Underground Doctor Chapter 9 Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! II Part 1

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T/N: So by default, the perspective is through Kaoru unless you see “~ Character‘s POV~” or “~Narrator’s POV~”


I went to the town square at noon.

 There is an entrance to the labyrinth in the center of the Great Labyrinth City Grand Palace.

 A lot of people were crowding around the entrance. It is a place for exchanging information.

 There are requests to capture the labyrinth. Information about what kind of monster is at which level.

 Searching for what I need, I approach the people who are talking about labyrinth fever.


“I’m sorry about the labyrinth fever we just talked about, but do you know where the affected person is?” (Kaoru)

“Hmm? Are you a healer?” (Explorer)

“Oh yes.” (Kaoru)

“I heard the person is at an inn at Bringer on 3rd Avenue in the accommodations area. I heard that while I was preparing for the labyrinth. But we might also get the labyrinth fever too.” (Explorer)

“I’m terrible at gathering information. Thank you for your help. Thank you very much.” (Kaoru)

“No, but healers will be having it tough from now on. The number of people afflicted with labyrinth fever will continue to increase. So you have to get to the inn before you have trouble finding the patient. We must not get sick.” (Explorer)

“It doesn’t matter if you get sick. The cost of treatment will be low.” (Kaoru)

“That’s quite the joke, he’ll be squeezed dry…” (Explorer)


~3rd Person Narrator~


 The last person was probably not joking.

 Kaoru who got information from the explorers heads south to the accommodation area.

 Surrounding the labyrinth area, the north is divided roughly into the aristocratic area in the north, the commercial area in the east, the medical area in the west, and the accommodations area in the south.

 The areas are also numbered, from 1st to 5th Avenue.

 The closer to 1st Avenue, the closer to the labyrinth, so the price will be higher.

 On the other hand, Fifth Avenue inns are cheaper because it is at the edge far from the labyrinth entrance.

 However, there are some exceptions.

 At the far end of the northern aristocratic area is the castle where the King in charge of the city lives.

 The development of this city seems to involve the king often, so it seems that he is a busy human being.


“I’m still not in good shape. It’s hard for me to walk.” (Kaoru)


 Arriving at the accommodations area while complaining.

 He walked towards 3rd Avenue [Bringer Inn] in the accommodations area.

 The accommodations on 1st and 2nd Avenue are quite luxurious. With various decorations on the outer walls, creating an expensive atmosphere.

 While looking at the surrounding facilities, Kaoru continued to walk while exhaling loudly, “Hah, hah”.


~Kaoru’s Perspective~


 Did I walk for about 10 minutes?

 Finally, I entered 3rd Avenue.

 It the middle-class accommodations area in this town.

 I walk while checking the name on the signboards.

 Finally, I arrived at my destination inn.

 It looks like a stone five-story business hotel.

 I went in, going straight to the reception.


“Welcome. Will you be staying here?” (Receptionist)

“No, I do not require lodging. There is something I want to ask.” (Kaoru)

“Yes. Ah, maybe you’re treating the labyrinth fever afflicted person?” (Receptionist)

“Ah, you catch on quick and it’s quite helpful. Well, can you tell me what floor they are staying in?” (Kaoru)

“I understand. You’re wearing a white robe over your clothes. Ah, please wait a moment. I have to talk to them and get their permission. It might take a while as you wait here.” (Receptionist)

“I don’t mind.” (Kaoru)

“Please wait here for a moment” (Receptionist)


 So the receptionist went to the explorer.


 While I was waiting, I sat on a chair in the lobby with my eyes closed trying to recover mana.

 After a while, the receptionist came back.

 I approached the receptionist again,


“I’m sorry. They have refused.” (Receptionist)

“Oh, this is unexpected.” (Kaoru)

“He said he is confident in his physical strength, so I was told that he would recuperate without a healer!” (Receptionist)

“Stubborn…” (Kaoru)

“The man still seems to be fine… but the lady with him looks bad.” (Receptionist)

“Hmm? Did they both get sick?” (Kaoru)

“Yes. I didn’t think it was contagious. He was nursing the other person.” (Receptionist)

“Oh, masks and PPEs don’t exist here in this world.” (Kaoru)

“Hmm? Masuku?” (Receptionist) [T/N- She pronounced it by syllable similar to Japanese writing systems because hiragana and katakana are both syllabic. This means each character represents a sound. Google for more info.]

