Shadow Court Magician Chapter 5: Self-Proclaimed Librarian

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 Princess Sicily seemed to put her full trust in me.


 I thought she was a strange girl when we first met, but she remembered me.



“It is not just your abilities that I trust. Also your chivalry to help me despite my disadvantages. What I trust you with is your kind heart.” (Sicily)



 When I asked her if she knew about my heart, she said,



“Yes, I know. Mr. Librarian.” (Sicily)


“… You remember my face?”


“Yes, of course, you are a nice person. I also know that when you arrange children’s books and picture books, you put them at the bottom of the shelf. I also know that when children come to the library, you don’t put their stuff in the aisles so that they don’t fall, even though you complain about the noise.” (Sicily)





 I fell silent. It was embarrassing.



“… Well, it just happened.”


“Is that so?” (Sicily)



 She smiled and continues.



“Well, if you do not mind, Leon-sama, would you like to become my exclusive strategist?” (Sicily)


“Exclusive strategist?”


“Yes. I want you to be General Sicily von Ernia’s second-in-command and strategist.” (Sicily)


“It is too sudden.”


“Love and War both start spontaneously.” (Sicily)


“I have never heard of such a phrase, and I refuse your offer for the time being.”


“Why? Do not you want to use that talent to save your country?” (Sicily)


“I am not that capable of a person; I am only capable of being a librarian. No, I like being a librarian. I want to spend my life arranging books and devouring their knowledge.”



 Perhaps because she had heard my unexpectedly serious words, she fell silent,



“I understand.” (Sicily)



 She said.



“However I have not given up. When I get home, I will have to go to the frontlines again.” (Sicily)


“-I mean, do you really think you can return again safely?”


“Leon-sama, let’s overcome any difficulties.” (Sicily)



 Sicily smiled and involuntarily made a bitter smile.


 In order to meet the princess’ expectations, I decided to reveal a scheme I have prepared.



“The princess’s flag seems to have been raised, but I will have to break it.”


“…What does that mean?” (Sicily)



 Sicily stared into my face.



“I have a strategy that a good princess like you hates the most.”


“I hate the most…” (Sicily)


“Yes. I am an underhanded schemer. I will literally do anything to survive.”


“……” (Sicily)


“My father was a powerful nobleman in the enemy Astoria Empire, but he was demoted due to political strife. I still remember the day I am exiled with my sister to the Kingdom of Ernia, one of the countries in the League of Kings.”



 I paused before continuing.



“A guard who looks down on us as exiles as if we are beggars, a landlord who only gave us a small room filled with rat droppings, and a creepy neighbor who looks at my sister with lustful eyes.”


“……” (Sicily)


“It wasn’t possible to turn such people with a direct attack. If I did not bend my opponent with overwhelming power and pain, I would only be devoured instead.”


“Since then, Leon-sama has never lost a fight?” (Sicily)


“That is right. I repeat I’ll use the easiest way to win this battle, no, the only way.”


“That is?” (Sicily)


“Sell the fort we were protecting to the enemy.”


“What!?” (Sicily)



 The princess who heard my words paled.


 “What are you talking about?” I guess she wanted to say that, but my words were so far from expectations that she became speechless.


 However, she did not reject my plan, no, me.



“I am part of the royal family. I have seen only beautiful things, but I know the world isn’t always that way.” (Sicily)


“You see things from many angles. What I’m going to do now is to use the fort we’ve been defending as bait.”


“The fort–” (Sicily)


“Oh, I am going to kill Asham. I will use him as bait. I will let the enemy army kill him.”


“……” (Sicily)


“You’re showing a lot of emotion in your face. You detest this plan.”



 I know I am right, still, Sicily did not argue.



“But I do not dislike such plans. I have always been a fan of cunning tactics. Besides, your second-in-command of that fort, Aslam, is trying to kill you.”


“Kill me…?” (Sicily)


“You really do not seem to have noticed it. You are too insensitive to the negative emotions from others.”



 I sighed before explaining.



“He is the one who put you in this predicament in the first place. He deliberately put the eight Infantry in a desperate situation, and when you went to rescue them, he passed the information on to the enemy forces and had the enemy surround you.”


“No way–” (Sicily)


“Of course, there is only circumstantial evidence. But your brother, His Royal Highness Prince Kerich, thinks his position would be safe without you would he not?”


“……” (Sicily)


“I will take your silence as a confirmation.”



 I continued.



“You are aware of your brother’s intent to kill you; also he and Asham are very close”



 By the way, there are multiple pieces of evidence supporting this.



