Shadow Court Magician Chapter 126: [Side Story] Dress

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 Today was the inauguration ceremony of the King of Ernia. Chloe finished the final check of the dress that was prepared for the occasion. She is the personal maid of Sicily von Ernia, the princess and regent of the Kingdom of Ernia.



“Princess, the final check of the dress has been completed.” (Chloe)


“Thank you very much. Shall we put on the dress?” (Sicily)



 Sicily was taking more time than usual to take care of her skin. On a normal morning, she would cleanse her skin, moisturize, apply makeup, and comb her hair. This time, she started the night before with a massage using special massage oil, and early in the morning, she used mud packs and hair oil to moisturize and shine her hair. When the skincare was finally over, it was time to put on the dress. In order to wear the dress, she first had to put on a petticoat. Chloe picked up the petticoat, unfolded it, and handed it to Sicily.



“Princess, this is the petticoat.” (Chloe)


“Thank you.” (Sicily)



 Sicily pulled the petticoat over her head and pulled it down to her waist. Chloe fastened the hooks that held the petticoat in place. She opened the corset and wrapped it around Sicily’s slender waist.



“Isn’t it hard to breathe, Princess?” (Chloe)


“No, it’s not. Please make it a little tighter.” (Sicily)


“Understood.” (Chloe)



 Chloe tugged at the corset’s laces and threaded them through, quickly tying them when she was finished. She adjusted the pocket bag around her waist and slid the laces over the corset. Sicily didn’t say anything, so Chloe didn’t put any candy bars in it.



“I want to wear the dress that Leon-sama chose…” (Sicily)



 Sicily said as she tied the straps to secure the pocket bag tightly behind her back.



“It’s rather white, isn’t it?” (Chloe)



 Chloe replied as she attached the hip pads to Sicily’s waist. She wanted to wear the dress Leon had picked out, but it would get dirty and it would be difficult to get the chance to wear it.



“That’s right. I can’t wear it if I think it will get dirty.” (Sicily)



 Sicily’s cheeks were dyed a peach color, as she thought of Leon, and her eyebrows were furrowed in a troubled expression. Chloe thinks it’s okay to wear it. If it gets dirty, Chloe will clean it by hand, and if it gets ruined, Leon can choose another one. It would probably make Leon happier.



“He chose a white dress, I thought it was a wedding dress.” (Chloe)



 Chloe said sarcastically. Sicily, on the other hand, beamed happily.



“I think it’s because it’s just Leon-sama.” (Sicily)


“That’s right. Leon-sama is a chicken. Your Highness, you’ll have to put on another petticoat.” (Chloe)



 She unfolded a petticoat that was longer than the first one and pulled it over Sicily’s head. She pulls it down to her waist just like the first one. Tie the strings tightly so they don’t fall off.



“Someday it could be a wedding dress… right?” (Chloe)



 Chloe stopped her hand and smiled at Sicily’s expression.



“It’s not a bad look.” (Chloe)


“Fufu, Chloe is always on my side.” (Sicily)


“Yes, Chloe is the princess’s maid.” (Chloe)


Thank you. That’s very reassuring.” (Sicily)


“You want to wear the white dress, don’t you, Princess?” (Chloe)


“Yes, that’s true.” (Sicily)


“Then I think you should wear it after the inauguration.” (Chloe)


“When I meet Leon-sama?” (Sicily)



 Sicily blinked her bright golden eyes, which were more beautiful than amber or topaz as if she did not expect to have the opportunity to wear a dress.



“Yes. When you meet each other alone, you will wear the dress that Leon-sama chose. Leon-sama will be fascinated by the sight of the Princess in this dress.” (Chloe)


“…Is that true?” (Sicily)


“I’m sure of it. I’m sure of it. You’re my princess, the most beautiful and talented in all of Ernia.” (Chloe)


“Chloe…” (Sicily)


“Please be more confident.” (Chloe)



 Chloe puffs out her chest and looks at Sicily’s eyes. Sicily’s eyes slowly rise up to meet her gaze.



“After the inauguration, I’ll put on the dress…” (Sicily)


“As you say, Princess. Then let’s put on the dress for the inauguration.” (Chloe)



 Chloe quickly puts her dress on Sicily. Sicily looked at Chloe, who moved her hand silently. Sicily always felt lucky to have her as her maid. She silently pondered how she could express her gratitude.



“Princess, I’ll do your makeup and hair next.” (Chloe)


“Oh, of course. Please do.” (Sicily)



 Sicily was made even more beautiful by Chloe’s hands and dressed up for the inauguration. At this moment, Sicily was worrying about the hairstyle and accessories that would match the dress she had chosen, not knowing that Leon had already prepared a ring for her.


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