Shadow Court Magician Chapter 2: Magician’s Bluff

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“Lend me a hundred soldiers, and I’ll rescue the princess and destroy the three hundred soldiers.”



 If the line were not an exaggeration, the dictionary would have to be rewritten.


 At least the fort executives seem to think so.



“What are you talking about, you halfwit!” (Asham)


 Colonel Asham, the second greatest man in the fort, replied angrily.


 He says as his well-trimmed beard shook.



“Rescue the princess with only a hundred and even defeat the enemy? Are you belittling war?” (Asham)


“Of course not.”


“You are a civil servant in the first place. This is not any battle. You might be treated as a captain. But this military congress is a place where only officers higher than a captain can speak.” (Asham)


“I am aware of that, but there was a lot of debate, and it seemed like they couldn’t reach a consensus, and it looked like they were going to abandon the princess.”


“That is hogwash. The princess values honor above all else.” (Asham)


“However, is it not an honor to be alive?”



 The princess’s direct vassal agreed.



“That is right. The princess should be rescued at all costs, who is needed for the future kingdom of Ernia.” (Princess’ Subordinate)



 Several officers agreed with my words, but many also disagreed. Every one that did seems to be a subordinate of Colonel Asham.


 Similar to before, they objected due to the fort’s defenses being a cause for concern.


 However, we all knew that this was just a “pretext”.


 Asham is trying to have Princess Sicily die in battle. It was a well-known fact that Asham supported the prince, Sicily’s older brother.


 Therefore, I do not expect his help and talk to Sicily’s loyalists.



“I’ll show you a miracle with just a hundred soldiers.”



 I instigated them by saying that, but Asham naturally disapproved of this.



“Now the princess is not here, so I am in charge of this fort. I can’t lend that many soldiers.” (Asham)



 The princess’s loyalists get angry, but that was part of my calculation.



“We should rescue the princess regardless of whether we leave it to this man.”


“If you have a plan, go and talk.” (Princess’ Loyalist)


“I’ll ride this court magician’s boasting.”



 It was each word, but at least officers and loyalists of the princess seemed to be her side.


 Besides, my calculation is right on the mark.


 I tell them to step in between the officers who also support Asham.



“Okay. I will not ask for a hundred soldiers. I want you to lend me half of that.”



 Asham is still reluctant, but when I say thirty, he finally agreed, even though he frowned as he did.



 I bow my head properly, but I laughed inwardly.


 Actually, I did not expect to be able to borrow 100 soldiers at all.


 This is one of the many bargaining techniques. It is a strategy to make a compromise by first presenting an unreasonable challenge to the other party and following it up with a realistic number during the negotiation.


 It is one of the negotiation techniques that disrupts the person’s thoughts, and Asham completely fell for it.


 Actually, I only want about 10 soldiers. In other words, I was able to borrow three times as many soldiers as I had planned.


 If a military adviser or officer knew the strategy, they would be green with envy.


 After praising myself, I gathered the soldiers and announced the strategy to rescue the princess.


 The soldiers who heard a part of my strategy were all in awe.



 Everyone was staring at me as if I was a master strategist or a cunning schemer.






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