Shadow Court Magician Chapter 4: A Magician who never Fights a Losing Battle

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 The eighth infantry unit that protects the princess.


 They dug a trench in front of the cave and worked hard to protect the princess.


 On the other hand, is the fact the opposite?


 In order to rescue the besieged eighth Infantry Unit, the princess came here with only her aides.


 As a result, the mummy removal became mummy, but the princess’s desire or charisma was tremendous.


 The morale of the soldiers was high and no one was desperate in this situation.


 The princess inspires the soldiers and fights on the front lines together, so this morale can be maintained.


 I see a woman whose soldiers believe in a goddess.



 Sicily von Ernia.



 She was the princess of this country, as you can see from her royal surname.


 She looks beautiful.


 A woman with a thin line that seems to suit her sitting in the back of the court, but has eyes that make her feel a firm will.


 The hair looked very attractive as if it had melted and spun gold.


 The moment I first met her, I remember happily bringing the novel to the library counter.


 She was pretty at that time, but she was standing on the battlefield and looked dignified and more beautiful.


 She unintentionally catches me, but she releases me from the world of recollection.


 In this situation surrounded by three hundred soldiers, no one could ignore the existence that rushed to the reinforcements.


 Princess Sicily bows and thank her for her help.



“You must be Captain Leon von Almarsh, the frontline observer. –Thank you for the second wind for the fight of our lives” (Sicily)



 She smiled warmly.


 The smile was so natural that for a moment I almost forgot that we were on a battlefield.


 For a moment, I almost forgot that we were on a battlefield. I felt as if I understood why the soldiers in this cave were able to endure with such a small army.



“I have heard that you used the Flaming Cow tactic to scatter the three hundred enemy soldiers. It is a terrifying strategy. Did you get trained in the military academy?” (Sicily)


“No way, I have never attended the military academy.”



 When asked by his adoptive father, “Which do you want to go to, the military academy or the magic academy?” He immediately answered that he would go to the magic academy.



“Moreover, even at the magic academy, I skipped the magic lessons, and I was only researching other worlds.”


“Otherworlds?” (Sicily)


“That’s right. —I have been talking to you casually for a while now. You are kind of easy to get along with.”


“That’s fine. As your superior officer, I can’t tolerate rudeness, but I do expect you to be friendly.” (Sicily)


“I’ll keep that in mind. Now, back to the topic at hand, there was a famous professor at the magic academy I attended. He was focused on other world research. I was working with him on his other world research.”


“The other world is the world different from ours. Is it the place where world travelers come from?” (Sicily)


“Yes, that is right. A world different from here where there are countries called Japan and the United States of America.”



 The other world was really interesting; there were a wide variety of nations and ethnic groups.


 Unlike this world, there is no magic there. It has built up a civilization focused on industrial technology than this world.



“Alchemy” was called “science” and it seems to be the cornerstone of their development. Anyway, the more I looked up the “history” of the other world, the more interested I became.


“By the way, the Flaming Cow Tactic is famous for being used by a person named Yoshinaka Kiso during the Genpei era of Japan, in the other world. He defeated the large army of Heike, 100,000 strong with this tactic.” [T/N: So I cannot find multiple articles verifying the numbers. However, Yoshinaka Kiso did exist and him using the tactic is true. It is hard to sift through the truth and fiction because he is usually used as a game character like many military individuals. The Genpei era ranged from 1180-1185. Anyway, google-sensei can help you read more about him.]


“Wow, amazing.” (Sicily)


“It was also used a lot during the Sengoku period. It was also famous for being used by a man named Hojo Soun.” [T/N: So similar to Yoshinaka Kiso he is used in many games. However, he is easier to research since the Sengoku Period (1467 to 1615) is pretty popular. Google-sensei will help you know more about him.]



 The princess was puzzled. It seems that Japan is not familiar to her after all.



“Anyway, it is a popular tactic in Japan a country in the other world.”


“The fact that you know about it and when to use it in real life is what makes you extraordinary, Leon-sama.” (Sicily)


“It just happened to work. It is not some miracle you have to compliment.”


“It is certainly against the rules of warfare, but I am honestly happy to be rescued.” (Sicily)


“Well, the Flaming Cow tactic l is just a way to get here. We are not safe just by getting here.”



 …… Sure, I did not have to say it that way. Sicily’s face darkened.



“… That is right; the eighth unit is on the verge of collapse. The morale might be high, but they are getting more and more exhausted. Also, this cave has only one more days’ worth of food. “


“I see. You can make calm and calculated moves while in such dire situations.”



 It did not seem like the princess would rely on just her boosted morale to carry out plans with high risks of failure. So, seeing her relieved because of that is in a way a relief to me.



“You can rest assured. I’m not the type of person who likes to ‘jump into a tiger’s den and dance’.” [T/N: So the saying jump into a tiger’s den and dance is like the idiom “fly into the face of danger.”]


“In other words, you did not come here without a sure plan to win?” (Sicily)


“Of course I, Leon von Almarsh, will not join a fight I cannot win.”



 When Sicily hears those words, she stared at my face.


 I do not know if she was overwhelmed by my boastful claim or if she found something on my face.


 However, what I said at that time would become famous in the history books.


 Leon von Almarsh was a rare genius general who first established his strategic advantage first, created a winning situation before he even fought.


 That would be his reputation on later generations, but the only people who appreciated him at that point in time were some soldiers in this cave and Princess Sicily.






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