Shadow Court Magician Chapter 20: New Companion

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 Victor was slightly baffled by my trick, making steam through my attacks, but since he is a veteran fighter and he immediately fought back.


 However, all his attacks are nullified.


 He swung his great sword where he thought I would be, but he just cut through the air.


 Making my voice audible from all angles through magic further confuses Victor.



“Not there.”


“How fun.”


“I wondered if you are confused with women?”



 But Victor’s patience is wearing thin and he goes for a wild attack.


 He swung his big sword and slammed it into the ground.


 A roar echoed from the center of the arena.






 A huge hole and crater were created in the center of the arena.


 The blast dispersed steam.


 Then my position was clearly seen. At the edge of the arena, I probably looked confused.


 Victor, who found me, laughed and slashed at me. As expected of a veteran warrior. He’s very smart.


 Victor raised his great sword up and mercilessly swung it down.


 Towards me,



“Oh, hey, you really slashed at me.”



 Leaks out.


 Apparently, he was so excited that he forgot to stop.


 I was torn apart nicely, but it was just an illusion.


 It was a mirage of me that Victor slashed.



“It’s an illusion so you don’t have to worry about it.”



 That said, I appeared around behind him and pointed the short sword against his neck.



“Can I think of this as a checkmate?”



 That said, Victor gracefully let go of his great sword.



“Okay, that’s fine. You win.” (Victor)


“Thank you. I won with my skills, but can you accept it as a victory?”


“Of course. From today on you are my boss.” (Victor)



 Victor extended his right hand to me.


 He was probably wanting to shake hands.


 Of course, there is no reason to decline.


 So I shake hands with Victor.


 As I can imagine, Victor’s right arm was rugged.


 After all, he must have done considerable training to wield such a big sword.


 His body and fists were telling me.





 When I reported to the princess that I had acquired such a reliable swordsman as Victor, she was so happy that she almost jumped for joy.



“It is my greatest honor and utmost happiness to have a hero like Lieutenant Victor and a strategist like Leon-sama.” (Sicily)



 She smiled at me.


 Any rugged man will fall in love with that smile.


 In fact, Victor was slightly blushing.


 And he poked me with his elbow.



“Does the princess have a fiancé?” (Victor)


“Well, I don’t know that, but the princess seems to like intelligent men.”


“I’m good at math, you know.” (Victor)


“What is 98 x 3 + 8?”


“I’m not that good at math. Ask questions that I can calculate with my 10 fingers.” (Victor)





 Chloe comes into the fray and she sighs, “Oh my god, what an intelligent man.”



“Thank you for joining Princess Victor, but I must advise you that it is no use liking the Princess.” (Chloe)


“… I want to know what you mean.” (Victor)



 He replied in a gruff manner, “But why?”



“That’s because the Princess loves only Leon-sama. Other guys can only be seen as flies.” (Chloe)


“Is the princess already Leon’s woman?” (Victor)



 Unfortunately, it was only words with no basis, so I’ll correct it.



“I have never even held hands with the princess.”


“Seriously. Is that true?” (Victor)



 Chloe raises her hand, “It is”.



“Holding hands, kissing your destined partner, that’s just a trivial matter. The princess will have Leon-sama’s child after a few years. With that else matters?” (Chloe)


“I see. Well, at that time, should baby clothes be considered as a good gift?” (Victor)



 Victor concludes.


 It’s really none of my business. I thought about it, but then I remembered the princess’s face as she left the room to return to her duties after meeting Victor.


 I didn’t know who would be next to her in the future, but it was true that I had to create a future for her.



 The three of us agreed and immediately began to think of ways to help the princess build her army.






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