Underground Doctor Chapter 5: Reward and shopping Part 2

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    I can hear the chirps of birds.

 Rays of pleasant sunshine illuminate the room.

 I open my eyes slightly then woke up.

 I stretched, stood up from the sofa and greeted Reese.


“Good morning. I see that Reese is up early today.” (Kaoru)


 Saying that I rub my eyes with the back of his hand.

 Reese replied with an amazed face.


“You slept earlier than I did, but you slept so long! It’s already noon! Wake up early, you fool!”


 Reese then hits my head with a thick book.

 My head was blown away by her smack.

 Yep, I overslept.

 I left Reese’s Clinic/inn while thinking so.

 My aim is the commercial guild in the commercial area.



 I arrived in front of the Commercial Guild.

 It was crowded with explorers and adventurers at noon.


“There are too many people.” (Kaoru)


 Entering the Commercial Guild with a bitter smile, I saw many people lined up in front of counters, selling, and buying items. Among them, the reception counter was at the far end, so I decided to go there.


“Excuse me. But I want to cash this.” (Kaoru)


 I gave the check and talked to the receptionist lady.


“Yes. We can do it here, so let me take it.” (Receptionist)


 The woman smiled and received the check, then confirmed the amount.


“Fi… 5,450 thousand lira…!?” (Receptionist)


 Her eyes were wide and her mouth was moving like a fish.


“Don’t be too loud. It might attract trouble.” (Kaoru)


 I told her to control her voice.

 The woman nods quietly, apologizes for the blunder, and goes back to process the cash before bringing the money back.


“One hundred and nine gold coins. Is this okay?” (Receptionist)


 Then she handed the bag containing the gold coins to me.


“Yes, it’s okay.” (Kaoru)


 I affirmed with a smile.

 I refrained from counting because it was sure that it would attract a lot of attention just by counting the number of gold coins.

 Also, I thought it wouldn’t be cashed out, because it was a joke amount of money. I thought the credit of the commercial guild might collapse.

 I thanked her, but when I tried to leave the counter with the bag of money in my hand, the receptionist called me back.


“If you don’t mind, why not buy an item box? You don’t seem to have one.” (Receptionist)


 She said with a calm face.


“Item box? What is that?” (Kaoru)


 Kaoru listens with a question mark on his head.


“It’s truly unwise to carry a large amount of money with your hands. It’s rather dangerous. So it’s safer to store it in an item box.”


 With smiles, we talked about it. I admit to her that I was quite worried.


“Well, may I ask.” (Kaoru)

“Yes. Now, it is this ring. It is the same as the status board. If you command it, the item box will come out. And the safety aspect is that it can only be opened by the person who purchased it. Storage capacity is up to 100kg.” (Receptionist)


 The receptionist explains it with a smile.


“Then please get me one. And how much is it?” (Kaoru)

“Yes. It’s 50,000 lira.” (Receptionist)


 She told me the amount, so I take out one gold coin from the bag.

 Then I put the ring in my hand. It was a little loose, but when I put it on after a while, it shrank to the size of my finger.


“Oh! What is this?” (Kaoru)


 I was a little surprised.

 This is because there is a common sense that things made of metal should not expand and contract in such a way.

 The lady at the reception had a confused look but she wasn’t surprised at all. Then she told me more about it

 As I heard in detail, there are armor like these, which adjust when worn.

 That seems to be common sense in this different world.

 Certainly, after forming a party and getting new armor and passing the old armor to another party member, if the size is different, they will not be able to equip it. If it expands and contracts, they can have anyone equip it.

 I was listening to her and concluded that it was quite convenient.

 After listening to her, I open the item box and put the bag containing gold coins inside.

 I waved the lady goodbye and left the commercial guild.

 Then, I walked around the commercial area.

 This is the third day after I came to this world, I wanted to change my clothes, so I searched for a place where clothes are sold.

 After walking a little, various clothes shops can be seen.

 There are stalls, high-class shops, and stores everywhere.

 Among them, I searched for something similar to a Hawaiian shirt.

 Then, I found one in a luxurious store.

 I entered the store and chose some clothes that I like.

 Of course, I didn’t look at the price.

 I chose about 7 clothes and some shorts, so I picked those 7 sets of clothes and took them to the counter,


“I want these.” (Kaoru)


 I said with a smile.

    The clerk smiled and folded my purchases into a paper bag.


“One shirt is 5,000 lira. 7 shirts are 35,000 lira and a pair of shorts is 4,500 lira. 7 pairs are 31,500 lira. Total is 66,500.” (Store Clerk)


 The clerk said the amount with a big smile.

 I took out the bag from the item box, passed two gold coins to the clerk, and received the change.

 I put my clothes in the item box and left the shop.


“It was nice. It’s a bit different from a Hawaiian shirt, but it’s okay.” (Kaoru)


 While saying that, I think I need some more shopping.

 I laughed at myself. While wandering around the commercial area.

 Along the way, I bought some underwear and a white coat before searching for another important thing.

 It’s a cigarette. For me, they are necessities in daily life, so I looked everywhere.

 And this way I finally found a store.

 The name of the store was [Dalian Store], from cigars to cigarettes, even rolled pipes.


“The product lineup so far is perfect.” (Kaoru)


 I said that and smiled.


“Oh! Do you see their quality? We have various kinds of leaves here.”


 A bald old man in his fifties emerged from the back of the store.

 The two of us enjoyed talking with each other for a while.

 After that, I bought a cigarette the old man recommended, and walked content.

 I looked for a place to change before leaving the commercial area.

 After changing my clothes, It is now time to deliver medicine to the Orvis family.


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