Shadow Court Magician Chapter 131: [Side Story] Fishing

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~3rd Person Perspective~



 Leon von Almarsh, the court magician and military strategist, had other hobbies besides reading.


 He enjoys fishing.


 He knew all the fishing spots in the rivers of the royal capital, and whenever he went to cities with lakes or oceans on business, he would always cast a line.


 Leon checked the day of the month on his calendar and left for work in a hurry.


 He cited the loss of a relative as the reason for his departure, and his boss sarcastically remarked.



“You have a lot of relatives, don’t you?” (Chief Librarian)



 But he didn’t care much and headed for his fishing spot.


 As usual, he took out a small rod, attached bait, and started fishing. This is the time of year to catch trout. Today it is great for trout in a pie crust.


 As his mouth watered, Leon quickly threw the lure.


 The handmade lure flies about forty meters.


 He slowly reels it in and throws it again. The trick to lure fishing is to cast more often. The more times you try, the more fish you will catch. It’s a strategy that is uncharacteristic of a military strategist, but unlike ‘humans’, fish are smart, so tricks won’t work.


 Leon continued to throw the lure in a relaxed manner.



 The vastness of nature.


 An empty landscape.


 It was a great pleasure to be away from the hustle and bustle of the city and mindlessly cast a line without thinking about anything.


 He even managed to get a couple of extra trout for dinner, which more than doubled his happiness.



“I think I’ll catch two more trout. It looks like I won’t be able to fish for a while.”



 Leon went through his tackle case and was about to replace the lure with another one when he noticed a letter in the case.


 He opened the envelope and took out the letter.


 There were familiar scrawls on it. The sender was the maid, Chloe. She was provoking Leon with her masterful handwriting.



“Today you have abandoned your work as a librarian and have not fulfilled your duties as a soldier, Leon-sama.” (Chloe)



 This was the first thing she said.


 She was absolutely right, so he wasn’t angry per se, but the sentence at the end made him angry.



“Fishing as a hobby is fine, but since you’re Leon-sama, you’re not going to catch any fish. Fishermen get more absorbed in fishing when they are not accompanied. But Leon is a busy man, and he doesn’t have time for that. So, he goes ahead and buys some trout from the fish shop. Chloe will treat you to a trout pie, so you can cool down your Fishing-fever.” (Chloe)





 What a way to talk to Leon, who is an expert fisherman. And Leon is far from a novice, having already caught two trout.


 Just as he was getting angry, he got his third fish.


 Leon smiled triumphantly and went back to his house to give the maid a good scolding.


 However, Leon ended up eating the trout that ‘Chloe’ had bought for him.


 Leon didn’t tell Chloe why he did it, so she looked at him smugly the whole time.


 But he didn’t regret it.


 On his way home, Leon encountered a war orphan. People lived in tents on the periphery of the royal city. As war refugees, they were always hungry.


 A boy and a girl greedily look at Leon’s icebox. Leon had given Chloe all of his trout, knowing that she would still make fun of him.



 Chloe, shouldn’t have predicted such things,


“Chloe foresaw this?”


 It was a bit annoying, but he didn’t mind.



“Well, I’d rather invest in the future of this country than my own ego.”




 “There is no finer investment for any community than putting milk into babies”, Leon remembered the words of a man from the otherworld named Winston Churchill and tucked into the trout pie Chloe had made.


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