Underground Doctor Chapter 1: I Woke Up in Another World

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The sunlight is passing through the ceiling.

 My skin feels warm and I can smell dirt for some reason.


“Well… it’s a bit late to still be sleeping.” (Kaoru)


 I’m rubbing my eyes while getting up from the sofa,

 My eyes are still heavy with sleep and everything seems blurry.

 Gradually, the scenery comes into focus.

 I was sleeping on a vast prairie. It was quite picturesque. A vast green field speckled by wild flowers.


“I must still be dreaming… I should try to sleep again.” (Kaoru)


 As I closed my eyes. I can feel the gentle caress of the warm sunlight against my skin.

 Once again I try to fall asleep,


“Hmmm…. mmmm… mmm…” (Kaoru)


 The ground against my back feels too real. Even the wind blowing against my skin couldn’t be all made by my subconscious.

 It is hard for me to imagine such a realistic place that I have never been to.

 I pinched cheeks to check if I would wake up.

 Then I took out my cellphone, checking for some cell service.

 I wanted it to be a dream, but it was not meant to be.


“Hey, I can’t do this. This can’t be real. How can this be Real?! No I’m not yet convinced. I have to look for anyone. But where should I look for people. There’s just fields all around me.” (Kaoru)


 I sigh all alone.

 But nothing can be done by staying here.

 Reluctantly walk away from the sun on the horizon.



 Around three hours have passed since I started walking, and the beginning of a forest appear around me.

 At first I thought it was just a grove but when I approached it, it was a forest with fairly large trees.


“I’m hungry and I might starve to death. Why did I just drink yesterday, I should have eaten something…” (Kaoru)


 My body is heavy with hunger

 Looking around.

 I suddenly saw a tree in front of me.

 There were fruits like oranges.

 I was hungry and about to pass out.

 Anything that is edible is fine.

 I hurriedly picked it from the tree and tried to bite through the skin.


“Don’t go there. Hey! Don’t eat that because it’s poisonous.” (Voice)


 A voice comes from behind and stops me from biting through the fruit.

 There was a man dressed in silver armor similar to what a Holy Knight cosplayer would wear.

 It was quite a heavy equipment, and it seemed difficult to move wearing it.

 Looking at the figure, I wonder where the cosplayer is from.

 The man pulls out a big sword and runs over here.

 My expression turns warps into terror.

 This is bad.

 I’m going to die if that hit’s me. Wait, he’s aiming at something beside me.

 My body was paralyzed and stiff. I can’t evade that and the thing he’s aiming at.

 Bush! There was a sound of something rolling.

 I feel cold sweat pour over my back as I turn to the person who I thought was going to kill me, then looked at what he attacked.

 There, a spider with a length of 150 cm (4′ 11″) was slashed in two.

 My face was cramping as I was wiping off the green liquid from my body.


“Wooow, this is the Gracia Spider! It has a deadly poison. If it bit you, you would be paralyzed in an instant before being eaten!


 An old man who cosplayed as a Holy Knight takes a good look at me and says,


“It’s great to have made it in time…” (Holy Knight)


 I looked at the scattered fruit.


“It grows abundantly here. But that Oren fruit is too poisonous to eat… you know?” (Holy Knight)


 The Holy knight cosplayer points at Oren fruit.


“No, I’m sorry. I just came here today. I don’t know that this is poisonous.” (Kaoru)

“Well… is that right? It was providence. The fruit of Oren is poisonous. If you eat without knowing it, the poison will enter through your stomach and you will die. If I didn’t pass here, you would have died. Ahahahaha.” (Holy knight)


 I asked the old Holy Knight cosplayer who is still laughing out loud, where I was and where the nearest town was.

It was also to confirm if my hypothesis was correct.


“Hmm? Here is the [Sasara Prairie]. If you go through the forest towards east from here, it will be [The Great Labyrinth City Grand Palace]. Do you not know that?” (Holy Knight)


 While listening, I sigh internally.

This is neither Japan nor a foreign country.

 I am really on “another world”.

 Instead of letting my thoughts appear on my face. I smile and reassure my savior.


“I’m sorry, I don’t know. I’m so hungry my brain is barely working.” (Kaoru)


 I said while scratching my head.


