Underground Doctor Chapter 9 Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! II Part 2

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 When I cast the spell using my hand on his forehead, blue light envelops the body of Irga-san.

 Various information flows in, such as whether or not there is a pathogen in the blood of Irga-san.

 It searches the body completely for things that are not in a normal body.

 And, the output of [Diagnosis] gives me the conclusion of the search.

 The result of the infectious disease that I thought was the same as the result of [Diagnosis].


“There is no doubt. The name of the disease is labyrinth fever, but the transmission route is through mosquitoes.” (Kaoru)

“What?” (Irga)


 I was laughing quite loudly; Irga-san might’ve thought I was crazy.

 It was exactly what I had in mind, and it was confirmed.

 The vector of the labyrinth fever is mosquitoes that increase in number during the summer heat. They are the root of the disease.

 This mosquito is a labyrinth mosquito that lives inside the labyrinth.

 It was inevitable that the seekers diving there were the first to get infected.

 And those who return to the city develop the disease.

 Then, by coughing, the disease was able to spread all over the city while moving around the surrounding area.


“Well, let’s find out more about the labyrinth fever.” (Kaoru)

“No, Kaoru. Isn’t it the magic that restores your physical strength enough?” (Irga)

“Hmm? Ah, but it didn’t cure the underlying illness right?” (Kaoru)

“Kaoru? It is common sense that labyrinth fever cannot be cured… It’s normal to just bear it until you recover by recovering your physical strength. Isn’t it right?” (Irga)

“Can you not look at me like I’m a weirdo? Well, you can just silently look at me. If you don’t understand what’s happening, just leave it to the professional.” (Kaoru)

(…) (Irga)


 Hearing my words, Irga-san decided not to say anything more and decided to remain silent.

 After my investigation is over, I may apply the magic to recover his physical strength, but I did something else.


“OK, then [Analysis]”


 [Labyrinth Fever]


 ・Carrior: Labyrinth Mosquitoes

 ・Pathogen: Carmina crean

 ・Incubation Period: 2-3 days

 ・Major Symptoms: High fever over 40℃, nausea, chills, cough, sore throat, headache, and other severe symptoms may lead to weakness and dehydration leading to death.

 ・Treatment method: Ingesting [Rifanminado], striving to recover physical strength, ingesting highly nutritious substances, hydrating, etc.


“(Well, I don’t know the information I’ve never seen. I’m not sure about the pathogen, so I don’t know. I think this [Rifampinado] is probably an antibiotic. )”


 Kaoru applies [Analysis] to [Rifampinado] while disclosing and viewing the information obtained by the analysis on the status screen. [T/N: I don’t know what “Rifanminado” or “リファンミナド” is based on irl. It is probably Rifampin, an antibiotic used for a variety of diseases like tuberculosis and leprosy. Ask doctor google for more info.]




 ・Ingredients: [Oreganodyne]

 ・Side Effects: Drowsiness, etc.

[T/N: Also no idea what “Oreganodyne” or “オレガノダイン” is based on. But it might be oregano, an herb used for cough and/or cold home remedies.]



(Hah? One ingredient? Is this true? Time to do it!) (Kaoru)


 I will find the information necessary to use [Drug Synthesis] while Tsukkomis will keep flying in my head. [T/N: Tsukkomis are like side comments used to correct a (boke) joke phrase. It’s referring to a comedy duo act. Think ‘Pinky and the Brain’. Pinky is the boke and Brain is the tsukkomi. For better explanations ask google-sensei about manzai, boke, and/or tsukkomi.]


~3rd Person Perspective~ 


Kaoru used to do surgery in the past. But he decided to go to another department, but he was still thinking that it’s no good.

 He had no idea which department to go to during his residency, so he learned the knowledge and skills of all departments.

 Using VR simulations and similar tools, he repeated all kinds of surgery and diagnosis of diseases every day and every night.

 Before he left his training, he switched back to surgery for some reason.

 When he still hadn’t decided, he was invited by various departments.

 Kaoru was at the level to be able to smoothly work for any department during his time as a doctor in training.

 If people didn’t know anything about his extreme training, they might call it him a genius, but at the same time, he wouldn’t be that good if he wasn’t a genius.

 Nobody can’t deny his exceptional sense as a doctor.


~Kaoru’s Perspective~


“If I know the ingredients. Can I make it instantly? Oops before that, Irga-san” (Kaoru)

“Hmm? Has your analysis ended?” (Irga)


 I turned to him while clearing my throat.

 At last, I look at Irga-san with a relieved expression as I can use magic to help him recover.


“Drug Synthesis — [Rifampinado]” (Kaoru)

“Drug Synthesis — [Loxonin]” (Kaoru)

[T/N: Loxonin is an anti-inflammatory drug similar to paracetamol and ibuprofen. It is usually used for fever relief. Ask google-sensei for more info]


 In making drugs, I also analyze the products I made to see if they are working properly.

 The composition of the ingredients was analyzed without any problems, and it was clear that it was effective because the results can be predicted. I was breathing a sigh of relief.

 As it is, Irga, Lyrica, and my fates are intertwined.

 I have to be careful because as long as we are in this room where the pathogen is still alive were are all considered infected


“Irga-san, please drink this.” (Kaoru)

“What is that? An item for physical recovery?” (Irga)

“Oh, yeah.” (Kaoru)


 It was troublesome to explain to Irga-san who told me that I was suspicious, and I decided to talk with him after healed, including the actions and behaviors he had so far.

 In that case, it may be possible to proceed smoothly when treating Lyrica.

 It was not seen by a person who explained and said, “Oh, just take it.”

 I said while thinking about such a thing.


“Oh, it’s a stamina recovery pill. Drink it with peace of mind because it works pretty well.” (Kaoru)

“I’m sorry. I’ve been quite a burden.” (Irga)

“What are you talking about? You’re the person who helped me before, so don’t worry about it.” (Kaoru)


 When I came around Sasara Prairie, I said yes, and I answered with a grinning smile.

 I picked up a pitcher of water and poured it into the cup.

 I handed it over to Irga-san and gave him the two pills I made.


“It’s bitter… but I feel like it will work.” (Irga)

“You’re going to feel better soon. Take a good rest and recover.” (Kaoru)

“Oh, sorry.” (Irga)


 Then Irga-san closed his eyes to sleep.

 But he asked me before completely dozing off.


“I ask for Lyrica…that girl was taken from my loved one.” (Irga)

“Oh, leave it to me. I’ll help you both, so you can sleep with peace of mind.” (Kaoru)


 When I say that, he fell asleep.

 I think I had lost a lot of MP.

 Kaoru takes action when he sees it.


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