“I don’t have it here, but if you go back to the library, you’ll find a slip of paper with the books Asham ordered and delivered to Kerich. He sent him a rare edition of the book as a bribe. It is worth about a hundred gold coins. “


“A hundred gold pieces of rare books and my head in return for getting promoted to general?” (Sicily)


“If you die ‘safely’ in this battle, he will be promised the rank of general and a good position in the Royal Capital”


“……” (Sicily)



 It seems that Sicily is not disgusted by my words, and she believes in it. However, even so, she does not want to counter “murder” with “murder”. This was not the result of her intellect, but of her personality.


 At this rate, it seemed like we would walk parallel lines forever, now I am sure.



“I have a mission to save the lives of the soldiers in this cave, and I also have a duty to protect the princess who gives me candy whenever she returns a book.”



 When I say that, I forcibly convince her of my strategy.



“Well, first let one of these soldiers will surrender to the enemy army.”


“… The enemy army?” (Sicily)


“Yes. Of course, not for nothing. I am going to give them some information. There’s a secret passage leading to the fort.”


“A secret passage?” (Sicily)


“Yes. There is a secret passage that Asham going to use as a trap against you. If this rescue was successful, he would have invited the enemy through that passage to kill you.”


“… But.” (Sicily)


“This should have removed a bit of guilt. Asham isn’t worth your compassion.”


“But the soldiers.” (Sicily)


“Aside from the officers? The officers are his minions. —As for the soldiers, I will keep the damage to a minimum. So please allow me to carry out this operation.”


“How are you going to use the secret passage to murder Colonel Asham?” (Sicily)


“Oh, I know more than one secret passage. I’ll use this to move the troops in this cave.”


“There are more secret passages?” (Sicily)


“Yes, this is the one I found. I was planning to get you out of here in case of an emergency.”


“In other words, has Leon-sama been aware of Asham’s betrayal since you were posted here?” (Sicily)


“I wish it was not for nothing.”



 I wish my preparations had been for nothing. In the past, oracles foretelling disasters have been frowned upon, but Sicily did not seem to mind and said, “As expected of Leon-sama.


 I immediately choose a reliable subordinate and let him surrender to the enemy.


 I told them to confess about a secret passage if they were brought in front of the enemy commander.


 If the enemy commander is not stupid, he will try to conquer the fort using the secret passage.


 The princess of the Kingdom of Ernia would have brought them accolades, but the strategic value of the fort should be considerable to the enemy army.


 With that calculation, the enemy commander will dance on the palm of my hand.


 They began to retreat, leaving behind only sixty troops out of the three hundred.


 Of course, the destination of the two hundred forty soldiers is the secret passage. They were heading for a passage that could go around behind the fort.


 When I saw it, I grinned and instructed the soldiers.



“Now is the time to fight back. Most of you have survived the last few days. I am sure you will be able to kick out an enemy force twice your number.”



 The eighth infantry unit and the princess’s subordinates who remained in the cave raised their fists, “Oh!”



“If it is just that number, we will just trample them!”



 In addition, with that, they took up their swords and bows and raised them with a shout.


 I was satisfied with their appearance. I picked up the staff that my teacher gave me at the magic academy.


 Sicily sees it and says, “No way.”



“Leon-sama, are you going to be on the front line?” (Sicily)


“I am going with you.”



 Speaking of which, Sicily desperately tried to stop me.



“No. Leon-sama will become strategist of this country. The “genius mind” in a mortal body. It would be a problem if anything should happen to you.” (Sicily)


“I see, you have a point. In the first place, if we follow the laws of warfare, it would be foolish for the strategist to go to the frontline.”



 I reply so, but I will not change my actions.


 I will convince Sicily by my actions, not words.



 When he got to the frontline, he chanted the ancient language of magic. After chanting a few verses fluently, a huge [Fireball] is generated at the tip of the staff.



“A spell in just two stanzas!? And it is even [Fire storm]!?” (Sicily)



 Sicily was really surprised by his spell.



“No, this is just [Fireball]. However, depending on the skill of the caster, the elementary magic [Fireball] may surpass an advanced magic [Firestorm]!”



 Leon threw a huge [Fireball].


 The ball engulfs several enemy troops in flames and blows them away with the explosion.


 Sicily murmured shocked at the sight.



“… Like a sage.” (Sicily)



 Leon shook his head and grinned.



“–It is not that big of a deal. I am just a court magician and librarian.”




 He said this, but Sicily could not believe him.






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