Shadow Court Magician Chapter 129: [Side Story] The Challenger

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 Leon von Almarsh is famous as a magician under Sicily von Ernia.


 Although he hides his talent as a military strategist, his talent as a magician cannot be hidden, and the other day he inadvertently destroyed an enemy unit by himself.


 The rumor spread both at homeland and abroad, and there was no end to the number of people who challenged him to a match.


 Last week, a young man from the Magic Academy challenged the game, and last week, a nomadic magician challenged the game.


 Last week, a young man from the magic academy challenged him, and the week before that, a wandering magician.


 Both of them had been beaten to a pulp by Leon, but still, there was no end to the challenges.


 So, he asks the princess and her maid for some advice.



“How can I put an end to the challengers?”



 Chloe, the maid, replied with a smirk.



“That’s easy. Instead of blowing away their wands with magic, as we have done in the past, we can use an instant death spell to plunge them into their graves.” (Chloe)


“If I do that, they’ll die.”


“If one of them dies, there will be fewer foolish challenges.” (Chloe)



 “Besides”, Chloe continues.



“Dueling is like a festival. There’s nothing more boring than a festival without blood.” (Chloe)



Her master, Sicily, the princess of the Kingdom of Ernia, scolded the maid for letting her dark side run wild.



 Chloe accepted the criticism with a “tsk”.



“Chloe, stop thinking about violence. It’s wrong to kill people.” (Sicily)


“I know, my princess. I’m just kidding.” (Chloe)


“…I hope.” (Sicily)



 “However”, the beautiful princess continued,



“It is true that there are many challengers these days. We have to do something about it, don’t we?” (Sicily)


“I agree.” (Chloe)



 The maid and the princess pondered together, “Hmmm…”, but it was the maid who thought of an answer.


 She claps, “I came up with a good idea.”



“Leon-sama, please lend me your ear.” (Chloe)


“That’s all right, but can’t you say it here?”


“It’s a secret to Her Highness. She will actually enjoy the spectacle.” (Chloe)



 That said, the maid whispered to Leon, but her proposal was ridiculous.



“…I don’t want the princess to see such an obscene sight.”


“This can be considered an experience. Besides, if you shame them in front of a beautiful young woman like the princess, it will reduce the number of challenges.” (Chloe)


“…Well, you do have a point.”



 Chloe smiled and began to gather a crowd.


 In fact, it seemed that the challenger had already arrived.



“You excel at things you can do…”



 Then they head to the garden of Sicily’s mansion.


 There was a man there who looked like a sage.



“I will defeat you and become the best magician in this country.” (Challenger)



 That’s what he said, but he didn’t seem very strong, so Leon quickly carried out their plan earlier.



“Keep your backs to each other, take three steps, then turn around and fire a [Rapid Fire] spell.”



 Chloe calls out, “One, two, three,” and I follow her, turn around as soon as she says “three,” and fire two [Rapid Fire] spells.


 The first [Rapid Fire] flips the opponent’s wand, and the second went into his pants’ belt.


 Yes, Chloe’s plan is to break the belt and make the opponent lose their pants.


 The sage is struck in the belt by Leon, and his pants slip down, revealing his pink boxers. He embarrassingly pulled up his pants and scampered away.


 Sicily was red-faced and covering her eyes with her hands.


 “How adorable.” Chloe thought, but a naughty thought crossed her mind.


 She then said.



“Leon-sama’s choice of underwear is black boxers.”




 Upon hearing the words, Sicily collapsed, her nose bleeding.


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