Shadow Court Magician Chapter 45: Scheming Man

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 Doms, the dwarven engineer who returned to the Royal Capital, came to me early in the morning.


 He and along with his disciples came with what I had ordered.



“It’s a perfect fit. As expected from a dwarf.”


“I’m honored by your word.” (Doms)



 When he replied, I asked him how to use the thing that I had ordered.



“How do I use this ‘device’ that I asked for?”


“You just send magical power to your left hand.” (Doms)


“The effect–?”



 Doms immediately stops me from proceeding.



“There’s already gunpowder and ammunition in it. It’ll shoot.” (Doms)


“Well, we wouldn’t want that.”



 That made Doms fall on his behind. It was obvious that he made “this” without sleeping and rode horses day and night. So I have them rest in the nearby tent.


 After seeing off the dwarf’s back, Victor came.



“It looks great, right?”


“That’s just normal for dwarves.” (Victor)


“This seems to be enough to bring back balance my body, but the real problem is yet to come.”



 Victor then faces the east.



“What do we do with Kerich’s army, which should be just ahead, and let’s not forget the Imperial army.” (Victor)




 Victor asks with a contemplating look on his face.


 Let’s get rid of one of his worries.



“Aside from Kerich, I’m not worried about the Imperial Army. According to the scout’s report, the Imperial Army you are worried about has ordered a full retreat a few minutes ago.”


“You mean your excellency instigated them to hit Kerich, but they didn’t manage to beat Kerich, right?” (Victor)


“Oh, but that’s not surprising. The Imperial Army had only around 3,000 troops. They couldn’t compete with the 10,000 of Kerich’s army. Rather, they still put up a good fight. Thanks to their flanking, Kerich’s army was now reduced to less than 7,000. Well, that’s what I’ve heard.”


“We only have around a thousand soldiers, so the difference in strength is still seven times.—We’re just a drop of water over scorching stones.” (Victor)


“Isn’t it better than 10 times?”



 Victor just nodded as he laughed.



“Then, do we also flank the Kerich’s army from the back?” (Victor)


I would say yes, but that would not overcome the sevenfold difference in strength.”


“If so, what are you going to do?” (Victor)


“Wait for the reinforcements from the Royal Capital.”


“Reinforcement from the Royal Capital? Will such a thing happen?” (Victor)


“When I returned to the Royal Capital, I asked the generals supporting the princess for help. As long as one of them moved we will be able to manage.”


“But will they come to the aid in time? Also, if they come to our aid, they will be resented by both Kerich and Maxis. On the contrary, they will be guilty of treason.” (Victor)


“Maybe. But Kerich has privatized the army and is resented by his own people. I am asking a reporter from one of the newspapers to publish those evidence in the paper. If it gets into the papers, we can have him executed as a traitor who has been corrupting the state.”


“What if it doesn’t work?” (Victor)


“We are all be hanged.”


“Well that sucks.” (Victor)


“Well, we’re going to head an assault and defeat a member of the Royal Family, so should we stop?”


“No way. The princess saved my life. And we haven’t done anything wrong. Even if we are called guilty, none of us deserved to be judged as one.” (Victor)


“Thank you.”


“Of course, none of us will go to the prison quietly.” (Victor)


“If we are accused of treason, we should go into exile.”


“Are you the son of an exiled noble?” (Victor)


“Asylum or exile. It’s quite common.”


“Well, a man, should be exiled at least once in his life right?” (Victor)



 Victor moves his horse forward.



“Okay, so you’re okay with entrusting me with your life… Anyway, we have to help the princess whether the reinforcements come or not.” (Victor)


“That’s right. Then charge!”



 When I say that, the Libra Division’s veteran soldiers shout back.



“Give your everything for Princess Sicily!” (Soldiers)


“For this country’s peace!” (Soldiers)


“To bring harmony back to the world!” (Soldiers)



 When they shout, the division’s soldiers start running ahead. Beyond that was Kerich’s army, which was taking a break after receiving the attacks from the Imperial Army.