“If so, why not join my party ahead? We have some food too.” (Holy Knight)

“Oh! Really, that’s really helpful.” (Kaoru)

“When someone’s in trouble, you should help each other. I’m Irga Orcus. What’s your name?” (Irga)

‘Kaoru Ashiya. I’m happy to meet you Irga-san.” (Kaoru)


 Kaoru replied smiling.

 We walked towards his party after we exchanged names.

 Irga-san stares at me. Probably weird-out by my appearance, then he speaks


“You are wearing some strange attire there.” (Irga)

“Hm? Is that so? I don’t usually wear this everyday…” (Kaoru)


 A Hawaiian shirt paired with shorts.

 And my lab coat over it.

 finally, my flip-flops as my foot wear.


“You don’t look like an explorer. Are you a healer?” (Irga)

“Hmm? Explorer, healer? Are those some kind of profession?” (Kaoru)


 I asked while looking and feeling like an idiot.

 Looking my expression, Irga-san answered with a sigh.

 Apparently there are many labyrinths in this world.

 Considered as the most difficult labyrinth is at the Great Labyrinth City Grand Palace.

 Many explorers aim to capture the labyrinth.

 Achieving such a feat can earn you a reward from the country itself.

 You will receive status, fame, wealth and a territory if you succeed.

Well, not that any of that matters to me.

 However, it seems that killing monsters from the labyrinths and selling the materials is the usual way for people to earn money here.

 I don’t mind not earning a lot, as long as it is enough to survive.

 A healer can be a person that explorers go to get healed after returning injured from the labyrinth. Or someone who enters with a party and supports them.

“Okay, I was wondering if Irga-san will challenge the Grand Palace labyrinth?” (Kaoru)

“Ah yes, I came to this [Sasara Prairie] as a preparation and training.” (Irga)

“But thanks to that, I was saved.” (Kaoru)


 The two walk while talking to each other.


“Why are you so slow! Irga! Who is that person?” (Irga’s Party Member)


 A girl was suddenly talking angrily to Irga-san.


 She’s a short haired, red haired girl. She’s wearing some sort of indigo robes.

 My eyes got glued to her.

 I whispered under my breath, “Hey, it’s pretty beautiful.”

 She looks like she’s just 20 or so years old though.


“I was late because things were looking about to take a bad turn. This is the guy I saved in the forest of [Sasara Prairie]. Kaoru.” (Irga)

“Thank you, I’m Kaoru Ashiya. (Kaoru)


 I said while smiling.


“Ah… how are you? I’m Lyrica Arnold.” (Lyrica)


 Lyrica also gives a light bow.

 So I started explaining my meeting with Irga-san.


“That’s what had happened so far.” (Kaoru)


 I feel like her gaze became more compassionate after the whole explaining I did.

 Considering everything that happened, I thought to myself, “I was lucky.”


“Don’t you check and use your status?” (Lyrica)

“Status? What is that? How can I see it?” (Kaoru)




(How did this kid live until now? He doesn’t even know about status and basic knowledge most people should know.) (Irga)


“I don’t know about things I have only heard recently… I’m grateful if you could tell me about them. I think there’s a lot of things I don’t know. I wonder if you can tell me in detail?” (Kaoru)


 I begged him with both hands on my chest.

 He told me the thing I need on the way to the labyrinth.

It’s in my spare time on the way to the Grand Palace during the ride on a horse-drawn carriage.


“I see… I see.” (Kaoru)


 Putting my hand on my chin, I nodded.

 A status screen appeared in front of me.

 It can show itself with just a voice command or thought. I looked through my status.


Kaoru Ashiya


Occupation: Surgeon




Skills: Dimensional Operating Room, Drug Synthesis, Organ Synthesis, Medical Knowledge, Medical Magic (EX), Recovery Magic (EX), Diagnose, Analyze, Aikido


(This is the skills I put on that site before I went to sleep. It was just for fun when I wrote it, but I did want something like an operating room I could use to have surgery anywhere. It was similar to what’s on the website. And I can still see my HP. But, my MP is garbled because I entered Max.) (Kaoru)


 In my heart, I feel like I’m going crazy and I felt like I’d get tsukkomi-ed.


