Shadow Court Magician Chapter 6: Plotting Asham’s Demise

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 My fireball, which I fired with great gusto, scorched some of the enemy soldiers. Immediately the eighth Infantry charged into the confused enemy forces.


 The men of the Eighth Infantry had always been brave and heroic, but when the Princess took command, they all worked without fearing their deaths.



“For our homeland Ernia! For the princess!” (Soldier)



 Seeing this reaffirmed me of Princess Sicily’s charisma, but it was not this battlefield that I was concerned about.


 I was worried about the battle situation in the area behind the fort.


 I sent scouts to see what is happening to the fort that the Astorians are currently raiding.



“The enemy forces used a passage to get around the rear. They broke down the thinly guarded gate, and entered the fort.” (Scout)



 The troops in the fort, led by Colonel Asham, are in chaos, he continued.


 That was expected, so when I confirmed the destruction of the unit that was holding down the eighth Infantry Unit, we headed for another passage.


 This was a passage in a rocky mountain near the fort. ――No, something like a secret trail, I guess.


 The builder of this fort made it as an escape route, but it was forgotten over time. I looked up the fort’s blueprints and found this passage first.


 I did not tell anyone thinking that it might be needed in the future, but I did not expect it to be needed soon.



“If you enter here, you can go directly into the fort. We should be able to the enemy army.”



 I said to the officer of the eighth Infantry Unit



“Great. Well, do something like this?” (Officer)



 He was impressed.



“You can admire the strategy after we win.”



 Soon we entered the fort.


 As I thought, the fort was in turmoil.


 The fort’s guards, who did not expect to be attacked from the back, were overpowered and could not fight properly.


 Castle soldiers were defeated one after another. I felt no pity since they were trying to sell Princess Sicily to the enemy. There is not a shred of sympathy.


 Many of the castle soldiers were also vulgar, openly mumbling about Princess Sicily being a “wh*re” and “I want her to try and have a fight with me,” so they deserved what they got, but I still wanted to leave it as the “enemy’s attack” at this point.


 As we invaded the fort, we attacked the enemy army from behind, which has nearly grasped victory against the fort.


 The people of the Astoria Empire, never expected to be ambushed in the hall, began to panic.



“The enemy army sprang up from the well.” (Enemy Soldier)



 Chaos spreads over the enemy army.


 Morale was not high, to begin with, and no army is weaker than an army drunk on their perceived victory. Also, no one wants to die in a victorious battle.


 The front line quickly crumbled and the enemy retreated, breaking their ranks.


 Meanwhile, the men of the Eighth Infantry started to run over the enemy, but I have told them not to pursue too far.


 The purpose of this operation is not to destroy the enemy army, but to drive them away.



 ――The other thing was to remove was the traitorous vassal, Asham who is plotting against the princess.



 Therefore, I completely ignore the confused castle soldiers and the enemy forces that are starting to withdraw. I went deeper into the fort.


 There was Asham, extremely confused and was trying to escape.


 He is stuffing gold from the fort into his bag.


 Murder and embezzlement. If you add the two crimes, he will immediately be sentenced to decapitation.



 Therefore, I said without the slightest of doubts on my conscience.



“Well, well, Colonel Asham, you seem to be busy.”



 Asham’s shoulders tensed then ironically relax at my voice. He was relieved when he saw my face.



“Oh, it was you? Since you are here, did you succeed in rescuing the princess?” (Asham)



“Yes, fortunately.”



 I did not tell him he was the bait.



“Good. Did the enemy army leave?” (Asham)


“The 8th Infantry Unit, led by Princess Sicily, fought hard.”


“The 8th Infantry led by Princess Sicily did a great job. I will thank her immediately.” (Asham)



 He said turning his back on me.



“Wait. If you’re going to thank her, I want you to leave your sword on your waist here.”


“…What does do you mean” (Asham)



 Looking back at me, Asham glares.



“It means it as I said it.”


“As a colonel, I am allowed to wear a sword even in front of the commander.” (Asham)


“In front of the commander, but not in front of a princess, let alone you who has murderous intent against the princess.”



 While he says that, Leon poured magical power into the wand on his right hand.


 Asham does not notice it and approaches him.


 Leon stood calmly on the spot.


 Asham approached while smiling, he hides his fangs well up until few meters from Leon. He dashed forward, pulling out his sword and slashing at him.


 The magician was cut in half.



 –However, that was an afterimage.


 He was chanting the spell [Afterimage] in advance.


 Aslam, who had not responded immediately. Noticed and tried to unleash a second slash, but Leon did not allow it.


 He picked up a short sword that had fallen haphazardly on the floor and stabbed it swiftly, on the Asham’s stomach.



“… Gu, Guha …” (Asham)



 He coughed up blood. He then says.



“Will you kill your superior?” (Asham)


“Oh, I’ll kill you. Anyone targeting the princess must die.”


“… You idiot. Is that little girl truly worth it?” (Asham)


“Guess someone like you would never know.”



 I liked the look on the princess’s face when she picked out the book.


 I loved the look on her face when she returned the book.


 Her silhouette while writing in the library.


 Her notebooks she left in the library.


 I also liked the way she wrote, “How to make all the people in the world happy” in that notebook.


 That is why I saved her life. That is why I killed Asham.


 I just did not have to explain it.



 Leon coldly looked down at Asham, who had collapsed to the floor and spread over a large amount of blood, before heading straight for the fort’s square.


 There was the princess, who had finished leading the war.


 She was treating the wounded soldiers, friend and foe alike.


 She was also bandaging Asham’s men, who had called her a “whore” the other day.


 She was also treating the prisoners of war from Astoria Empire. The same people who were trying to kill her earlier.


 Its appearance was like a saint in a religious painting.


 When such a saint found Leon, she smiled gently at him.



“Thank you for your hard work.” (Sicily)



 She called out to me.


 I cannot look at her eyes straight. Because I just killed a person.


 I do not feel guilty about killing Asham, but I still did not have the strength that could stare at such a pure woman’s eyes.



 However, when I glanced at the princess’s eyes, I felt my chest warmed up.






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