Underground Doctor Chapter 6 Medicine Delivery and… part 1

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 Many explorers gathered and exchanged information inside the town square. They move from here and the aristocratic area.

 I overhear some of their conversations while walking.


“It looks like the first signs of that sickness appeared this year as well.” (Adventurer 1)

“Yeah, it is that time of the year again. It’s going to be hard not being overwhelmed by the heat.” (Adventurer 2)

“No, it’s already July. It’s okay to leave for now.” (Adventurer 1)

“Will the days of buying stamina recovery drugs begin again?” (Adventurer 2)

“What if I didn’t get sick?” (Adventurer 1)

“It will be terrible if I die. Even if it’s expensive I’ll get the treatment. If I die without clearing the labyrinth, I’ll only have regrets.” (Adventurer 2)

“You can clear it, right?” (Adventurer 1)

“Of course I can!” (Adventurer 2)


 I became a little anxious and headed for the explorers.


“I’m sorry. It sounds like you are talking about a disease, but can you tell me more about it?” (Kaoru)


 I smiled while listening to the explorers.


“Hmm, you’re a healer? Why don’t you know about it?” (Adventurer 1)


 An explorer with a slightly confused face asked me.


“Oh, I don’t know much about this Town. There wasn’t that kind of disease from where I was before.”


 I said while smiling.


“What kind of place did you live in…? Oh well, but from July to September, there is a disease that affects the whole town. Patients appear when the weather becomes like this. Also, some people collapse due to an unreasonably high fever. We’re called explorers, so we call it the ‘labyrinth fever’. But each person has different symptoms. The common symptoms are vomiting or diarrhea. However, the only way to cure the situation is to use stamina recovery drugs and get treated at the clinic so they can recover their strength and be cured of it.”


 He told me that he didn’t want to stop exploring.


“It’s an annoying disease for explorers. If you get sick, you can’t enter the labyrinth.” (Adventurer 2)


 I think this can be a great opportunity.


“Oh, I want [Eclix] to come up with a preventive potion. Otherwise, we will run out of money from getting treated.” (Adventurer 1)


 The explorer said with a self-mocking laugh.


“Thanks for the information. I’ll try to look for new ways to deal with it.” (Kaoru)


 I laughed and replied.


“Oh! If you can make it then that’ll save us.” (Adventurer 2)


The explorer talked while smiling, I waved my hand goodbye and said, “I will leave you be, then,” and left the square.



 After arriving at the Orvis house, Karin greeted me once again.


“Thank you, Kaoru-sama. It’s like a dream that Lady Alicia can now greet me cheerfully. I’m happy to see her smile.” (Karin)


 She greeted me with a beaming smile and a giddy expression.


“That’s a relief. I’m glad that you are happy.” (Kaoru)


 I replied bashfully, and continued,

(ED: Okay, I don’t know why he is bashful here… So, I’ll leave it be.)

“If she has more time to rehabilitate, she can return to her daily life sooner, so we’ll have to work harder.” (Karin)


 Karin said it excitedly.


“If you get impatient, it’ll cause more trouble than good. We should not put too much pressure on her heart so it doesn’t get strained.” (Kaoru)


 I popped her overinflated enthusiasm or else there’ll be more trouble.

 After being sobered up, her expression turned back to normal, Karin scratched her head saying, “I’m sorry,” and led me to Alicia’s room.


“If you need anything, please call me. It is part of my job after all.” (Karin)


 Karin left while appearing to be skipping.

 I became a little worried while entering Alicia’s room after knocking. I was thinking that I might also need to curb her enthusiasm.


“Alicia-chan, I’m back and ready to give you your examination and medicine.” (Kaoru)


 I greeted her with that.


“Waaa!?” (Alicia)


 Alicia was in a panic.

 She was currently lying on her back, raising her legs and performing self-rehabilitation.

 Her clothes were open slightly, probably because of her moving around the bed, revealing a beautiful white, smooth stomach.

 Her face burned bright red, and she started fixing her appearance as quickly as she could.


“You’re terrible Kaoru-san, for suddenly entering.” (Alicia)


 Alicia gets angry and pouts, her cheeks look like puffed up balloons.

 She has some cute expressions,


“Yes, I’m sorry. I did knock before I entered.” (Kaoru)


 I said while scratching my head.


“Eh? I’m sorry too. I was so enthusiastic that I didn’t notice you knocking.” (Alicia)


 Alicia apologized after I apologized.


“It looks like you’re doing your best in rehabilitation. But are you exhausting yourself too much?” (Kaoru)

“Yes. I am a little tired, but I don’t feel sick.” (Alicia)


 She blushed while averting her eyes from my gaze.


“Okay, then. I brought your medicine today. Inside is your medicine wrapped in a red and white paper. Drink it after having your dinner.” (Kaoru)


 I took out a small paper bag from my pocket and give it to Alicia.


“Thank you Kaoru-san.” (Alicia)


 Alicia confirms that there is a red and white wrapping paper inside.

 After checking the contents. She placed the bag on a desk beside her. 

    With a smile, She asked for a rehabilitation massage. Alicia was looking better than before indeed.

 It seems like she liked it a lot.

 I agreed and asked Alicia to lie down and relax.

 With Alicia lying on her back, I placed a towel on her shoulder and massaged starting from her shoulder.

 When pressure was applied from her spinous process toward the acromion using the pad of my thumb, Alicia flapped her hands and sighed, “awahhhh!” (T/N – He’s just moving his hands from her middle back [spine, site of spinous process] towards the area above her shoulder joint [area near the acromion]. If you want the diagram you can google it.)

 I might have giggled but I continued to massage her.

 Moving to her back and putting the towel back on.

 Gently press on the spinous process in the center of her back with my thumb.

 Just applying enough pressure.

 If Alicia’s new heart is overworked, her progress would be undone. Although Alicia can now move better she still needs someone to help with her rehabilitation. Also, there are places on her body only another person can reach.

 I silently moved to her waist.

Placing my hands above her lower back. I pressed against her erector muscles with both thumbs at the same time, applying constant pressure. Alicia exclaimed, “Kaoru-sama! Your fingers are tickling me. Neeeeeeeee!!” (T/N – Erector muscles are found on the lower back above the butt where the tramp stamp is usually tattooed on.)


“Eh, Alicia-chan, did I do something that you didn’t like? I’m enlightened.” (Kaoru)


 I told Alicia while smiling innocently.

 (ED: He was teasing her, if you didn’t know.)


“That’s different. Uh, oh.” (Alicia)


 I tickled Alicia until she’s twitching and sobbing from exhaustion.

 I think it was a little overkill.

 While stroking her head, I said, “I’m sorry, I can’t stop because your reactions are too cute.” Alicia is angry for a bit, but her reactions are cute and it makes me happy.

 After that, I started massaging her properly.

 And after a while, Alicia fell asleep.

 I gently covered her body with a blanket and carefully left her so she won’t wake up.


(Well, let’s talk to Cain-san when he comes home. I have a lot to ask him.) (Toru)


 Then, I left Alicia’s room.



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