Shadow Court Magician Chapter 128: [Side Story] Escort Selection

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 We were ordered to attack the Macaulay Fortress in the south.


 The Macaulay Fortress was known to be an impregnable fortress, and due to the nature of the operation, the princess and I couldn’t always be together. In that case, Chloe, the worried maid, would take on the role of the Princess’s guard.



“Leon-sama, can you let the intelligent and brave Chloe be the princess’s bodyguard?” (Chloe)



 Chloe rolls up the sleeves of her maid’s uniform. I would have liked to agree without hesitation, knowing all too well her military prowess, but I didn’t feel comfortable taking a non-military woman into battle. She is a capable counterintelligence agent, and I wanted her to gather information while we were on the battlefield.


 So I reject the idea of her being an escort.



“…Ugh, is my pocket watch not good enough for you?” (Chloe)


“I know that your pocket watch can break rocks, but this time you will have to stay at home.”



 When I told her that, she obeyed obediently. –She insisted that if she couldn’t escort the princess, she should at least choose an escort with a thousand men.



“What do you mean, ‘thousand-man escort’?”


“Please select female soldiers of your choice from the Libra Brigade.” (Chloe)


“Is it limited to only female soldiers?”


“Those who cast a wicked eye on our beloved princess will be executed.” (Chloe)


“I see. Then all men are to be sentenced to death.”



 I accepted the proposal.



“I’m going to hold auditions for the guards, can I have the right to decide?”


“Of course. I’m sure Master Leon will be able to choose the best escorts.” (Chloe)


“Well, don’t expect too much.”



 After saying that, I used the unit’s internal PR magazine to recruit personnel.


 The Libra Brigade was still a small unit, so I called out to people outside the unit. In fact, only about three people showed up.



“They are too few……” (Chloe)



 I consoled the dejected maid.



“Although the number is small, there are quite a few great women in front of us.”



 I asked the first woman to show off her martial arts skills.


 A veteran soldier with five years of military experience dances with a short sword. She is a woman who became a soldier in order to eat, and she has buried many enemy soldiers with her sword.


 After she performed an impressive sword dance, I moved my gaze to the next woman.


 Next came a woman with a large bow. She was able to shoot through the apples that were set up a few dozen meters away. She seems to be an expert archer. She said she had been killing deer with her grandfather since she was a child.



“They are quite talented.”



 The two women showed off their martial arts skills that even the discerning Chloe was impressed with.


 The last person to appear was a woman with a gun. She didn’t seem to have any particular specialties, but she seemed to have a lot of patience. She can endure any kind of bad environment. She would probably be able to ambush and snipe for several days deep in the mountains. She was a rare find in a modern army.



“Hmm, each girl would be hard to let go.”


“I guess so. I can’t decide.” (Chloe)


“We’ll have to draw lots here then.”


“…………” (Chloe)



 Chloe’s eyes turned cold, so I thought seriously.


 I compare each of them: a master swordsman, a master archer, and a patient soldier. I closed my eyes for a few dozen seconds, and after deep thought, my thoughts settled on one thing.



“……I’ve decided.”



 I mumbled, and without hesitation, I chose the patient girl.


 Chloe’s face was painted with surprise.



“She is Her Highness’ bodyguard, and you didn’t choose based on strength?” (Chloe)


“I chose her because she is to become Her Highness’ bodyguard. She is patient, but she is also very observant. When she came into this room, she checked the shadows to see if there were any enemies lurking.”


“Oh my, you were observing such small details.” (Chloe)



 Chloe marveled and said, “As expected of Leon-sama.” Chloe and the candidates step back, now the escort was decided. We knew there was no point in staying here any longer, so I too left the venue.



“Is it good or bad that everything can be linked to deep thinking and scheming?”



I thought.


Incidentally, although I had said such a noble opinion to Chloe, I hadn’t actually thought about it that deeply. The reason I chose her as my escort was all an afterthought.



“I mean, I only chose her because she had the biggest bosom.”



 Of course, Chloe would be furious with me if I told her the truth, so I’ll take this matter to my grave.



“It’s not that dangerous, even though we will be separated from the princess this time. Considering her boldness and military prowess, she will be fine.”



 The only problem is Chloe’s worrying. All I have to do is end it.



 Once that was cleared, I switched my thoughts on capturing the fortress.


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