Shadow Court Magician Chapter 61: Nine’s Enlistment

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 The moment Octavia faints, we immediately returned to the original world.



 It seems that the different space she has created is designed to disappear when the supply of magic is cut off.


 Nine carries Octavia, who is bigger than he is (or is he just too short), to the medical office while carrying her like a princess.


 She was treated there, but she didn’t seem to have been seriously injured by the electric shock. It seems that the electric shocks were applied only to stun her. I realized once again how kind Nine was, but even if I were to verbalize it, it would not heal his heart.


 The librarian who had been his first love would now have to go to the authorities and atone for her sins.


 When I say that, Sicily’s eyes were filled with sadness.



“…Can’t we just keep quiet about this?” (Sicily)


“We can’t.”



 I answered immediately, and she already knows the reason.



“What she did is still against the law and she has to atone for her sins.”


“…she does, doesn’t she?” (Sicily)


“But I can fulfill her wishes.”


“What do you mean?” (Sicily)


“She committed this crime to cure her husband of his ‘Burning Fever’.”


“Yes, I know that.” (Sicily)


“Then it would be the least we could do is to make her wish come true.”


“Leon-sama?” (Sicily)


“Yes, but you’ll have to help me. Mainly in terms of financial resources.”


“Yes, I will give the fortune I have to Leon-sama.” (Sicily)


“It wouldn’t cost that much, but well, I’ll ask for a lot.”



 With that said, I turned my back on Sicily and started preparing.



 Later that day, Octavia was arrested by the authorities and was subjected to interrogation.


 Octavia readily admitted to the series of crimes she committed and promised to spend the rest of her life atoning for them.


 However, she never told the authorities why she had burned the precious grimoires.



 When the authorities realized that they would not be able to get a motive from Octavia, they began to gather materials for the trial. If she is found guilty, she will probably spend three years in prison.



 If that happens, she won’t be able to meet her husband.


 Her husband has the Burning Fever. Not to mention three years, even three months were doubtful.



 If it turned out that she had committed such a crime for him, he would be deeply hurt. So, she asked her former student, Nine, to keep this matter a secret from her husband.


 She told him that she had an urgent matter to attend to and that she was going to work for a distant mages’ guild. He was willing to accept, but with one condition.



“Teacher, I will lie to your husband, so tell me a single truth. Where are the ashes you got from burning the grimoires right now?” (Nine)


“…………” (Octavia)



 At first, Octavia was silent, but soon she told him where it was. The reason why she didn’t tell the authorities was to prevent them from finding out her motives this time, and it didn’t matter what she did with the ashes now that she wouldn’t be able to use them.



 She confessed that it was in the back of a bookcase in the basement of the Mage’s Guild library.


 I went to get it and took out the grimoire I had acquired with  Sicily’s financial resources.



“To cure a burning illness, you need four types of Fire Grimoires and a Phoenix gizzard.”


“I’ve talked Chloe into getting you a fourth Grimoire.” (Sicily)


“It would have cost a lot of money.”


“Don’t worry about that. I’d rather understand Leon-sama’s feelings.” (Sicily)


“What do you mean?”


“It will be unbearable for a librarian to burn a book.” (Sicily)





 That’s true, but I don’t think we have to agree. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to do it, but I’m sure I am capable of doing it. The fire grimoire was easily flammable and caught fire immediately.


 It burned up quickly and turned into ashes. I quickly gathered up the ashes and mixed them with the ashes Octavia had collected, then sprinkled on some phoenix gizzard to make an elixir.


 After creating a glowing reddish-brown elixir, it was passed to Nine.


 Nine took it with a trembling heart and headed straight for Octavia’s husband.



“…What does it feel like to go to the husband of someone you loved?” (Sicily)


“I’m sure you’ll be deeply moved by the fact that this is a man who cares for the woman he loves.”


“…Is that so.” (Sicily)



 Sicily seems to be convinced, but Chloe doesn’t.


 Moreover, she seemed quite angry.



“I procured the grimoire because it was a request from Her Highness and Leon-sama, but I am not convinced.” (Chloe)


“Why do you disagree?”


“Because Octavia, the librarian, is the same woman who tried to frame her former student. A woman who played with the heart of an innocent boy.” (Chloe)


“Are you referring to the fact that she tried to pin the crime of burning the book on him?”


“That’s right. It’s terrible.” (Chloe)


“I see, that’s one way to look at it. Well, that’s one way to look at it, and in fact, she doesn’t seem to be explaining it either.”


“Do you mean there is another interpretation?”



 Sicily asks.



“Well, I’m saying that I could have done a better job of framing Nine. I’m just curious as to why she didn’t insist more forcefully that Nine was the culprit and let him be captured.”


“…………” (Chloe)


“…………” (Sicily)



 The two of them fell silent as I explained my reasoning.



“That’s why. Well, this is just my guess. No matter how much we think about it, it can’t be helped.”



 With that assurance, we waited for Nine to return.



 Nine Snipes returned exactly three hours later. It seems that he administered the elixir to Octavia’s husband and immediately reported to Octavia in prison once he saw signs of recovery. He then came to the princess’s mansion. He wore a magician’s robe over his military uniform. He was dressed in his formal attire as a military magician.


 He posed for a salute and bowed deeply.



“Brother Leon. I owe a debt of gratitude to you. Captain Leon von Almarsh, it is something that I could never repay in my lifetime. To repay that debt, please allow me to join the Libra Division.” (Nine)


“I can’t pretend that I don’t need to feel grateful, because I work for the princess.”


“In other words, pledge allegiance to the princess.” (Nine)


“es, I do. I want you to support her even if I die in battle.”



 “Okay,” he said with a smile on Nine’s face, he looks back at Princess Sicily and salutes her. Even though he was a magician, he gave a certain salute. At least he did it better than me.


 In this way, the princess got the strongest Fire Magician as her military magician.



 As I mentioned earlier, Nine will protect the princess even if I die.


 I knew his chivalry and manliness more than anyone else.

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