Shadow Court Magician Chapter 3: Flaming Cow Tactic

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After borrowing about thirty of the princess’s direct retainers, as well as some of her loyalists, I gathered them in one place and gave them an explanation.



“In order to rescue the princess, I will temporarily separate the three hundred soldiers surrounding her.”



 Is it because of the confidence in my voice?


 No one contradicted me.


 They just wanted to know the details of the plan.



“I know. I know I am inexperienced. I am not going to make the details sound easier. But. I am going to present you with the odds and convince you to go on the suicide mission.”


“First of all, on how we would pass through three hundred soldiers. So it is impossible for just thirty soldiers to fight three hundred soldiers.”



 Groans rise from the group.


 Some officers began talking about what they could do.



“Well, there is no cause for panic.”



 I say, pulling the officer apart.




“If you’re an officer, you know the art of war, and going up against an enemy ten times your size is simply a work of fiction.”


“… The real world is not a work of fiction.” (Sicily Loyalist)


“Yes, but works of fiction can give you ideas. I want to cut through the enemy line using ‘Flaming Cow Tactics’.”


“Flaming Cow?” (Sicily Loyalist)


“Oh, we send burning bulls loose and confuse the enemy. There were some cows in this fort, right?”


“Yes.” (Sicily Loyalist)


“So go and collect them and buy the rest from the surrounding farmers. It is necessary for the Flaming Cow Tactic.”



 A group of three young men said “Yes!” and went to round up some cows after saluting. I instructed other personnel to collect the torches within the fort.


 The remaining twenty-seven scrambled to complete my instructions.


 Everyone looked at each other when they saw that there were 512 torches. Each one of them is confused.



“What on earth is Captain Leon doing with all these torches?” (Sicily Loyalist)



 Once I told him to set the torch on the hillside, he seemed to get the idea.



“Well, put it on the hillside behind us at midnight, on the enemy slope.”


“Maybe you’re planning to ignite multiple unmanned bonfires and exaggerate our numbers?” (Sicily Loyalist)


“Correct answer.”



 Everyone nodded and praised it as “Magnificent,” but there was one person who opposed it.



“Isn’t it too simple?” (Sicily Loyalist)



 That was his opinion.


 “That is right”, I replied with confidence.



“If you think too much about the world, you will fail. The enemy is still trying to destroy the eighth Infantry despite the daily fighting. They must be wondering why no reinforcements are coming from the fort.”


“I see. The enemy is also afraid of us.” (Sicily Loyalist)


“That is right. Nothing is more confusing to the enemy than inexplicable actions. They do not think the princesses and anti-princesses factions are fighting in that small fort.”



 I do not continue to say it is a dumb action, I say this to persuade him.



“But for now, you have to trust my plan. And it is not just the bonfire; there are two or three other traps in this operation.”



 Maybe he believed in my words or the seriousness of my expression.


 Now, no one has any doubts about my strategy.




 That night, all thirty soldiers who started climbing the hill in the dark were lightly dressed so as not to make a loud noise.


 After installing about eighteen bonfires per person. They quickly returned to the fort and put on their armor.


 We then tied a torch to the bull’s horn he had gathered and lit it.


 Next, we set fire to the lump of straw on its back.


 The bull, whose ears and back are hot, rampages on the spot, but when he cuts off the rope that was connected, he begins to run forward.


 In the heat, the writhing cow runs wildly.


 Its appearance was, to say the least, the “demon” itself.


 It was inevitable that everyone would be surprised if such a monster jumped out of the dark night.


 Anyway, it was very effective for soldiers who were scared of night attacks every day.


 A scream is heard as the fire cow jumps into the enemy camp. Soldiers who run away for the time being.


 I was watching it and said it.



“OK! The enemy army is scared. There is nothing more fragile than a terrorized army!”



 I said and charged with my subordinates, but this time my words do not sound like boasting.



 After slashing the frightened enemy soldiers one after another, my subordinates succeeded in entering the trench where the princess stood.






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