Underground Doctor Chapter 8 Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! Part 2

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 The sun is pleasant and slightly warm.

 And there’s a pillow in my arms that’s just right for cuddling.

 The pillow is super soft and even cuddles back.

 It smells really good too, and I feel like hugging this pillow every time I sleep.

 Occasionally a cute little voice can be heard.

 My brain awakens little by little.


“e?” (Kaoru)


 I could understand that the scene in front of me was poison to my eyes.

 The problem is that I am hugging Alicia like a pillow.


“What are you… did you crawl in last night?” (Kaoru)



 Alicia suddenly tensed as she heard my inquiry.

 The situation was a little crazy.

 Alicia’s ears and face are red as a tomato. She buried herself in my chest and was unmoving even as I asked her.


“I don’t know what you mean?” (Alicia)

“Well, Good morning” (Kaoru)

“Good morning too.” (Alicia)


 I asked her about the reason for her being my hug-pillow while smiling.

 Alicia replied as if we’re not in a compromising position.


“I came to wake up Kaoru-sama. At that time, I began shaking your shoulders, you caught me in a hug and that led to the current state…” (Alicia)

“…!? Uh? It’s my fault then.” (Kaoru)

“I couldn’t move, and even when I called out to you, you wouldn’t stir.” (Alicia)


 Oh Really! She couldn’t help but just scratch her head while laughing at me.


“I’m sorry. I didn’t know how it would look like if people saw us.” (Kaoru)

“No… It’s okay.” (Alicia)

“By the way, what time is it now?” (Kaoru)

“It’s 10 o’clock” (Alicia)

“It’s weird… I’ve never slept till this late before.” (Kaoru)


 I have been tired for the last few days.

 And I thought I was just tired, but I never slept for 12 hours straight even when I was in Japan.

 On Earth, I slept for only 30 minutes, especially when I was traveling.

 I thought I was mentally tired since I came here, but it didn’t seem like that.

 I think that something is causing the long deep sleep.


“That… Kaoru-sama, did you not notice when you were sleeping? Did Kaoru-sama consume a lot of mana yesterday?” (Alicia)

“No? No, I don’t remember doing something that could cause that yesterday. What happened? It is quite sudden.” (Kaoru)

“The sickness of Kaoru-sama was similar to the one I had when I used high mana consumption spells.” (Alicia)

“Is there such a thing? Hey, I do have a lot of mana”. (Kaoru)


 Kaoru quickly remembers that the cause of a large amount of consumption was the dimensional operating room.

 It consumes 1 million mana points every summon and 100 mana points per minute to maintain it.

 A high-cost special skill.

 I thought there would be no disadvantages because I have infinite mana points, but it was a pitfall.

 Besides, if I don’t test how long the tiredness and forced deep long sleep will last, I won’t know how usable it is.

 I don’t think it will be as used in the future.


“Oh, I’d be glad if you can move away from me…I’m really embarrassed.” (Alicia)


 I got used to holding Alicia as a pillow while we were talking.

 I had forgotten because she was comfortable to hug.


“Oh, sorry, I forgot because you were quite comfortable.” (Kaoru)

“Then, even if you want to stay a little longer… Ah…!” (Alicia)


 I pat her head gently and help her get up.


“There are a lot of things I have to do today.” (Kaoru)

“Do you have work?” (Alicia)

“Well sort of, and I have to go somewhere” (Kaoru)

“Please do your best. I will be waiting for your return.” (Alicia)


 Alicia’s face is brightened by her smiling

 For a moment, I became fascinated by her expression.


“It’s a terrifying thing sometimes.” (Kaoru)

“Eh?” (Alicia)

“No, nothing.” (Kaoru)


 I can’t help but talk softly and quietly and while my face turns a bit red.

 When it comes to switching myself to work mode, I don’t think about things like romance because my brain sees them as a patient.

 When I’m not in work mode, there are a lot of things that become troublesome.

 Since I know Alicia’s feelings, I have also become quite aware of her.

 I want to remain unaffected, but since I’ve become aware of it, I feel that it is rude to the other person if I don’t acknowledge their feelings.


“Alicia, will you be returning to your room. Do you want to eat breakfast?”  (Kaoru)

“Yes.” (Alicia)

“Shall I ask them to bring it to your room?” (Kaoru)

“I’m fine.” (Alicia)

“See you later then.” (Kaoru)


 Alicia said a short goodbye and I changed my clothes and prepared to go to Reese’s.



 Arriving at the Reese Clinic I called out to her.


“Are you there Reese?” (Kaoru)

“What are you doing, suddenly disappearing and appearing?” (Reese)


 She looks at me while sighing.

 I sat down on the couch with a big grin, saying


“I’m sorry to hear that” (Kaoru)


then saying


“I’m sorry.” (Kaoru)

“So, you’re busy with work.” (Reese)

“Oh, Also, you have something to do with it, why not just ask me for help?” (Kaoru)

“What? What do you mean?” (Reese)

“Aren’t you getting harassed?” (Kaoru)

“Huh? Where did you hear that?” (Reese)


 Reese changed complexion and stared at me.

 I calmed her down and replied.


“Never mind it, but what if I could blow away that person harassing you?” (Kaoru)

“Well, I want it to happen but… It’s impossible.” (Reese)


 Her gloomy face told me that she’s suffering

 She knew that her opponent was an aristocrat and she couldn’t do anything.

 I talked to her, my concern leaking through my voice.


“It’s better to say that the aristocrat will fall than getting blown away.” (Kaoru)

“What?” (Reese)


 She looks at me with a fragile look.

 Punishing an aristocrat is hard.

 Moreover, if you cannot prove it, they will not be punished and it’ll as if nothing had happened.

 It’s because money and power have sway on the law.

 Also, Reese is probably wondering why I’m doing this for her when she asked.


“Why will you do this?” (Reese)

“Hmm? Easy. I can’t stop but help any girl I see when they’re in trouble.” (Kaoru)

“Is that the only reason?” (Reese)

“There’s nothing else besides that. I also learned a lot from you. I’ll have to return the favor somehow.” (Kaoru)


 I laugh while telling Reese.

 I was happy to hear that Rees can break through the current situation, even though she was mumbling.

 Her current situation is due to the harassment of aristocrats.


“So, how do you make a nobleman fall?” (Reese)

“You might not like it” (Kaoru)


 I tell Reese the strategy while grinning.

 Reese said with a loud voice saying, “I’m an idiot!”


“It’s not easy to make a silver bullet! I was stupid when I heard your idea.” (Reese)

“Well, that’s what everyone says. I have a rough idea of the cause of the disease.” (Kaoru)

“Where did that confidence come from?” (Reese)

“I have quite a special skill for that.” (Kaoru)


 Reese gives him a look of fright, but I was serious.

 Looking at my eyes, she would see that there is no falsehood in my words.

 I explained it to her while sighing.

 As she listened to my explanation in detail, she now believes that my new magic was able to solve it, and I will continue to find a way to completely solve this.


“For the time being, you have to make the medicine. You can’t talk about it. I’ll help prepare it, so go on.” (Reese)

“Yeah. Then I’ll do my best. I will ask around.” (Kaoru)


 I said before leaving the clinic.

 I went to the place where the labyrinth fever patient was.



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