“No, please don’t worry about it.” (Kaoru)

“I see.” (Receptionist)


 I came here and it seems that things are already getting a little worse.

 Up until now, good things keep happening, so I think that soon my fortune might change. But I have to think about other ways to make this work.

 It’s troublesome to go in without permission, and it will take time again to search for someone who has the same disease.

 While thinking, I glanced at the receptionist’s table.

 My eyes were captured by the name on the guest list on the counter.


“Huh? Irga Orcus? Did that old man stay here?” (Kaoru)

“Ah? Oh, do you know someone staying here?” (Receptionist)

“Oh, I need you to help me. So I don’t think it would be possible but could you tell me…” (Kaoru)

“This is personal information. I won’t divulge any to outsiders.” (Receptionist)


 The receptionist’s lips form a tight line and appeal to me with a look that says she cannot tell me anything.

 With a bitter smile, I tell the receptionist to inform the person who had the labyrinth fever again to tell him that Kaoru Ashiya has come.

 Upon hearing this, the receptionist woman nodded with a smirk, nodding lightly, and told me to wait for a moment, leaving the counter behind.

 After a while, she came back with a response after multiple messages.


“You have permission to enter.” (Receptionist)

“Oh, I’m sorry. You went back and forth many times.” (Kaoru)

“No, it’s okay. The room number is 206. Go up the stairs until you hit the end of the corridor there.” (Receptionist)

“So big.” (Kaoru)


 I went upstairs following the receptionist’s instructions.

 While walking down the corridor I was thinking about illness.

 The woman at the reception told me that they might be contagious. So I think up some preventive measures for when I arrive at the room.

 Arriving in front of the room’s door, I knocked and waited for a reply.

 When a reply came, I open the door and went inside.


“No way, I didn’t think Irga-san was afflicted with labyrinth fever.” (Kaoru)

“Don’t look at me like that. I didn’t want to get it either.” (Irga)

“I do understand that and that nursing Irga-san caused Lyrica to be infected.” (Kaoru)

(…) (Irga)


 Irga-san was resting on the bed, quietly.

 My first impression was that the illness looked similar to the common cold.

 But Lyrica is sleeping in another bed.

 Getting closer to Lyrica I saw similar symptoms.

 Though, Lyrica has some trouble breathing.


“Both of you are quite weakened.” (Kaoru)

“I just had labyrinth fever… Can you recover my physical strength once you’re done with Lyrica? You can do it later.” (Irga)

“Well, I won’t hesitate then. I need to observe both of you properly.” (Kaoru)


 While saying that, I was seeing Lyrica’s appearance and had different symptoms from Irga-san’s.

 His lips are blue and looked cold.

 I saw the symptoms and thought that he had developed most of them when he lost his physical strength due to labyrinth fever.

 It would have been nice to use [Diagnosis] to quickly find out what the symptoms were. But if I depended too much on [Diagnosis], I would find that my skills of observations and intuition would become dull. I decided to use it once I was trying to narrow down the illness and verify my observation. First of all, I approach Irga-san, thinking that I might be able to identify the disease by observing Irga-san.


“First of all, I’ll start with Irga-san. I think Lyrica might have a slightly different disease.” (Kaoru)

“Ah. A different illness!!” (Irga)

“Probably a complication because your symptoms are different.” (Kaoru)

“If so, but Lyrica…” (Irga)

“Just look! You’re too noisy. Let me focus on observing both of you.” (Kaoru)

“Um, yes.” (Irga)

“I understand that Lyrica is important, but please just listen for the time being.” (Kaoru)

“……Oh” (Irga)


 Up to this point, I don’t think of listening to Irga-san’s words. Something says that the relationship between them is more than just companions.

 Thinking that there was a similar patient in the past when I was in Japan, I hold my hand over Irga-san while smiling bitterly.


“[Diagnosis]” (Kaoru)


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