Underground Doctor Chapter 8 Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! Part 1

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 Two silhouettes were moving under the first rays from the rising sun.


“Muh, it’s impossible~ Karin I can’t do that.” (Alicia)

“Alicia Ojou-sama, just go and wake up Kaoru-sama. What are you so afraid of?” (Karin)


 Alicia tries to appeal to Karin with a teary expression and puppy eyes.

 However, it doesn’t seem to work on Karin.


“Waaa, you know I like Kaoru-sama, and you’re making fun of me…” (Alicia)

“I’m only thinking about Alicia Ojou-sama’s happiness. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be giving you advice. Especially about a man you like who might be oblivious to your feelings. Once you follow my advice, your worries will be gone.” (Karin)


 Karin truly wishes for her Lady’s happiness.

 But there is a big part of her is enjoying Alicia’s reactions.

 Alicia’s expressions, which Karin enjoys seeing appearing quite frequently these recent days.


“Now, Alicia Ojou-sama please go and wake Kaoru-sama up.” (Karin)

“Yes, I understand” (Alicia)

“Do you wish to attack him while he is sleeping? It’s okay if you take his lips while he is asleep.”


 Karin goaded Alicia while giving her two thumbs up.

 Alicia looked down and blushed like a boiled lobster.

 Karin was just joking but Alicia seems to not even notice.


“I’ll be going then.” (Alicia)

“Yes. Please do your best.” (Karin)


When Alicia tried to get up, the door gently opened.


“Oh, it looks like you’re doing something fun!” (Sara)

“Gee, Sara-sama, what are you saying?” (Alicia or Karin?)

 (ED: This line was said by either Alicia or Karin. However, in the RAWS it is written Sara. So I changed it. BTW, since she is saying Sara-sama, not Mother, so I think it’s Karin.)


Alicia can’t say anything but blush.

Karin began sweating cold bullets.


“Karin, you can’t tease Alicia too much.” (Sara)

“I’m not playing some prank! I’m serious.” (Alicia?)


Alicia was looking at Sara trying to show her seriousness through her face.

While looking at her Sara smiled and replying.


“It’s fine then. Ufufufu…” (Sara)

“Eh? Um… So you won’t stop Alicia Ojou-sama?” (Karin)

“Ah? Why would I stop her?” (Sara)


While smiling gently Sara replied to Karin’s questioning.

Karin thought that the love between an aristocrat and a healer was said to be fruitless.

So, she was trying to secretly get Alicia and Kaoru together without having Cain and Sara noticing her plan.

Of course, Kaoru’s feelings were completely ignored.


“Because I and Cain had that kind of barrier. So if Alicia wants to do that too, I would do that. Oh! But it’s easier than me because there is no one to stop.”

“Eh? Did your mother ever have that?”

“Ah? Speaking of which, Alicia and Karin didn’t know this. I was originally from the aristocracy. And Cain was just a normal merchant. The whole world was against us. Ufufu.”


Alicia and Karin were surprised at those words.

Then Karin began to wonder how Cain and Sara were able to get married.


“How was father allowed to marry mother?” (Alicia)

“That’s easy. We silenced everyone who would complain.” (Sara)

“Silenced? What did you do, mother?” (Alicia)

“Cain is going to do something big once again, so watch what he does!” (Sara)

“Is it that easy to shut people up?” (Alicia)


Sarah tells Alicia, who looks a little worried, wisdom she learned from her life.


“Well, I wanted to get married to him even if I wasn’t allowed. And it doesn’t matter if people around me are against it. Alicia, will you back out if you were told so by others?” (Sara)

“I don’t think I will.” (Alicia)


With a bright red face, Alicia’s head was patted by her mother.


“If you want to do it then do it. Kaoru-sama doesn’t know about your feelings. If you don’t tell him, he won’t know. So let him know.” (Sara)

“Yes, Sarah-sama is also supporting you. You are completely free to convey your feelings, so get to it.” (Karin)

“Then I will do my best. I want to spend more time with Kaoru-sama.” (Alicia)


Now filled with vigor, Alicia left the room.

After that, the two people looked at each other, and laughed.


