Shadow Court Magician Chapter 9: Slum Thugs

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 Leon, the princess, and her maid are on a shaky ride inside the carriage for about 30 minutes.


 As they proceeded down the glamorous boulevard, the scene became more and more dreary.


 Leon had a vague idea of where the carriage was going.



“Are we heading to the slums?”


“As expected of Leon-sama. Did you notice?” (Sicily)


“There is only the slum further down.”


“So do you know why I am taking you there?” (Sicily)


“I do not know.”


“So, there are things that even a genius magician doesn’t understand.” (Sicily)


“I do not know everything.”



 The carriage is now driving along the slums.


 The streetlights were gone, and the only thing we could count on was the lantern on the carriage.


 The only landmark is the slight orange light that leaks from the slum dwellings.


 Then, the carriage could not be driven. In the first place, the streets of the slums were too narrow to allow the carriage to move forward.



 The coachman knew this, and when he found a suitable space, he set us down.



“… Oh, I’ll be back in a moment, but please be careful.” (Coachman)



 The old man turned the carriage over with great anxiety.


 It is natural to worry and move the carriage. It is a suicidal act to park a carriage in the slums.


 With that comment, I spoke to the princess again.



“Princess, I know it is a little late for this, but do not you think it is wrong to go out dressed like that?”


“This dress?” (Sicily)


“It is like you are asking to get kidnapped with that dress.”



 While I voiced my worries, “Please, rest assured,” says Chloe.



“In the southern part of the slums, Her Highness is quite liked.” (Chloe)




“On the other hand, it might be more dangerous to dress like a normal town girl.” (Chloe)


“I see.”



 I was about to say, “Then why do not you just leave the carriage there?”


 I felt a presence around me.


 Several men emerged from the shadows.


 They were all armed with daggers and clubs.


 I let out a sigh when I saw them.



“I thought I heard you say that ‘the princess is loved by the inhabitants of the slums’, right?”


“… Well, that mindset doesn’t seem to be widespread.” (Chloe)



 Speaking of which, Chloe stepped forward.


 I was about to stop her, wondering what such a thin maid could do, but Sicily stopped me.



“Please wait, Leon-sama. Chloe looks like that but she is a master of martial arts.” (Sicily)



 When I looked at her in disbelief, Chloe showed me her abilities through her actions.



“Even if it looks like this, I am pretty strong. I am a combat-maid.” (Chloe)



 Then she took out a pocket watch from her pocket.


 Opening the clock and setting the dial.



“It is about 20:03. When the second hand of the clock points to 12, the attack will start. It will be settled in 3 minutes, no, 2 minutes tops.” (Chloe)



 However, the thugs who heard the words got angry.



“How dare you talk like that? I was going to let you get away after taking your money, but I am going to strip you naked and make you scream.” (Thug)



 Chloe, who heard the words,



“… Lowlife scum.” (Chloe)



 After that short phrase. The second hand pointed to 12.


 Then her body disappeared. Enter the enemy’s range while leaving an afterimage.


 The villains could only dumbly said, “Wha…?”



 Chloe puts magical power into her pocket watch without changing her expression.


 Then the pocket watch becomes magical and glows pale. She swings it around. Accurately aim at the enemy’s club.


 A pocket watch crushes a club made of oak wood.



 Seeing that, I muttered.



“Is that a magical weapon?”



 Sicily nods.



“Chloe is not only a maid but also a warrior. She can disable them without hurting them.” (Sicily)



 Chloe destroys the villain’s weapons as if to prove it, destroying not only the clubs but also the metal daggers one after another.


 It took her less than a minute.


 However, although the villain had his weapon destroyed in a minute, his fighting spirit was still strong. No, it can be said that the difference in ability is unknown. It may have been a mistake to try to suppress it without causing pain.


 The thugs who had lost their weapons relied on their fists and came at me.


 Chloe dodged a large fist and swung at them with her foot.


