Shadow Court Magician Chapter 13: Doll Girl

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 Read more about the arrest of Lieutenant Victor.


 Apparently, he was arrested for murdering a colleague and beating his superior.


 Sicily, who read the article, had a shocked expression on her face.


 Chloe had a look of regret painted on her face.



“I am disappointed yet again after thinking I found an officer who seemed to be capable.” (Sicily)



 Chloe comforts her, but I ask, “What are you so disappointed with?”



“The person I was thinking of taking in was a criminal. I hate myself for my lack of insight.” (Sicily)


“What? Does the princess take everything that is written in the newspaper?”


“What are you saying?” (Sicily)


“The Dwarf Times is a hard-line newspaper, but it’s still a newspaper that cannot go against the military’s wishes. They can’t write anything wrong with the military.”


“If so, then what was written in this article falsified?” (Sicily)


“No, it’s all true, but this article only contains facts. It doesn’t provide what is essential, the motive.”



 The princess read the article again, and said, “That’s true.”



“There is no mention of why Lieutenant Victor killed his colleague. It’s quite unnatural.”


“Probably the final fight of the reporter who wrote it. Journalism fighting against the intentions of the military.” (Chloe)


“Have you thought that deeply already?” (Sicily)



 Sicily looked more amazed than surprised.



“Well, I imagine so. But I’m sure I’m not far off.”


“Then why did he kill his colleague?” (Sicily)


“I don’t know that much, but it should be worth investigating. If he didn’t kill because of hatred or anger, I want to save him.”


“Leon-sama is kind, and you have the capacity to trust others.” (Sicily)


“No way, I just liked his expression.”



 After I say that, I show the princess an article with a photo.



“He doesn’t look like the kind of guy who would kill someone out of spite. His fearlessness could be useful for the army you’re building.”



 I continued, he will not be frightened against the face of a thousand enemies.


 Upon hearing that, Sicily was convinced and said:



“… I am pleased that Leon-sama cared about others.” (Sicily)



 The voice was outside the audible range, so it didn’t reach Leon’s ears, but he knew the princess believed in him.


 To live up to that expectation, he orders Chloe to contact the Dwarf Times reporter who wrote this article and get more information.


 She replied, “I will see to it.”


 And disappeared like the wind.


 I ask her lady about her as soon as she disappears.



“Who is this Chloe? She seems to be a top-notch maid, a top-notch warrior, and a top-notch spy. Is she a ninja?”


“I don’t know what a ninja is, but she’s a loyal retainer who has been serving me since the day she came to the royal palace.” (Sicily)


“Well, she’s perfect, from her actions to her executions.”


“I’m sure it’s a result of her hard work, but perhaps her race has something to do with it.” (Sicily)


“She is not human?”


“Yes.” (Sicily)


“Unexpected—not really, I guess?”



 I thought that her way of putting magical power into a pocket watch and twirled it around was beyond human.



“Chloe is the daughter of a demi-human from the Doll tribe. The Doll tribe is a group of demi-humans with a doll-like appearance and physical abilities that are far superior from humans.” (Sicily)


“She looks quite human-like, though.”


“If she is wearing her maid outfit yes. You’ll only know she’s different when you take a bath together.” (Sicily)



 How is she different? The next time you take a bath, you’ll know, but you won’t have that opportunity.


 I didn’t want to ask any more questions.


 It was enough for me to know that Chloe was a useful person who could make me a nice cup of tea.


 Chloe, the ninja maid, is busy gathering information.


 She was also a good spy, and the next day she was done getting information from the Dwarf Times reporter.


 Bringing it to us and tell us exactly what we need to know.



“It seems that Lieutenant Victor was captured without any warrant.”



 The princess was surprised that my guess was correct.



“Is it as expected by you, Leon-sama?” (Sicily)


“Yes, Lieutenant Viktor cut down his colleague who had assaulted a civilian on the battlefield.”


“What …” (Sicily)


“It seems that he first tried to capture him, but his colleague, who had been abusing civilians, lost his temper and attacked Lieutenant Victor.”


“Lieutenant Victor, who tried to get this to the military tribunal, is on the right, and his colleague who slashed at him was in the wrong.” (Sicily)



 I replied,





 I confirmed, but continues, “things are not that simple.”



“Perhaps Victor was being sabotaged by his superiors?” (Sicily)


“As you can see, Lieutenant Victor was a member of the 4th Regiment of the King Tiger Division, but he seems to have been seen as an eye-sore by his Captain. This Division Captain is from an aristocratic family. It seems that he was jealous of Victor and was hindering his career.” (Chloe)


“It’s hard to see past a man’s jealousy.”


“I agree. This incident started when a relative of the Captain assaulted a civilian.” (Sicily)


“I see, is it the captain’s plan to get rid of him through a court martial, using the excuse that Victor killed a relative of the captain?”


“That’s right.” (Chloe)


“Then there’s no need to play into his hands.”


“Well,” (Sicily)


“Even though the captain hated him, Victor must have many allies. Many of them must have been saved by him on the battlefield. Find a soldier to defend him.”


“I agree —and, it seems that there were other soldiers on the scene beside the colleague who was killed.” (Chloe)


“Are there witnesses?”


“Yes.” (Chloe)


“Find it. Get proof that Victor’s actions are justice.”


“Already arranged. Let’s find out soon.” (Chloe)


“As expected, you are truly a ninja maid.”



 When I praise her, one of the maids, a subordinate of her comes near. She looked at Chloe and she lowers her eyebrows in disappointment.



“… I’m sorry, We were beaten to the punch. I’m told that the soldier who witnessed the incident has been demoted by the captain.” (Chloe)


“I see. Well, even if I’m put on the captain’s position I would do the same, don’t apologize.”



 When I said that, I asked Chloe about his destination.



“Are you going to go there?” (Chloe)


“That’s right. Lieutenant Victor’s life is at stake. And the fate of the Sicily’s Army.”



 When I say that, I ask Chloe about the destination.


 It was one of the most dangerous areas in Ernia.


 It is not the border of the Astoria Empire.


 On the contrary, it is a place far from the border. Instead, it was a mountain where dragons lived from ancient times, and it is said that people that have challenged the place died.


 The mountain is called the Shibi Mountain. —Also known as the Dragon Mountain.


 We set out to secure the witnesses sent there.






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