Shadow Court Magician Chapter 74: Lululucca

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 An armed group of the Doll tribe suddenly appeared.



 They seem to be patrolmen guarding the village but the problem was the strange-looking woman leading them.


 She introduces herself again.



“I am Lululucca, the daughter of the chieftain. I am the guardian of this forest, above all, I am the next Chief.” [T/N: Is there any name that sounds like “ルルルッカ” or “Rururukka”? My head hurts.]



 The words and the atmosphere of the woman certainly sounded like the daughter of a chief, but it wasn’t her status that was the problem, it was the first thing she said.



“–My fiancé Chloe.” (Lululucca)



 Certainly, she said this.



 I look at Chloe, but she seems unconcerned. But she had said earlier that she had run away because she didn’t want to be asked to marry the next chief. In other words, it makes sense.



 Chloe explained to me that she felt sorry for me and the princess, who had a lot of confusion written on her face.



“There are no men or women in the Doll tribe. At a certain age, a woman has to choose between becoming a warrior or a mother. Lululucca-sama there has chosen to become a warrior. Moreover, she has mastered her path and has been chosen as the next chief, not because she is the daughter of a chief, but because she is a warrior.” (Chloe)


“That’s amazing.”



 Sicily’s eyes widened.


 Far from being humbled, Lululucca responds to those words.



“That’s right. I’m amazing. The Doll warriors can take wives prioritizing strength. That’s why I chose Chloe, but she rejected my courtship and ran away from the Bana Forest.” (Lululucca)



 The beautiful incoming Chief was puzzled, but then I looked at Chloe.


 She tells me with a disgusted expression.


“Lululucca-sama’s words are true. Doll warriors have the right to choose a good bride. The same is true for female warriors.” (Chloe)


“Can the women from the Doll tribe have children with each other?”


“No way. We are the same as humans in that area.” (Chloe)



 Chloe emphasizes.



“The Doll tribe usually partner boys and girls to leave an offspring.” (Chloe)





 Chloe continues, ignoring me who got stuck.



“So I suggested that Lululucca-sama should marry a strong warrior and have an offspring.” (Chloe)



 Lululucca then refutes it.



“You don’t have to be both the bearer of offspring and the one who raises them. Chloe just has to take care of me and raise the kids.” (Lululucca)


“Is she talking about a bigamy?” [T/N: Bigamy is being legally married to another person and still taking another spouse]


“I’m sorry. It’s a harem.” (Chloe)



 I don’t know if that counts as a harem, Lululucca said, mumbling.



“That’s exactly what a harem is. The strongest of the strong live under one roof, suffer together, and raise the strongest offspring. It is a life that all born of the Doll would love.” (Chloe)



 Lululucca clasped her hands and was moved, but Chloe was not impressed. That’s why she left the Bana Forest.— Then, it seems like a bad idea to bring her closer to Lululucca…



 When I was wondering what to do, it was surprising that the first person to speak out was Sicily.



“The people of the Bana Forest, and the daughter of the chieftain who represents them. My name is Sicily von Ernia! The daughter of the king of this country, the third princess!  I have come here to discuss matters of importance to this country with the brave people of the Bana Forest.” (Sicily)



 She has an elegant appearance and a firm voice.


 He had the air of a monarch who could move the hearts of others without being overbearing.



 I don’t know if this came from her royal bloodline or if it was acquired through hard work, but it seemed to have touched the heart of the future chief of the Doll tribe.





“……understood.” (Lululucca)


 She said, and without further mention of Chloe, treated us as her guests.



“The Dolls are a proud tribe. No disrespect will be shown.” (Lululucca)



 As Lululucca said this, the Doll warriors who had been holding their bows put their arrows back and loosened their bowstrings.


 This is how we succeeded in entering the Doll Village.





 The Dolls are a fighting race that makes a living by dispatching excellent mercenaries around the world.



 It was easy to imagine that they had been practicing their martial arts since they were young.


 At the entrance to the village, there is a gatekeeper with muscles as magnificent as a stone statue. Inside the village, children were holding spears and thrusting at dolls that resembled their targets.


 And it’s not just any thrust. Each blow is sharp and filled with deadly intent. At the same time as the spear is thrusting, a “twist” is added to increase the killing power. They are more proficient with spears than the new recruits of the Libra Division.


 Not only spears, but also bows seemed to be popular, and there were bow practice areas and targets everywhere. Adults and children alike were practicing with serious expressions on their faces.



“It’s no wonder they’re known as the world’s strongest fighting race.”



 Sicily agreed as she sighed.



“I now understand why Chloe is so strong. Growing up in an environment like this makes you strong.” (Sicily)





 Chloe smiles as she agrees.



“The idiotic strength comes from the Dolls, but I learned to use my pocket watch as a weapon after I left the forest.” (Chloe)


“You’re right, there are no other warriors who use pocket watches as weapons.”



 I looked around the village and saw that no one had a pocket watch.



“I met my master after I left the forest and learned from him.” (Chloe)


“I’d like to hear the details someday, but I don’t think now is the time.”


“Indeed. Now we have to think of a way to convince Lulu-sama.” (Chloe)



 Everyone ponders for quite some time, “Hmm,” but here, we have an elf who doesn’t know how to read the air around her.



“Well, if you give them Chloe, Lululucca will become an ally, right?” (Eculate)





 It was simple, and it was inhumane, but it seemed to be the quickest way.


 ――However, it would never be done.



 Chloe is Sicily’s loyal maid, and Sicily longs for Chloe like her sister. Chloe also thinks of Sicily like her sister. It would be impossible for them to sell the other one.


 In addition, I have recently had more opportunities to interact with a maid named Chloe. The heartfelt tea she makes definitely soothes my tired mind from my unfamiliar military duties.



 In a sense, she had become indispensable to me as well.


 Therefore, there was no way I could sell her.


 So, I put together a list of guidelines in order to somehow conclude the negotiations through persuasion.



 All of us, except for the Elf Eculate, so we headed to the inn that Lululuca had prepared for us, and decided to plan our strategy there.

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