Now, what about my appearance.

Status wasn’t the only thing I put on that site.

 I also made an avatar there.

I just remembered that I made it look like me when I was about 18 years old.

 I checked my face while using my cell phone as a mirror.

 There was silver-haired, green-eyed guy with slanted eyes. The face was also quite good-looking.

 For a moment, my thoughts halted.

I wonder if I can jump start my brain to work properly.

 But it was just a waste of thought.


“Irga-san, I have another question to ask…” (Kaoru)

“Hmm? What is it?” (Irga)


 Kaoru says with a bitter smile.


“How much does an average person have?”

“Hmm? Around a 100? If you are high-leveled then 4 to 5 digits.” (Irga)


 The cheat level HP makes me sigh.

 I understand various things.

 Next, is how to fix my finances.

 But my stomach started to grumble.

I have been so distracted by things that I forgot that I was hungry.

 Irga-san handed me some smoked meat and bread.

 I munched on the food that Irga-san gave.



 My stomach was satisfied and I felt better.


 I opened my status screen, and browsed my skill column pointing on it showed some skill description.


Dimensional Operating Room


 Create your own operating room in a different dimension. Provides a sterile area for surgery, provides complete medical tools, medical equipment, blood bags, etc. MP is always consumed when deploying.

 Summoning Consumption – MP 1,000,000

 Active Consumption MP 100/min


Medical knowledge


 Complete database and assistant of medicine, anatomy, pharmacy,


Drug Synthesis


 Made from nothing. Synthesizes all known drugs. Unknown substances cannot be made.

 Consumption of MP 1,000/activation


Organ Synthesis


 Made from nothing. With the help of anatomical knowledge, you can create any organ. Unknown parts cannot be made.

 Consumption of MP 10,000/activation


Medical Magic (Ex)


 You can use all magic related to medicine. Special items can be monitored on the status screen.

 Example: General anesthesia, echo, X-ray, etc.

 Consumption of MP 100~10000/activation


Recovery Magic (EX)


 You can use all the healing magic from all levels.

 Consumption of MP 10~500/activation




 Upon activation, while touching the target, all information about the target’s disease will be sent to the brain.

 Consumption of MP 500/activation




 You can gather knowledge related to the target.

 Consumption of MP 500/activation




 A perfect counter skill that can be switched on and off at will.

 Returns double the damage to the attacker at the perfect timing and execution.

 The body reacts automatically.

 Only humanoids can activate the skill.

 I sigh at my cheat skills and magic.


(Doesn’t this dimensional operation room have all the necessary surgery paraphernalia? The MP consumption won’t bother me… But how much MP do I really have. There is probably no regulation of medical practices here. I can set the price of treatment myself. I feel like I can make a good profit. But I don’t have any idea of the level this world’s medical knowledge.)  (Kaoru)


 While thinking about it, a devilish grin can’t help but creep up.


“Hey, Kaoru, we’ll be there soon.” (Irga)


 I wipe the expression on my face.

 Then replaced it with a nice smile towards Irga-san

 We got out of the carriage and see the Grand Palace Great Labyrinth.

 A huge wall encompasses the whole city. At a height of about 20 meters (65′ 7″), it looked like a tall and impregnable fortress.

 the sight made me gasp.

 This is because there is no city in Japan that is completely surrounded by a castle wall.

 I’ve only seen it in movies, so I can’t help it.

 I was totally fascinated by the castle wall.


“This place really tickles a man’s romance.” (Kaoru)


 My shoulders tremble in excitement and I felt as giddy as a child.


“Ahaha, those who come to [Grand Palace Great Labyrinth] for the first time are usually moved by this scene.” (Irga)


 Once inside, shops are lined up irregularly beside cobblestone streets similar to medieval Europe making the whole place quite fascinating.

 There are various races around.

 People with horns, ears and tails, and countless forms of people flock the street.

 We parted ways when we entered the city.

 Both of them were waving with a smile.


“Well, let’s do a lot of research on everything. For the time being, I might need to go to a medical shop. I want information.” (Kaoru)


 I was smiling while disappearing into the crowd. Thinking that it would be interesting from now on.



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