Shadow Court Magician Chapter 127: [Side Story] Underwear Circumstances

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 Sicily von Ernia, the third princess of the Kingdom of Ernia.


She has always had a capable and loyal maid by her side. Her name is Chloe. She’s as adorable as a doll, but she has one weakness.


 She ‘loves’ her beloved princess too much.


“You’re so cute princess, so pretty!” (Chloe)


 It is a rumor among the maids that she holds a picture of Sicily in her chest and she writhes in her bed as she looks at it, No one can claim that this is a far-fetched rumor, she doesn’t even deny it.


 Because Chloe loves the princess and her love is unbearable. As for how much she loves her, she would do everything in her power to make sure that her princess’ love would come true.


 That day, Chloe asked Sicily in a roundabout way.


“Speaking of which, how are things going with Leon-sama as your strategist?” (Chloe)


“Progress? Oh, you mean chess, don’t you? We play a little bit every day. We are at the end of a game.” (Sicily)


 Chloe sighed, saying that she wouldn’t be able to win, but that’s not the answer she wants to hear.


 What Chloe wanted to hear was not the progress of their game of chess, but the distance between the two of them. Isn’t it time for them to kiss? She thought, but Sicily probably doesn’t even recognize the feelings that are growing inside her as “love”.


 Sicily has never been in love since she was born.


 This meant that she had to take the initiative and help her in her journey on love. With that in mind, Chloe takes Sicily to a shady store in town. It was a so-called adult store, displaying underwear with an unusually small coverage.



“Princess, first things first. Wear a sexy outfit like this and free your body and soul.” (Chloe)


“But, Chloe, this is too…” (Sicily)



 Sicily’s face burned bright red.



“You’ll be fine once you get used to it. If you wear this, you will definitely be able to destroy your master strategist, Leon-sama.” (Chloe)


“What do you do mean destroy my master strategist?” (Sicily)


“It’s a metaphor, a metaphor.—Oh, isn’t this one good?” (Chloe)



 She picked up a pair of purple underwear. It was gartered and strangely lustrous.



“I’m so embarrassed.” (Sicily)


“Then what about this?” (Chloe)


“Well, why is there a hole here?” (Sicily)


“Fufu, what could it be used for?” (Chloe)



 Chloe blurted out, and then pushed Sicily into the fitting room.


 At this rate, she will be forced to wear the shameful underwear. It is made for a body that’s not a bride. Sicily thought of this and came up with a quick idea.



“Ch-Chloe, the underwear you propose is very nice, but it’s still too early for me.” (Sicily)


“What are you talking about, Your Highness? It’s perfect for you, princess.” (Chloe)


“Isn’t it? My breasts are only a C cup. They’re small.” (Sicily)


“C cups are full of hope for the future. There is still a lot of room for development.” (Chloe)


“That’s true. I understand that. But the mannequins in this store are clearly modeled after women with D cups.” (Sicily)


“Muu, right.” (Chloe)


“So, I would like to refrain from wearing them until I become a D cup. It’s an honor to wear this underwear.” (Sicily)



 Chloe had no choice but to back down when she heard him say that.


 Once Chloe gave up, the next day she began to rub her breasts before she went to bed. Sicily accepts everything but resists only one thing. She started to drink only one glass of milk instead of the two she used to drink every morning.



 This is how the daily life of the princess and her maid continues—


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