Underground Doctor Chapter 31: Infection spread with new friends Part 1

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~Dirk’s Perspective~



On their third day in Burg, early in the morning, Dirk and the others were on their way to the hut where Watra was staying.



“Oh, I’ll never lose my temper. I’ll never get mad!” (Bud)


“Bud, you’re making too much noise.” (Dirk)


“Oh, I’m sorry. I have to keep reminding myself that I’m not going to say anything.” (Bud)


“Bud is a muscle brain.” (Carl)


“Carl, I don’t want to hear that especially from you.” (Bud)


“What do you mean?” (Carl)



 While having this conversation, we walked down the street.


 While we were walking, we met a number of adventurers.



“Isn’t that a bit much?” (Bud)


“Yes, what happened?” (Dirk)


“Wait for a moment.” (Carl)



 So Carl went to talk to the adventurers on foot.


 A little while later, Carl came back at a great pace.


 Out of breath, he tells me and the others what he has just heard from the adventurer.


 What Faguilded and Farsees did.



“How reckless are they to walk here…” (Dirk)


“Are they mad?” (Bud)


“No, that city has become a lawless area. And yet, they have some semblance of leadership. Maybe, they are scheming something.” (Carl)


“What is it?” (Dirk)


“I don’t know what is happening, but if they’re doing something and the resentment of the residents keep piling up, then the city will soon collapse. If they don’t, it means that Kiddish is getting exactly what he deserves.” (Carl)


“Oh, yeah, they do human trafficking all the time there, don’t they…” (Tryst)


“It would be a crime to work with a slave merchant.” (Bud)


“Well, Kiddish is in control of this area, so he can just pretend it never happened.” (Dirk)


“Geez! How can we be in such a place and still be safe.” (Carl)


“That’s because we have the backing of [Blue Holy Beast].” (Bud)


“Ah, the backing of the master is so reliable.” (Tryst)


“I’m sure Kiddish won’t act out in the open either. That’s why he’s been acting so sneakily until now.” (Dirk)


“S-rankers are really amazing, right? It’s true that I was beaten up by them once, and I almost died.” (Carl)



 Carl says with a laugh.


 Dirk and the others wondered what the hell he was smoking.?



“The S-ranks are usually only monsters, and once you piss them off, they say they can wipe out an entire city. That’s what I’ve heard.” (Bud)


“What a hell I want to see!” (Carl)


“Stop Carl. That’s not something you should be interested in.” (Dirk)


“Dirk-san, you’ve seen it!” (Carl)


“No… I just got caught up in it, if anything. I just happened to be there.” (Dirk)


“”Dirk-san what a tragedy.”” (Bud & Tryst)



 Bud and Tryst said and dabbed the corner of their eye with a handkerchief.



“What was it like?” (Carl)



 I explained briefly to Carl, who asked curiously.


 It was a confrontation between two S-ranks.


 It was [Space-Time Brigade] Deputy Leader Diarra and [Fire Emperor] Yugwi.


 The story was that the leader of the [Space-Time Brigade] was told that Yugwi had been approached her with flirtatious motives and that the megacity had been wiped out in an instant.


 All the inhabitants were unharmed by Diarra’s skills, but their homes and food were all vaporized and lost, and the megacity was severely damaged.


 It is said that Yugwi took care of all the cleaning up, and Diara quickly tried to make a run for it as quickly as possible.



“Eh? In an instant? The megacity where the Flame Emperor rules was 1.5 times larger than the current Grand Palace!” (Carl)


“It was just a moment. My home was turned into charcoal. I was still young, so I could start over, but I never want to land in that situation again.” (Dirk)



 Just remembering it brings me chills.


 Just by listening to the story, you can tell that they are a monster beneath that human skin.



“Now, let’s not waste time talking and go to Watra.” (Dirk)


“That’s right. The clouds are looking quite heavy, so let’s leave early.” (Bud)



 With that said, We head for Watra’s home.


 As we were walking, there was a person who looked familiar hiding behind the bushes.



“Oh, Watra there you are.” (Tryst)



 When Tryst calls out her name, she looked pretty surprised.


 There she was, picking herbs in a disheveled attire.



“Hmm, is this little child Watra?” (Carl)


“You were there too…” (Tryst)


“I felt ill and I don’t remember.” (Carl)



 Watra turns away while we were having a conversation.



“What are you doing! It’s annoying… Coming early this morning!” (Watra)


“”…”” (Everyone)



 Watra’s words made Bud think this was a lost cause.


 Tryst was thinking the same as Bud.


 Dirk felt things would be worst after this.


 Besides, it became painful to get her involved in their own troubles.



“I’m sorry. I visited you this early in the morning. We will not be staying here anymore… I’m really sorry for offending you.” (Dirk)


“Ah…” (Watra)



 With a smile, he bowed down.


 Watra was feeling like her chest was about to burst open.


 She didn’t want to say that.


 She wants to go with them.


 She felt sick of herself who can’t even say that.


 If Dirk came here again today, she wanted to say that she would like to go with them.


