Shadow Court Magician Chapter 130: [Side Story] Peaceful Reading Time

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~3rd Person Perspective~



“Excuse me. I’m sorry, but I’m looking for a book called ‘People Who Can Beat Others on The Battlefield’ …Woah!?” (Boy)


“What? Is there something on my face?”



 The boy who had come looking for the book jumped in surprise when he saw Leon’s face. Leon sat down and looked up at the boy’s face. He had never seen him before, so he must have been a first-time user who had come to the court library to borrow books. If he came to the court library, he must be the son of a nobleman.



“It’s fine if you don’t have it…!” (Boy)



 The boy approached the counter with great speed, despite the distance he had covered. The momentum made Leon pull back his chair.



“Are you Leon von Almarsh-sama!?” (Boy)



 He asked Leon, his eyes shining. The boy’s breath quickened in delight. Leon felt flattered, embarrassed, and apologetic, emotions he could not express.



“You’re right, I’m Leon von Almarsh.”


“Wow! I want to be like you, Leon-sama!” (Boy)


“I’m glad you’re excited, but this is a library. I’d like you to keep your voice down.”



 As a librarian, I warned him about the volume of his voice, but Leon, filled with embarrassment, scratched his head. The boy hurriedly held his mouth with both hands and nodded repeatedly.



“I didn’t tell you not to talk. So, you are looking for ‘People Who Can Beat Others on The Battlefield’?”


“Yes, I do.” (Boy)


All right. It’s over here.”



I got up from my chair to lead him to the place where the book was kept. Leon had everything in his head, from what books were in what part of the library to the new books that had just arrived. As he walked out to show him around, he turned around to see that the boy did not seem to be following behind him. He was looking up at Leon with his mouth half-open.



“……what is it?”


“Oh, excuse me, sir. It is like a dream to be shown around by Leon-sama…” (Boy)


“This is reality.”


“That’s right…!” (Boy)



 The boy followed behind Leon, who looked so happy that he might start running at any moment. Leon was somewhat uncomfortable and kept feeling a ticklish sensation in his back.



“Here it is.”


“Oh, I see it’s here. Thank you.” (Boy)



 Leon pointed. The book he wanted was at the top of a bookcase in the back. The boy looked around after he found the book.



“Um, is there a ladder…” (Boy)



 The boy seemed to be looking for a ladder. Indeed, the books were too high for the boy’s height to reach. But there is no ladder near this bookshelf.



“I’ll make sure to put a ladder around here next time.”



 Leon picked up the book and handed it to the boy.



“Wow! Thank you…!” (Boy)



 The boy took the book with both hands and smiled a toothy grin.



“I just did my job as a librarian.”


“I’m still glad to be able to meet you…!” (Boy)



 The boy’s respectful gaze and genuine goodwill warmed Leon’s heart but made him itchy.



“If you’re going to read that book, you’ll want to read ‘The Only Tactics You’ll Ever Need’ and ‘The History of the Kingdom of Ernia’.”



 Leon also took the two books from the bookshelf and handed them to the boy.



“The order of reading you should read them is ‘People Who Can Beat Others on The Battlefield’, ‘All You Need to Know About Tactics!’, And finally ‘The History of the Kingdom of Ernia’. You should read it while thinking about how this country has fought and survived. You may need a dictionary to read ‘The History of the Kingdom of Ernia’. However, dictionaries are not allowed to be checked out, so you’ll have to buy one yourself or read it at the library.”



 Leon noticed that the boy had not responded. Maybe he had meddled unnecessarily. After looking at the boy’s expression, he decided to put the book back if he decided he didn’t want it.



“My bad. I said too much …”



 The boy raised the corner of his mouth, biting his lips as if biting back himself from screaming from joy. His eyes were brightly lit as he looked at the book.



“I will study hard and be like Leon-sama!” (Boy)


“Fufu, that’s a wonderful goal.”



 A soft voice praised the boy’s grand declaration. Turning to the owner of the voice, it was the princess who became the regent of the Kingdom of Ernia—Sicily who was smiling.



“…How long have you been watching?”


“I think it started when the boy here asked Leon-sama where the book was?” (Sicily)


“So, you’ve been watching it all this time?”


“Yes, but I thought I shouldn’t disturb you.” (Sicily)



 Sicily smiled the way a child would smile after successful mischief. She had seen him fidget and flinch. Leon felt a little uncomfortable and averted his gaze. It was then that he saw the boy with his eyes wide open and his mouth gaping.






 Leon called out, but there was no reply from the boy. He looked into the boy’s face to see what was going on. Sicily followed suit. Then they were both surprised.



“Did he faint with his eyes open?”


“He fainted with his eyes open.” (Sicily)



Leon and Sicily looked at each other and laughed quietly. Sicily took the book from the bookshelf and showed it to Leon.



“This one, ‘A Multitude of Tactics!’ It’s a good book because it’s easy to understand.” (Sicily)


“That’s true. You might read ‘All You Need to Know About Tactics!’ first.”



 The two of them decided to examine the recommended books until the boy woke up. They discussed the order in which they would read them and what they would learn.



“Now we just have to wait for the boy to wake up.” (Sicily)


“That’s right.”




 They’re almost done once the boy woke up.


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