Underground Doctor Chapter 5: Reward and shopping Part 1

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 At about 7 pm, I finally come back to Reese Clinic.

 As if I was just returning home from work. I walked in and plopped myself on the sofa where I slept yesterday before calling out Reese’s name and completely lounging.

 I relaxed and started by lighting a cigarette.


“What are you relaxing like you’re at your own house!” (Reese)


 Reese approaches me before pulling me to a standing position. She grabbed my shirt by the chest and shook me back and forth.

 I began laughing while saying, saying “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry” without looking like I’m sorry.

 When Reese finally settled down, she asked if I had eaten dinner, then I told her.


“I’ll make it, Reese. Just relax and wait.” (Kaoru)


 I didn’t want to eat food similar to yesterday.

 I asked her where the kitchen is then I stood up and went towards the direction she pointed.

 Behind me, Reese sat and relaxed.


“Where are the ingredients and the seasonings?” (Kaoru)


 I called out to her because the kitchen looked sparse.


“Uhh…” (Reese)


 When I looked at her she suddenly averted her gaze away from mine.

 After seeing her reaction, I sigh realizing that she might have never cooked before.


“Well, I don’t want to sound like I’m interrogating you. But where are the ingredients? And the seasonings?” (Kaoru)

“These are the groceries I bought today. And all the seasonings are on the lower shelves over there.” (Reese)


 Reese presented me with a basket containing several kinds of vegetables and chicken meat.

 I received the ingredients and placed them in the kitchen counter.

 Then, I opened the lower shelf, checked the seasonings, and decided to make a menu that’s appropriate to the ingredients.

(ED: Now, from here on, the next few paragraphs are written like the steps of a cookbook recipe. There is no ‘I’ in here so I modified it a little.)

   I cut the chicken, the cabbage-like vegetables, and the onion-like vegetables into bite-sized pieces, and put them in a bowl.

 Then add soy sauce, cooking wine, and sugar to it, and season with salt.

 I mix chicken and vegetables, then, I light a fire and put a frying pan on it.

 I added a little oil and when the heat arose I added the bite-sized chicken and vegetable pieces.

 It made a good noise and the smell of cooked chicken drifted out from the kitchen.

 The vegetables are also cooked cooked well, and the chicken soaked up the juices and became more tender.

 Picking up the buns on the table I cut it in half horizontally.

 I put the chicken and vegetables on top of the bottom half-bun.

 Finally, sandwich it with the remaining bun to complete the chicken burger.


“Whoa…” (Kaoru)


 The sandwich looked too good to eat.

 However, I couldn’t beat my hunger.

 So, I put the chicken burger on a plate and sat at the table.


“I can’t cook a huge variety of food just things that are easy to cook and eat, but if you get hungry, want to cook together?”


 I smiled and told Reese.

 Reese takes a bite and her face immediately loosens.

 The chicken gravy spreads all over the mouth and the sweet and spicy sauce stimulates the tongue.

 The vegetables are firm and the taste sweetens as you chew, which pleases the tongue.

 Reese has eaten it all up.

 She had an expression saying that it wasn’t enough, so she made another one from the extra ingredients in the frying pan, she looked happy upon completing it.

 With such a look, I could easily imagine what kind of food Reese was eating.

 I thought it would be a palate destroying dish again tonight.

 I also ate a bite and said it was 30 points.

 After finishing the meal, we both sat on the sofa,


“Have you been there today? At the noble family’s house?” (Reese)


 Reese asks me, sounding quite curious.


“Oh, I’ve been there. The rewards are perfect!” (Kaoru)


 I looked at her then raised my thumbs up.


“How much did you receive. Even the High Priest, who could heal most illnesses, still couldn’t cure it, so you must have earned a good amount of money.” (Reese)


 Reese looks at me with an extremely curious expression so I decided to tell her.

 Then I reached for proof that can be shown easily.

 Yeah, I showed her the check.


“Eh? I wonder if I’m seeing things wrong? I’m tired lately… One, ten, one hundred, one million. Five million, four hundred fifty thousand liras!? You’re not just fooling around! You’re getting a lot of money!!” (Reese)


 Reese was surprised and frightened because the digits of the money were blowing her common sense away.


“Ah, it’s hard to say, but it’s the advance payment. I’ll get the same amount next time.” (Kaoru)


 Suddenly, Kaoru’s job made Reese’s face stony.


“I wonder how many years until I will reach this amount of money. Is it 100,000 Years? One treatment gives 300 lira, so hahahaha… hahaha… haha…”(Reese)


 Reese had a distant look and was laughing in my direction.

 Makes sense, I got a shocking amount of money after all.

 Suddenly, she notices the sign of the check, and gets surprised again.


“Hey, this isn’t the mark of Orvis! A nobleman who has built up a fortune by trade! He is a famous nobleman that everyone in this city knows!” (Reese)


 I was not interested in the work of the person who I had helped.

 I only thought that he’s a noble so he has money.


“I said it yesterday, but at that time you didn’t say anything.” (Kaoru)


 Saying it was a pain.


“You just told me the name of the girl patient yesterday. You’re quite strange when people suddenly go to houses like that.” (Reese)


 She said with a horrified look.


“Oh, I asked a person I met in the aristocratic area to help me. I got lost quite a bit. I was grasping at straws. I couldn’t navigate the area well.” (Kaoru)


 I said while laughing all the way.

 As a result, she said she was glad that the patient was doing well, but Reese decided not to ask further.

 She thought that she would lose if she started minding it.

 After that, I asked for the location of the commercial guild and also asked if there were cigarettes sold there.

 When I found out that there were cigarettes in this different world, I couldn’t help do a guts pose.

 I have to go there tomorrow so I slept early on the sofa.



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