Shadow Court Magician Chapter 125: [Side Story] Chloe the Painter

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 Sicily von Ernia. The girl with the noble and beautiful name is the third princess of Ernia.


 Serving the princess of Ernia is Chloe, a girl from the Doll tribe. Loyal and lovely, she has one hobby. That hobby is the appreciation of art.


 Chloe loved to admire the paintings displayed in Sicily’s mansion. Whenever she got a day off, she would go to the museums in the capital and spend the whole day looking at the paintings. Sometimes she was so absorbed in admiring the paintings that she would open her mouth and a fly would fly into her mouth.


 One day, Sicily, the master of the house, came up with an idea because of his excessive enthusiasm.



“That’s right. Since you love paintings so much, I’ll give you some tools to paint with.” (Sicily)



 Sicily immediately put her words into action. To Chloe’s surprise, she sends another maid to buy the tools.


Paints, paintbrushes, sketchbooks. All of them were expensive, but it was a small price to pay if it would make the faithful maid happy.


 Sicily immediately sent it to Chloe, who was as happy as if she had found a pirate’s treasure chest. Like flowers blossomed around her.



“Si-Sicily-sama, what is this?” (Chloe)


“Tools for making paintings.” (Sicily)


“I know that, but my birthday is still a long way off. —No, I can’t have something as expensive as this even for my birthday.” (Chloe)


“Don’t worry about it. Chloe’s always been good to me.” (Sicily)


“But–” (Chloe)


“I know. Then use these tools to draw a portrait of me.” (Sicily)


“A portrait?” (Chloe)


“Of course, I was just about to hang a painting in the parlor, which would save me a fortune over the eye-watering price of a court painter.” (Sicily)



 She said this so that Chloe would not be bothered. Chloe touched by the Princess’ kindness, picked up a paintbrush to live up to her expectations.


 After practicing for about a week, she asked Sicily to make time for her to become her model.



 –A week later, Leon von Almarsh, Sicily’s strategist, visits Sicily’s mansion. He came to check the documents that were to be submitted to the military congress, but he noticed something as he was having a meeting with Princess Sicily in the parlor.



“There’s a new painting, isn’t there, Princess Sicily?”



 When Sicily heard those words, her face became flushed.



As expected of Leon-sama, you have noticed.” (Sicily)


“Don’t underestimate your military strategist and court magician. I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it or not. I have a well-rounded education.”


“Yes. The other day, I placed an order with a certain “artist”. —What do you think?” (Sicily)


“Let’s see……”



 Leon put his hand on his chin and commented.



“It’s overwhelmingly compelling. It’s rough, but that adds to the intensity of the painting. The artist must be very famous.”


“Leon-sama has a keen eye. Actually, this picture was drawn by Chloe.” (Sicily)


“You’re serious?”


“Quite serious.” (Sicily)


“Oh, my gosh, it’s amazing. No, this is not lip service. I don’t think she’s an amateur. This is some magnificent ‘Hippo’.”



 Leon praised it honestly, but Sicily fell silent when she heard his praise.



“……This is not a hippo.” (Sicily)


“If so, is it an abstract painting?”


“…………” (Sicily)



 By the way, it’s not an abstract painting either. Sicily can’t say, “This is my portrait.” Since she is protective of her maid, Chloe even if her painting technique seems to be “Bad Sh*t” from an objective point of view. It seems that only Sicily can understand the greatness of Chloe as a painter. Suire of it herself, Sicily continued the meeting.



(Chloe, I love your painting) (Sicily)




 It’s unclear if her voice was received, but Chloe continued to paint.

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