Shadow Court Magician Chapter 7: The Librarian and the Maid

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 I had the honor of defeating three hundred soldiers with just thirty men.


 I also did a great job of rescuing the princess.


 If I were to be promoted a rank for each achievement, I could have been promoted to lieutenant colonel, but I was never promoted.


 This is because I asked the princess.



“Please pass on all the achievement towards the princess. Leon von Almarsh has not done anything.”



 Of course, the princess disagreed.



“But the one that achieved is Leon-sama’s. I would like to convey your abilities and wisdom to the upper echelons of the military so that you can take your rightful place.” (Sicily)


“If that happens, I’ll be promoted.”


“That is right.” (Sicily)


“No, that is no good. The purpose of my life is to end as a librarian in the Royal Library. It is not about getting ahead in the army.”


“As I said earlier, it is strange that a sage like Leon-sama to not make a mark in history. Please work for me and lend me your wisdom and courage.” (Sicily)


“Thank you, but I can’t do that.”



 I bowed deeply and again warned her not to report my participation in the battle to the higher-ups.


 Because of this, when I returned from the battlefield, I was not given a promotion and was returned to the library without incident.


 The first thing my superior did was to sigh and say, “The salary thief has returned,” which was the best compliment he could give me.


 I want to live a life surrounded by books, rather than doing unproductive things like war.


 I wanted to read the masterpieces left by many literary masters, and I wanted to read the research papers about the other world left by the great magicians.


 If I enter the battlefield, I may not be able to read them. Thus, it would be foolish to become a military officer.


 I knew that I was one of the best magicians and tacticians in the world, but that did not mean I was overconfident.


 No magician, no matter how great, can be immortal. Even the best military strategist can make mistakes.



 I never overestimate my abilities.


 That is why I have never died before.


 That is why I was able to survive a hellish childhood after my exile.



 After reaffirming myself, I was flipping through books in the dusty library today.


 When I was reading the new book of my favorite writer without doing the librarian work, a woman in a maid dress came.


 A woman with fair skin and hair.


 She had a very good poker face and her movement are devoid of emotions.


 ――In a word, doll-like.


 She was giving such an impression.


 She bows down and puts about 10 books on the counter.



“–The number of books you can borrow at the same time is limited to three per person.”



 I gave her the standard talk, but she replied with a tiny smile.



“I know. I did not borrow this book. I just brought it to Leon-sama.” (Maid)


“I do not like it when you are making fun of me, the librarian.”


“I did not mean it that way. But I would like to borrow a librarian’s wisdom.” (Maid)



 She shows off the book in front of me.



“There are ten books here. They are all novels.” (Maid)


“I know. I can see it by looking at them.”


“Do you know the subject matter of these novels? They all have one thing in common.” (Maid)



 I glance at the covers.


 Everything, I have at least read it all once.


 One is from a writer named Erhans, about a knight who falls in love with a princess and kills a dragon.


 The other is the story of a princess and a prince falling in love and eloping.


 The other book was a love affair between a commoner and a princess.


 To top it off, all of them are novels with “princesses” in them.


 When I pointed this out, the maid was “quite” surprised.



“That is something Leon-sama. You recognized it in an instant.” (Maid)


“I think that is it for the show.”


“Did you also know that I am Sicily-sama’ maid?” (Maid)


“I caught a glimpse of you the other day when the princess was here”


“So you do know. Then are you aware of the message hidden in this book?” (Maid)





 I sigh and rearrange the novels that are randomly arranged.


 Then read the first letter of the novel title in order.



“I. a.m. p.l.e.a.s.e.d. t.o. i.n.v.i.t.e. y.o.u.” [T/N: The actual thing read was “ご、しょ、う、た、い、し、ま、す” or Go, sho, u, ta, i, shi, ma, su. It is a polite way to ask someone out]



 When I said that, the maid said, “That is correct.”



“I do not know what you are inviting me to.”


“We are inviting you to a dinner hosted by Her Highness.” (Maid)


“I see. It would be an honor.”


“Does that mean you will come?” (Maid)


“Unless there is a dress code.”



 I picked at the sleeves of my own clothes. I only have this robe.



“Her Highness doesn’t care about clothes.” (Maid)


“That is good to know.”


“Then, can you come as soon as you finish your work today?” (Maid)


“OK. What is the address?”


“It is on the main street of the Royal Capital, in front of the blue fountain, next to the Arsonian Trading Company building.” (Maid)


“Isn’t the princess living in the royal palace?”


“The princess is a soldier. She is treated as a full-fledged member of the royal family. That is why she has her own mansion.” (Maid)


“Was she not kicked out of the palace on purpose?”


“So you know.” (Maid)


“It is a famous story. — Oh, well. The building over there must be magnificent. I have always wanted to go inside.”



 I then ordered the maid to put the books back where they belonged.


 The maid put only seven books back on the shelf and brought three more to the counter.


 Apparently, she intended to borrow the rest.


 Incidentally, the ones she left behind were all works with maids who are loyal to the princess.



 I signed the rental forms, thinking that this maid is also an easy to understand.






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