 They probably never dreamed that they would be struck from behind twice in a day. Their defenses are fragile. We cut through the enemy as we’re tearing paper in half.





~3rd Person Perspective~



 A man in black was standing on a small hill, blithely staring at the scene.


 A man who hides his face under a hooded robe.


 His name is Expana, a member of the Demise Cult.



 He is the leader of a group of cultists who want to rule this country—, no, rather this world, from the shadows.


 He was the instigator of this flesh and blood brother against sister battle.


 He is trying to murder Princess Sicily by controlling Kerich, who is blinded by the power of the throne.


 Expana then speaks ruthlessly.



“… Well, so far you’ve danced perfectly in the palm of my hand.” (Expana)



 Then one of his disciples responded to his words. He respectfully bows and asks his teacher.



“Master, your tactics have always been perfect, but is there any point in causing internal conflict in the Kingdom of Ernia at this time and place? Is this for Astoria Empire’s benefit? What is the reason?” (Disciple)


“It’s true that the people of the empire are the ones who are most pleased to see the conclusion of this civil war.” (Expana)


“Yes, if this weakens Ernia’s power, the Empire could invade and tilt the world’s power balance.” (Disciple)


“There is a lot of potentials, but I still want to get rid of the Libra Division as soon as possible.” (Expana)


“Is that Princess Sicily such a dangerous person?” (Disciple)


“If such an inflexible princess becomes a queen, all the ‘buds’ that our cult has been cultivating in this country will be cut.” (Expana)


“That’s is a problem.” (Disciple)


“Yes, but that’s not the only scary thing. Rather, there’s something even scarier.” (Expana)


“There’s someone scarier than that?” (Disciple)


“Actually, I don’t care about that little girl. Such an oblivious and naïve girl can be dealt with at any time, but her strategist cannot.” (Expana)


“The strategist Leon von Almarsh?” (Disciple)


“That’s right.” (Expana)


“But he’s just a strategist, and he’s just a captain.” (Disciple)


“It doesn’t matter what your rank or status is. That man is Sage of Balance’. He is the one who brings harmony back to this world.” (Expana)


“That person is the Sage of the Balance…” (Disciple)


“You can’t believe it?” (Expana)


“No, I’m sure it’s true if it comes from master.” (Disciple)



 The disciple said this and asked his master how to get rid of Leon. His master answers without pausing.



“Rest assured, there are many ways to get rid of them even if he’s the Sage of Balance. First of all, there are still 7,000 soldiers in Kerich’s army.” (Expana)


“But master……” (Disciple)



 The disciple then sees the Libra Division cutting through Kerich’s army.


 Victor is helming the front, slashing down Kerich’s soldiers while wielding his huge sword. Leon is using magic, showering the enemies with [Fireball] and other elemental spells.


 With a well-rounded combination, they cut through the enemy forces one after another, and the soldiers under their control also with their morale soaring mow the enemy in front of them.


 Their momentum looked unstoppable that Expana’s disciple couldn’t help but voice,  “If this continues…”, but Expana himself was calm.



(… How much can he do this much damage with only a thousand soldiers?)



 In fact, although the camp was being torn apart, Kerich’s army was not that weak, and they were regaining their composure and rebuilding their camp. They should be able to rebuild their camp and clash again with the Libra Division. A large army of 7,000 should be able to survive.


 So Expana wasn’t that worried. And even if Leon von Almarsh defeats Kerich’s army, he’s already in a position outside his control.


 He then tells his disciple about it.


 The disciple who heard those words soon had a shocked expression.



“… Master, did you give that Kerich the sacred treasure of the Demise Cult?” (Disciple)


“Yes. If his army is torn apart, we can use the treasure to annihilate the Libra Division.” (Expana)




 The disciple who heard the words hollow eyes once again shined, saying, “You’re truly masterful,” but the next moment, the battlefield changes. Once again, the strategist Leon began to change his tactics.






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