 She didn’t hate them at all.


 When Dirk turned his back, Carl then approaches Watra.


 Also, at the same moment, Bud tried to stop him, not knowing what Carl was going to do.



“Do you really don’t want to go with us.” (Carl)


“What are you talking about? I don’t want to go with you.” (Watra)


“Do you really think that way? I don’t feel that that’s what you truly feel.” (Carl)


“!!!!!!?” (Watra)



 Then he moved in front of Watra who was sitting, and he also sits down.


 We three, can’t understand the goal of Carl’s words.


 He often does absurd things, but this time it was the special kind of absurd behavior.



“What do you know?!” (Watra)


“I don’t understand at all. It’s really difficult to forgive.” (Carl)


“If so, leave me alone!” (Watra)


“It’s something you can’t easily do.” (Carl)


“How then? They also told me that, so I’m saying it back!” (Watra)


“I’m not thinking about that at all, so don’t worry. I’m stupid, and I don’t have the brain to think about that.” (Carl)



 Carl laughs saying that.


 Seeing Carl’s appearance, I kept watching over the situation.


 Watra panics because of Carl’s unexpected reactions.



“That’s not funny!” (Watra)


“Be honest. I think it will be easier.” (Carl)


“I’m honestly saying what I’m thinking right now!” (Watra)


“You can’t be honest even though we’re going, so if you don’t say…” (Carl)



 Watra’s face turned red and her hand sprung.


 It landed a clean hit on Carl’s cheek.


 However, Carl didn’t move at all.


 The place where her hand struck looked painful.


 But the slap, which had not been strengthened at all, made her chest ache.



“Then, will you truly not regret when we leave?” (Carl)


“…” (Watra)


“You really won’t regret it if we leave here… You really won’t regret not being honest?” (Carl)


“…” (Watra)


“If I don’t get a reply, you’ll regret it, you know? Is really okay?” (Carl)



 Carl smiles.


 Then, he pinches Watra’s cheek and lightly pulled.



“I wa-what are you doing?” (Watra)


“Eh? What is it? Look, say it with your own mouth. So, we’ll take you.” (Carl)


“!!” (Watra)


“This is the last. Think carefully and answer. Will you follow us? Or will you stay here and stay trapped and waste your life?” (Carl)


“………… I want to.” (Watra)


“I can’t hear you. Say it clearly~~~” (Carl)


“I want to go.” (Watra)


“Okay! I’m done!” (Carl)


“I’m saying I want to go! Stupid dog!” (Watra)


“Fuu! Buwaaa…” (Carl)



 Watra said it and her face was bright red as a ripe tomato, and this time an enhanced slap shot towards Carl’s cheek.


 Soon, he smacks against a nearby tree.


 We just laughed at the antics of the Carl we know.


 Carl, who collided, stood up with a smile and gave me a thumbs up.


 Afterward, the others and I looked at Carl, “You can say it yourself, can’t you?” and he said, “I can, so don’t treat me like a child.”


 Watra apologized for yesterday and today, and with a tearful face. She bowed to me and asked if she can go with us.


 I replied with a smile, “Please.”


 Watra was told by Carl to keep her luggage organized, and as usual, he was hit and slammed into the hut.



“It didn’t look like it was the usual Carl.” (Bud)


“He really looked manly. I feel like my eyes are about to fall off.” (Tryst)


“That’s a terrible thing to say… How shocking!” (Carl)


“But how did Carl find out that Watra-san really wanted to go?” (Dirk)


“Yes. Why did you understand her? Is it a special skill?” (Tryst)


“No, I don’t. If I did, I’d have gotten a good woman by now, and I’d be very happy, wouldn’t I? Huuuuh?” (Carl)


“So you don’t have any special skills?” (Bud)


“No. It would be cool. Why didn’t you guys notice that…” (Carl)


“”We didn’t.”” (Bud, Tryst & Dirk)



The three of them scratched their heads in perfect synchronization.


The three of them scratched their heads in perfect synchronization, and Carl looked at them and thought, “Oh, they really didn’t know?”



“I have a younger brother. I think he has a unique personality. The feeling on how Watra has while taking is very similar.” (Carl)


“”Ah, I see.”” (Bud, Tryst & Dirk)



 Carl explained with a laugh.


 What he says and what he does are contradictory.


 It’s the same with every action, every word.


 He can’t speak his mind.


 He can’t be honest.


 When he saw Carl in front of him, he tends to swear or use hurtful words.


 And of course, when he is right on the money, he will resort to violence.


 If you don’t push his back, he won’t be able to step forward.


 Carl spoke with a flippant and nostalgic look on his face.



“He sounds like a troublesome younger brother.” (Bud)


“Maybe he’s more troublesome than Carl.” (Tryst)



 Bud and Tryst laugh but then noticed that Carl’s mood is different and they stopped poking any further.



“He’s dead now. So I can’t see him.” (Carl)


“I’m sorry.” (Bud)


“I was insensitive. I’m sorry.” (Tryst)



“It’s in the past. Don’t worry about it anymore.” (Carl)

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