Underground Doctor Chapter 1: Prologue

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In a room of a luxury apartment, I was resting on a soft sofa.

There is an ashtray and a cup of whiskey on the table in front of me, and I watching the TV while working on the laptop in front of me.

Then the reporter’s voice from the TV caught my attention.


“Yes, we are here at ******! We are just outside Kaoru Ashiya’s house, the genius surgeon, but it seems like he is not inside. He hasn’t appeared on any surgery since the press conference. I will report again if there is any new progress. Reporting from ******!!”


The reporter says with a cool smile and the screen switches to the studio.

Critics and other people just want to blab and criticize people, and laugh while commenting as if they found a new toy.

I feel sick listening and turn off the TV.


“They don’t know anything… They just say what they want…”


Kaoru operates the laptop while saying that.

There is nothing to do.

But now I huge amount of time.

However, I can’t rest at all. Ever since the press conference the paparazzi have been hounding me wherever I go. Even at my home, they are there.

I am also severely mentally exhausted.

At that time, I went to see one site that keeps popping on my browser.

The site’s name is [Let’s Go to Another World! Your Wish is My Command♪] I usually ignore it, but for some reason this time I was enraptured by it.

There is a form to fill on the site.

Gender, age, occupation, HP, MP, skills, avatar, and other boxes for wishes can be fulfilled.

Sex: Male

Age: 18-year-old

Occupation: Surgeon




Next came the skills.

I can’t think of anything so I typed in what I liked.

I want a skill to summon an operating room where I can perform surgeries anywhere I want.

I want all the knowledge and skills related to magic, pharmaceuticals, and medical care to support my operating room.

I want a skill that can analyze diseases that I don’t understand.

I also want the knowledge and the means to cure it.

I want magic that can synthesize medicine and replacement organs.

Advanced skills in Aikido will be essential so I can protect myself.

The avatar is an 18-year-old version of me.

Other requests,

Let us leave it blank

Fill in everything and then press Done, what have I been doing.

After all that, the screen says, “Enjoy your life in a different world.”

Suddenly I fell asleep on the sofa where I sat.

But when I woke up, my home was not where I found myself,

I was now in “another world.”



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