Shadow Court Magician Chapter 14: Goblin Population

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 We have decided to leave for the mountain of Shibi, but the moment we say that we are heading for the mountain of Shibi, the princess’s butler opposed it.



“It’s dangerous. To take the young lady to such a place.” (Butler)



 “That’s right”, that’s all I could say. But when I looked closer, I saw that Sicily had already prepared a backpack and had begun to pack the things she might need.



“… You are going too?”



 Sicily replies within breaths.



“Of course, Leon-sama can’t just go alone to a dangerous place.” (Sicily)


“I’m not good at martial arts, but I’m going to be more troubled with you.”


“I’m certainly not good at martial arts, but I have good luck. I haven’t been hurt on the battlefield yet.” (Sicily) [T/N: Okay…]


“Maybe until yesterday, but that’s not a guarantee for tomorrow, and I’m heading for the Dragon Mountain, not the battlefield.”


“Right. You’re going to get a witness to save Lieutenant Victor, aren’t you?” (Sicily)


“That’s right. The captain made him go to the Dragon Mountain, where he seems to have been tasked to not return until he gets a dragon’s reverse scale.”


“What a terrible command.” (Sicily)


“I agree. The cunning thing is that his colleague is being offered a promotion. Moreover, a salary increase. If he completes his mission, his and his family’s life will be easier.”


“… But there is a possibility of dying.” (Sicily)


“That is higher, so we are going to save him.”


“Did you just say “we”?” (Sicily)


“I did. I’m going to ask your maid to accompany me.”


“Chloe is also a girl, but why am I no good?” (Sicily)





 The other day, this girl crushed clubs and daggers with just a pocket watch and punch thugs without hesitation. I just stopped seeing her as a woman.



“That’s terrible. Even though she looks like that, no, she’s a very sensitive girl, just like her appearance.” (Sicily)


“Okay. I will treat her as a girl along the way.”


“That’s not enough. Don’t you think Chloe a lonely, shy girl, might need someone of the same sex to talk to on the way? Like a blonde girl who is worth taking care of?” (Sicily)



 I’d like to say that I don’t think so, but Chloe, who is the target, hugged Sicily tightly.


 I feel like she can’t go anywhere unless she is with the princess.






 When I stared at the girl in the maid outfit resentfully and I caved in.



“… I will allow the Princess to accompany you.”



 When Sicily heard the words, she happily hugged the maid, and then hugged me.



“That’s why I love Leon-sama.”



 After surrendering, she starts putting underwear in the bag she prepared earlier.


 Feeling uncomfortable, I returned to my house and started preparing for the trip.


 It didn’t take long to prepare because I only have similar outfits and they are few, to begin with.


 I put in a week’s worth of underwear, and it doesn’t take long to choose because it has the same design.


 I don’t think I’m wasting as much time as worrying about what to wear every morning, so I only get the same design.


 A female magician I work with that has told me, “… Leon, that’s too sad.”, but I’m not a popular actor in the royal capital. I was indifferent to my clothes’ design.


 I’m particular about the books I will bring instead.



“If it takes about two weeks to get to Mt. Shibi, and if I can read books for two hours a day during that time, I could read 10 books if I properly manage my time.”



 In that case, I want to pick up mystery novels, historical war novels, etc., but I also want to bring the military art books that interest me.


“The dictionary is the book that can kill the most time.” A dictionary is a great thing to read when you have free time, and you can spend a lot of time just looking up random words or reading a page you’ve just flipped through.


 While thinking about such things, I check the collection of books I am about to bring, and when everything is ready, Sicily and Chloe come.


 The two were on horseback.



“I was wondering if we were going by a horse-drawn carriage.”


“It takes more time when traveling with a carriage, fortunately, we can both ride horses.” (Sicily)



 Sicily apologizes after I asked, perhaps because I had an unhappy expression.



“… Maybe Leon-sama can’t ride?” (Sicily)


“… no, I can ride one.”



 I just cannot say that I’m just in a bad mood because I can’t read my books along the way.


 I couldn’t help it, so when I returned a few books to my house, I mounted the horse.


 The horse that Sicily prepared was quite the fine horse. It was a horse suited for a royal.


 When we rode with the horses, we arrived half the time I expected.


 We arrived at the foot of Shibi Mountain in about three days.


 When arrived at the forest, we gave them a few days’ worths of feed and water before tying the horses to a tree.


 They are reliable in the plains, but in the mountains, horses might get in the way.


 Besides, for dragons horses are quite the treat. We wanted to avoid attracting dragons and fight needless battles.



“We don’t want the title of “Dragonslayer”. What we want is the witness for Lieutenant Victor.”



 Of course, if the witness was fighting against the dragon, I would support him, but I still wanted to prioritize securing the witness over a dragon’s subjugation.


 After we decide our course of action, we hiked up the mountain.


 Mount Shibi was steeper beyond my imagination. The roads were pretty bad.


 When I think that it is a mountain of dragons, I notice something in front of me.


 At first, I thought it was the “Dragon’s reverse scale squad”, but it was different.


 It wasn’t humans who were in front of us.


 They were monsters with green skin.


 These monsters were known as goblins.


 Each was equipped with a stone knife or ax.


 Goblins are usually not aggressive. Rather, there are very few cases of these timid creatures fighting, but they do in some cases.


 For example, if the goblins are extremely starved and if they consider the opponent weak.



 ――Well, what kind of eyes these goblins have? I observe their behavior.



 Apparently, we were considered weak.


 There were only three of us, and two of us were pretty women.


 A princess was in a dress and Chloe doesn’t look strong. I am also wearing a robe that researcher-type magicians prefer. We don’t look like adventurers that are battle-ready.


 So we’re sure to engage in combat, but I wasn’t even nervous.


 First of all, I knew that I had the ability to get rid of 10 or 20 goblins and that Chloe was also strong.


 If we fight together, most are nothing but small fish such as a group of goblins.


 Besides, I knew that the princess could also fight. The other day, I saw her commanding on the battlefield. She can command and has knowledge of swordsmanship. Although she was already commanding, she was also fighting.


 In fact, the princess seems to have been practicing swordsmanship every day since she entered the court.


 “Protect yourself”, seems to be part of her belief that people who cannot protect themselves cannot protect others.


 When she pulls out her sword, she gracefully but skillfully slashed the goblins.


 Although she can’t land strong attacks like Chloe, the maid from the Doll tribe, she was courageous and has accurately thrust at the key points of the goblins using her rapier.



(I thought she was just a princess who wished for peace, but it seems that she will truly take to the frontline…)



 My heart skipped a beat. But I made an arrow of energy without chanting and thinking too deeply.


 Then I release it towards the goblins, the energy bolt pierces the two goblins simultaneously.


 The princess who was watching it chuckled and said,



“Leon-sama is the strongest not only in his strategy but also as a magician.” (Sicily)



 I was flattered by the compliment, but I was not proud of it.


 I made full use of the magic combat techniques I had learned at the magic academy and killed five goblins instantly, crippling the will to fight a group of goblins.


 The goblins had originally attacked us for our supplies, so there was no reason for them to have the will to fight, and their group collapsed.


 Chloe struck the back of the fleeing goblin’s head with her pocket watch as hard as she could, but when I told her to not chase, she bowed her head and said, “As you will.”


 I gave the same order as her master the princess at the same time.



 When I said that she was quick and helpful, Chloe’s cheeks relaxed slightly and she said, “I’m sorry for the unsightly behavior.”






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