“I hope it works.” (Karin)

“It’s up to Alicia. Ufufu, I remember my past. But when it feels good, Alicia will be enjoying every day. She probably has never thought about love until now. It’s fun!” (Sara)

“By the way, when did Sara-sama notice?” (Karin)

“You didn’t hear me talking at meal time last night. Ufufu.” (Sara)

“Oh, the mistress was all ears… I thought you were just smiling.” (Karin)

“Ah? Well, I was just quietly observing things.” (Sara)


Sara gave Karin a big grin as she said this.

The two were a little excited, they had a new past-time. Both are looking forward to Alicia’s report.



 Alicia arrives in front of Kaoru’s room.

 Holding her breath and she put a hand on the doorknob.

 She can hear her heart beating loudly.

 She’s both calm and terrified, she was quite anxious.

 Twisting the doorknob, she went inside as the door opened.


“Oh, sorry to bother you Kaoru-sama, it’s morning!” (Alicia)


 Alicia spoke excitedly but it sounded more like a whisper and Kaoru was still unmoving and deep in sleep.

 She slowly approached Kaoru’s bed trying not to make a noise.

 A thread of light passed through a gap in the curtain faintly illuminating Kaoru’s face.


“Kaoru-sama, do you think I look better with my hair down?” (Alicia)


 Alicia replied to her greeting.

 She’s still not tired looking at Kaoru.

 Wondering if it is okay to do it.

 Gazing at his face Alicia gently touched his face.


“I’m enjoying myself. But it feels like I’m doing something wrong…” (Alicia)


 Alicia, who has almost forgotten her original purpose in going to the room, starts to reconsider if she should do it.


“Should I shake him for the time being? Kaoru-sama, it’s morning. Please wake up.” (Alicia)



 Waving his hand for a while, Kaoru replied, “Okay!”

 But there is no sign of him getting up.

 Alicia is a little worried.

 She decided to try to shake him with a little more force. She got on the bed, kneeled in front of him, grabbed Kaoru’s shoulder with both hands and shook.


“It’s morning! Please wake up Kaoru-sama~~~” (Alicia)



 She shook him many times, but it’s no good.

 She’s getting frustrated and she feels a bit teary.

 Kaoru, on the other hand, is showing no sign of getting up.


“Oh, you have to get up…Today’s going to be amazing.” (Alicia)


 Alicia was getting embarrassed as she whispered those words near his ear. She was so embarrassed her whole face was red

 It would have been quite an interesting scene when looked from another angle.

 At that moment, Kaoru turned over.

 Alicia became a victim of a sudden hug, as Kaoru just grabbed the nearest soft thing in the vicinity and proceeded to hug it close.


“Awa. Hmmmffff!!!”


 Alicia couldn’t speak nor scream at the sudden hug.

 She can’t move even if she wanted.

 Alicia turned into a pillow.

 Her mouth was moving like a fish and her heart is racing.

 The face of the person she likes is suddenly near her face.

 An inner scream of joy could have been heard if she could.

 Alicia’s experiencing a brain melt-down. She’s quite happy getting hugged like this; it’s like she’s ascending heaven.

 But when her head cleared she noticed something.


“What’s this? Has Kaoru-sama been using too much magic…” (Alicia)


 Kaoru’s complexion and deep sleep reminds her of the time when she experienced mana depletion.

 It usually happens when a person uses high mana consumption spells. The body is forced to shut down and sleep until the body recovers the exhausted mana.

 It varies from person to person, but most of the time, the body recovers mana by fully resting the body by sleeping deeply.


“I’ll tell this to Kaoru-sama later. Yes, right now… it’s impossible. I want this moment to last a little longer.”


 Alicia burying her face in Kaoru’s chest while rubbing her cheeks against him while telling herself this.

 At that time, a series of knocks can be heard from the door of Kaoru’s room door.

 Alicia is responding to the sound.

 She began to panic inside.

 But the door opens without any warning and a voice calls out.


“Alicia Ojou-sama have you woken Kaoru-sama up… sorry, I’m sorry. I’ll be going then.” (Karin)


 When Karin saw the young miss getting hugged. She abruptly tried to leave the two and lock the door.

 However, Alicia said, “You’re misunderstanding something,” to Karin’s reaction, but she just replied, “Ojou-sama, you’re quite bold.”

 She tried to leave like an octopus trying to escape, but she couldn’t do anything because she was getting hugged by Kaoru, and she didn’t want to disturb his rest.

 Until she can escape. Feelings of joy and shame continued to fill her brain.


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