Underground Doctor Chapter 7 Announcing the Strategy Part 1

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“I see… but can you do that? If that’s the case, then it’s a big problem in a different sense!” (Cain)


 But I replied with a sly expression.


“In a sense, but how is it a big problem?” (Kaoru)


 I can’t help but laugh at his reaction.

 But Cain-san looks at me and sighs.


“A ‘silver bullet’ against ‘labyrinth fever’… Is this possible? [Eclix] says that even they don’t have a way to combat it? ” (Cain)


 Cain-san says while looking amazed.


“I wasn’t even from [Eclix]… and I think I can do something when I use my “new magic”. I’m pretty sure that the cause of the illness can be found out by us.” (Kaoru)


 I grinned and laughed confidently.


“Well. Kaoru-san is still surprising to me in various ways. I know that you came from the order of the Great Priests, but I can tell you that Reese-san was also a great healer. Though I think she is amazing even if we haven’t had much time to meet.” (Cain)

“I don’t know what to do with Reese’s problem. And I’m grateful for the fact that I’ve been taught a lot by her. I’m glad I could help her if I could. I’m plenty kind to girls who are in need.” (Kaoru)


 I said to Cain-san with a cool face,


“Kaoru-san has changed.” (Cain)


 He says while looking amazed.


“Huh? Oh, I see. Most ordinary people don’t care. The more excellent a person is, the more eccentric they are. They usually look strange to other people.” (Kaoru)

“Certainly……” (Cain)


 Cain-san is convinced for some reason.

 He probably sees something beneficial for him.


“Let’s go back to the discussion of the strategy. For the time being, I’ll make the silver bullet, so I’ll cure some people, so I’d like people to spread rumors after that. I think Argus, who usually moves behind the scene will act boldly. Because he will certainly want a method of refining the silver bullet so much that he will go for my weakness. He’ll target Reese, but I’ll hold him down with the silver bullet.” (Kaoru)

“Isn’t it dangerous for Reese? If she was killed…” (Cain)


 Cain-san has an uneasy face.


“Ah, no. He won’t kill her until he gets the information about the silver bullet. If he does, he will lose the chance to get the information. Argus will still act like he usually is. He will think that I will just dance at the palm of his hands. I want to distract Argus with the silver bullet and Reese until we’re at a deadlock. Cain-san, I’d like to have some guards on standby. I think it would be the best measure if he moved too quickly. I’m planning to take them as insurance. Cain-san, can you catch him with this plan?” (Kaoru)


 I say with a serious face.


“Sure, if we have evidence of abduction and the ‘silver bullet’, we’ll be able to catch him. It’s different from just taking medicinal herbs.” (Cain)

“Okay, then we’re good to go.” (Kaoru)


 I can’t help but smile when things are going well.


“But what will you do if Reese-san doesn’t wish to take part in this operation?” (Cain)

“She just has that type of personality; she would like to get on with the plan. Rather, she’ll be eager to break the current situation.” (Kaoru)

“Okay. I’ll cooperate with you on that. So… can Kaoru-san stay here?” (Cain)


 Cain-san repeated his request looking a bit anxious.


“Oh, going out now will be a chore. So, I’ll stay for tonight. But I’ll need to go to Reese tomorrow.”


 I answered with a smile.

 Cain-san called Karin-san feeling quite relieved. He ordered her to take me to the room where I stayed before.



 Karin-san guided me to the room.

 I was taken to the guest room where I took a nap the other day.


“Please feel free to use this room. There is also a bath. Towels are in that drawer.” (Karin)


 She said that with a smile.


“Oh, you have a bath? I didn’t know that when I came before because it was hard to check. I came over and thought that I could only have a warm shower.”


 Reese’s clinic only had a shower.

 There is a tank at the top of the bathroom. And a magic stone of fire is used to warm the water in the tank when the lever attached to the bottom is twisted. This will also make hot water flow from the top.

 I began wondering if they just wash off the sweat, but there was actually a bath. Socci would have been better.  (T/N – ソッチ / Sotchi/Socci – it’s in katakana so it’s is probably romaji. Does anyone know an English word/brand like this? I’m totally blank.)

(SubZero: Never heard of that.)

 I really like the bath.

“It’s not found in ordinary households. Since magic stones are expensive.” (Karin)


 No wonder you sound proud! They are quite amazing if they are that uncommon.


“Oh, I’m really thankful for this. I will thoroughly enjoy using it later.” (Kaoru)


 Her eyes suddenly brightened and she looked ecstatic.


“The meal is scheduled for around 6 o’clock, so I will call you when it is ready.” (Karin)

“Oh. Until then, I’ll make Alicia’s medicine.” (Kaoru)

“That would be nice. It would bring us more joy if Kaoru-sama would tell Alicia Ojou-sama that you would stay.” (Karin)


 Karin tells me with a teasing expression.

 I feel good and I want to let things run their course.


“So, please take your time.”


 So Karin-san left the guest room.


“Well… Karin-san seemed to notice her lady’s infatuation. Well, maybe Alicia-chan is easy to understand. I don’t want to be insensitive. But seriously.” (Kaoru)


 After voicing out my thoughts I began making the medicine.


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