Underground Doctor Chapter 10 Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! III Part 1

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[Edited by:- SubZero]


I was walking down the aristocratic area.


 I’m on my way back to Orvis’s house after finishing the treatment of Irga-san and others, but I’m feeling quite tired.


 This is probably because the side effects of using the [Dimensional Operating Room] have not been fully reversed.


 I used the [Dimensional Operating Room] on the 4th day, but my MP has not yet recovered.


 I have suddenly remembered the contents of today’s treatment while enjoying the feeling of a job well done.


 I came up with a drug that I never knew at all when I analysed the labyrinth fever.


 It was composed of a single component, which was completely different from Earth’s.


 This makes me feel uncomfortable.



“(I think I’ll have to look into it after I get home. I might be able to make a more effective drug.)”



 With that in mind, I return to Orvis House.



 Karin-San, the head maid, who usually greets me with a wide smile, suddenly smiles differently.


 It’s easy to see that there must be something wrong.


 I greet her back while cold sweat crawls on my back.



“Well, I’m back …” (Kaoru)


“Welcome ♪” (Karin)


“Oh! You’ve added a weird tone at the end of your reply… Now I’m really worried.”



 I say to Karin-san while sighing.


 She approached me while laughing “Ufufu”.


 She sounds like she’s up to something.



“I was wondering if you could help with Alicia Ojou-sama’s rehabilitation.” (Karin)


“Are you scheming something? That wicked smile is telling me something.” (Kaoru)


“Of course there is!” (Karin)


“Ah. No denying? Not even a little bit!? Are you dumb? At least put some effort in acting.” (Kaoru)


“Even if I hide it, you will still notice. It’s quite easy to read my face.” (Karin)


“Huh … I’ll go later because I understand your motives. I have a few things to do first. Oh, and drink this.” (Kaoru)



 When I put the silver bullet of [Labyrinth fever] on the palms Karin, she stared at me with a blank expression.


 She held the pill between her thumb and forefinger before asking me.



“What item is this? Rather, is this… garbage?” (Karin)


“For the time being, the Silver Bullet against [Labyrinth Fever]. It’s also effective for preventing it, so take it. And I’ll give you two more. Give it Cain-san and Sara-san to take too. They move around so they might catch it and infect Alicia-chan. That’s going to be a big problem.” (Kaoru)




“What a stupid look is that” (Kaoru)


“No, I can’t help my face. Kaoru-sama, is this really a Silver Bullet against [Labyrinth Fever] … Is it truly?!! ” (Karin)


“It may be garbage. For the time being, I’d like you to give back yours.” (Kaoru)


“Why are you peeved?! Don’t get angry because of what I said it earlier~! I didn’t know about it before; I can make mistakes you know~! Also, I don’t want to get sick~! I’m definitely against giving it back!” (Karin)



 With teary eyes, Karin-san hurriedly makes excuses. I can’t help but laugh and tell her, “I’m Just Kidding,” and I told her to take it immediately.


 Relieved, Karin-san went to the kitchen.


 I head for the guest room, thinking that it will become noisy when I come back.


 I wanted to work to make sure that the things that made me feel concerned are resolved.


 I decided to go towards Alicia-chan’s room and help with her rehab once after a quick rest.


Editor Note by SubZero

This surprised me. Such a puny chapter. Well, there were some parts that I am doubtful about, like the ‘Garbage’ part.

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