 The thug collapses. She slams her fist into his face. Without the slightest hesitation, she goes for the bridge of the nose.


 It seems that she is also a top-notch fighter.


 One after another, she defeats the thugs, but when she knocks out the third one, he seems to have lost his will to fight. So, he tried to run away.


 However, not all the thugs escape, and some bravely challenge her. Using the beer bottles that had fallen in the trash as a weapon, he was about to hit her, but a person stopped it.


 The person who appeared from the depths of the slum, a bandit-like man with a thick voice, who was literally a thief.


 He is the boss of the thief guild rooted in slums.


 He is the face of the southern part of the slums, and if he should ever tell you to stop, the inhabitants here must obey.


 The Boss of the Thief Guild says.



“… You’re a new face.” (Thief Boss)


“Yes.” (Thug)



 The thug who was quite tough a while ago answered like a scared cat. Well, the boss of the thief guild seems to be scary.



“Then you do not seem to know the rules here. Anyone that hurt Saint’s friend Sicily can’t live here.” (Thief Boss)


“Well, are these people friends of the saint?” (Thug)


“Yes. She is a friend of the saint of the slums. The only aristocrat and the only royal family who cares for us.” (Thief Boss)


“Oh, royalty!?” (Thug)



 Upon hearing the words, the thug turned pale and collapsed on the ground.



“I am sorry I did not know who you were.” (Thug)



 The thugs bowed and literally rubbed their faces on the ground.


 The Boss of the Thief Guild asked if the cutting off their fingers will suffice, but Sicily naturally refuses.



“No apology is needed because we were not harmed.” (Sicily)


“But that is not how it works.” (Boss)


“They are newcomers. They are newcomers, so they must have come from the border city where the battle took place recently, right?” (Sicily)


“… Well, you know.” (Thug)


“I imagine so. Moreover, if I am right. Then all of them must have lost their families and property. It is no wonder they are upset.” (Sicily)



 Sicily takes out the small bottle that was kept in her pocket.



“It is a recovery potion to take the edge off. I am sorry for hurting you, even if it was for self-defense. –It is not much, but it’ll help you get by.” (Sicily)



 Sicily takes her hair clip and gives it to the thug.


 The thug stared at her figure in a daze.


 They seem to be puzzled. They could not believe that she would show mercy to them who had just tried to do something horrible to her, and to the enemy with whom she had defeated a while ago.


 However, this is reality, and in the face of Sicily’s mercy, they weep. They realize their own folly.


 They all shed tears and did not stop prostrating themselves.


 After receiving many thanks and words of reformation from the Boss of the Thieves’ Guild, they all headed home.


 Looking at the figure from behind, while looking at the princess



“The princess is quite amazing.”



 I said.


 Her act of charity reminded me of the saint of old, but the princess denied it.



“I am not a saint. The one we are going to see is the saint.” (Sicily)


“The saint of the slums. Do you want me to meet her?”


“That is right. There is a scene I want you to see.” (Sicily)


“OK, please guide me.”



 After the brief exchange, we all started walking. However, when Chloe, walked alongside me, she murmured.



“… Thank you. Leon-sama” (Chloe)


“What? So sudden.”


“Not sudden. Leon-sama helped me.” (Chloe)


“What are you talking about?”



 Then she blurred, she picked up a dagger that has fallen to the ground.



“Leon-sama secretly supported me. For those with magical weapons, he destroyed them with the spell [Finger Bullet], and for strong enemies, he used the spell [Weakness Debuff].” (Chloe)


“So you knew?”


“Her Highness doesn’t seem to be aware of it, but I am also an experienced warrior, so I noticed.” (Chloe)


“Maybe it was unnecessary. —But I am glad you were safe.”



 Chloe, who heard the words, said with a slight smile.



“… I think Leon-sama is the ‘Magician of the Equilibrium’ that saves this world.” (Chloe)




 The voice was barely audible, so it never reached Leon’s ears.






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