Underground Doctor Chapter 9 Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! II Part 3

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“Recovery magic–[Full Stamina Recovery << Light of Apollo>>]”

“Recovery magic–[Stamina Protection << Protection of Apollo>>]”


 I applied two recovery magic spells to Irga-san.

 Both are highly advanced recovery magic.

 Even the current Archbishop cannot handle it.

 This is the highest-level stamina recovery magic that the previous Archbishop was able to handle, but I didn’t know it at that time.

 It is a magic that regularly recovers the lost physical strength, improves self-healing, and continuously recovers the stamina reduced by the illness.

 If Irga-san was fully conscious, I don’t know how many questions would be asked if he saw me use this magic.


“First, things first. Well, Lyrica is not able to move.” (Kaoru)


 I approach Lyrica’s bed and talk to her.

 Her consciousness is weak but she can weakly reply.


“Do you hear my voice?” (Kaoru)

“…Mm” (Lyrica)

“You must not get any weaker. (Kaoru)


 Looking at Lyrica’s appearance, I used two recovery spells similar to Irga-san on Lyrica.

 Somehow Lyrica’s expression softened a little.


“I’m investigating your illness right now, okay?” (Kaoru)

“… m’kay” (Lyrica)


 Her reply was a little bit delayed but clearer than before.

 When I first saw her, I knew there was a possibility of bacterial pneumonia since her lips were blue, cyanosis is visible, and how she breathes. [T/N: Cyanosis is a blue tinge on the skin due to poor blood circulation or low oxygen levels in the blood]

 Putting my hand on Lyrica’s forehead, I use [Diagnosis].

 The results are flowing into my brain, similar to before.


“(I think it’s because of her acquiring labyrinth fever that bacteria were able to enter her weakened body. I’m afraid I was not able to treat it earlier, but she’s it’s good she won’t have consciousness disorders.”) (Kaoru)


 I had thought that if she had an even worse internal illness, she would have to undergo surgery, and then I would have to recover my mana again. It might become a hindrance.

 Surgery is not easy to do.

 Opening a person’s body causes a lot of damage.

 If I can cure her with medicine, I should do it first.

 I think surgery should be the last resort.


“Bacterial pneumonia… If it’s a macrolide-type of drug or tetracycline, that’s a different bacterium. But let’s try to give the Labyrinth Fever Drug to Lyrica and just wait-and-see.”

“Drug Synthesis–[Azithromycin]” [T/N: Tetracycline and Azithromycin are both antibiotics. Macrolide is a class/group of natural compounds that include Azithromycin. Ask google-sensei for more info.]


 Creating the medicine, I give a cup of water to Lyrica.

 When she noticed me, she slowly turned her face toward me.

 Her movement is weak, and I don’t feel like she was like that at the beginning.

 Her short red hair was stuck on her sweaty forehead.

 I wipe her with a towel and slowly support her back to help her up.


“Can you drink?” (Kaoru)

“…ugh.” (Lyrica)


 Lyrica then ingests the medicine.

 After confirming that she has properly taken it, slowly I put Lyrica to bed again.

 Taking medicine, Lyrica closes her eyes and goes to sleep just like Irga-san.

 I have two days’ worth of medicine and some extra.

 Putting the medicines for two people in a bag, I placed one bag next to Irga-san’s bed and one bag next to Lyrica’s bed, and I scribble the prescription under the bag.


“That’s ok. After that, I shouldn’t be wearing this and it doesn’t matter if I’m fashionable when I get home.” (Kaoru)


 Saying that I also drank the medicine and left Irga-san’s room.

 Walking down the hallway and down the stairs to the counter.

 The receptionist woman stood there with a smile.


“I’m sorry. I’ve just finished taking care of them and the treatment is over for now.” (Kaoru)

“I see. Thank you for your hard work. It will be difficult from now on, but please do your best.” (Receptionist)

“Oh, I don’t think it’s going to be any more difficult. Ah, yeah. Here, drink this.” (Kaoru)


 I handed the medicine to the woman at the reception.

 She looks at me with a questioning look.


“As a thank you for the inconvenience. Drink that stamina recovery pill.” (Kaoru)

“Yes! Is it okay?” (Receptionist)

“Don’t you want to drink it, do you want to return it?” (Kaoru)


 With a sly look, the receptionist woman swallows the pill, saying, “I have nothing to give back.”

 I replied with a smile.


“Do your best. I’ll come to see them a little while tomorrow, so please be aware.” (Kaoru)

“Yes, I understand. I will be waiting.” (Receptionist)


 I waved farewell to the receptionist who smiled and waved her hands back.

 After leaving the inn, I had to find out more regarding the information I obtained using analysis.

 I have to make a method of making medicine using the necessary materials.

 For that purpose, it is necessary to go back to the Orvis residence once again and use analysis again to make it.

 While thinking about such a plan, I walked towards Orvis Mansion.



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