older man with a long military career comes in handy in situations like this.” (Victor)


“That’s the attitude you use when teaching people?”



 My words were a bit sharp, but Victor comes up with an excuse.



“Listen, Leon, this is what you have to say to the Princess’ maid to hide it.” (Victor)



“I’m sorry. I was on my way to the ceremony, but on the way, a woman I know insisted on coming with me. She took ten minutes to get ready, but on the way, her horse slipped on a banana peel and fell over, and she was plunged into the river. She was then swept downstream, where she encountered a dragon. I managed to defeat the dragon and returned upstream, but I couldn’t go to the ceremony soaking wet. I had to go to the desert to dry my clothes, and thus I was late.” (Victor)



 How is it a masterpiece?


 Victor smiles brightly.



“…who is this familiar woman?”


“Your mistress.” (Victor)


“I have no mistress.”


“In the army, there’s no better reason to be late.” (Victor)


“That’s an excuse that wouldn’t fly in the Libra Brigade.”


“Well, we are a sophisticated brigade.” (Victor)



 But, Victor continues.



“The excuse is quite good. Most of them are easily fooled.” (Victor)


“How? It’s too stupid.”


“No, it’s not. It’s a perfect excuse.” (Victor)



 Victor insisted, but when he thought about it, it seemed like the best excuse to act as a diversion. It was so ridiculous that people wouldn’t feel like saying anything.


 However, as a military strategist, there was one contradiction that he could not overlook. I pointed it out.



“There is only one possible loophole in that excuse. I might have to fix it.”


“What kind of loophole is there?” (Victor)


“A woman can’t get ready in 10 minutes.”




 When I said that, Victor smiled and chuckled.

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