Underground Doctor Chapter 10 Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! III Part 3

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Once I reached Alicia’s room, I knocked before I went inside.


Then, at the edge of the bed, a pink rabbit with lop-sided ears wearing a tracksuit was holding a pillow while her ears were drooping.


It looks like something is wrong.


I noticed it and approached Alicia and called out to her.


“I’m sorry. I came here a little late.”


I apologize to Alicia while scratching my head.


Alicia’s cheeks puffed up cutely as she heard my apology.


She was dressed a little differently from her pajamas this past morning.


On Earth, her attire that looks similar to a hoodie looked like Usa-chan. [T/N: Usa-chan is a childish/cutesy way of calling a rabbit or “usagi”]


It also has a cute tail.


I can’t help but point out her outfit.


“Pink Usa-chan is sulking.”


“I’m not in a sulking mood. I know Kaoru-sama is working, so U, Usa-chan just waited patiently.” (Alicia)


“Ahaha, I’m sorry. I’ll do anything you want to make it up to you, so can you forgive me?”


“Uh, anything?!” (Alicia)


“Yeah, to make it up for you. Anything.”


“Well, anything!? I’m sorry, I’m not in a good mood to decide on anything, Kaoru-sama. What should I do …” (Alicia)


“You heard me, anything.”


Alicia looked quite relieved after hearing those words from me.


I find myself feeling happier whenever I see her.


I was a little worried about how she looked different from this morning, so I asked her.


“By the way, what is that Usa-chan hoodie?”


“This is clothing? This was made by Karin. It’s my favorite animal, Pink Rabbit.”


I can help but smile at Alicia’s answer that I’ve expected.


Alicia’s nightwear had always had a rabbit design somewhere.


I thought it was just that hoodie or that her pajamas are just pink because it’s her favorite color. Her pieces of clothing were inspired by the pink rabbit.


“Yeah, the clothes suit you.”


“Truly? Ehehe” (Alicia)


“Well, when you have finally thought about what you want me to do. Then tell me once you’ve decided.”


“I understand. What should I ask for?” (Alicia)


The atmosphere was quite stifling, so I reminded myself over and over again that I could do it.


After that, I killed time by talking about what I was planning on doing today.


Alicia told me with a carefree smile that she had done her rehabilitation exercises.


Karin-san came and announced that dinner is ready at around 6 pm.


So, we finished our talk and prepared to go to the dining room.


“Yeah. Alicia-chan, will you take this medicine starting today? It has no side effects and is more versatile than the previous one you’ve been taking.”


“I see, then I will. Especially if drinking this will help me get better soon.” (Alicia)


“It’s going to be well no matter what, so don’t be impatient and get-well safely. As I said before, I’m not letting you become sick again, okay?”


“Of course, I understand, but … if it happens, Kaoru-sama will help me get better again, right?” (Alicia)


“I don’t know if that does happen. I didn’t know what to say to you, since I’m self-employed and might need to leave for better opportunities.”


“Eh!?” (Alicia)


I might have been wearing a sly smile as I told her and she immediately turned pale


She tremblingly clung to my waist, with tears in her eyes while saying, “Don’t abandon me.”


I thought she was going over the top, so I patted Alicia’s head as he clung to me. Then I laughed fondly, saying “it was just a joke.”


Alicia is relieved to hear that.


“Please stop joking about that Kaoru-sama. It’s bad for my heart.” (Alicia)


“No … I didn’t think you would be that affected.”


“Muu ~” (Alicia)


“Stop puffing up your cheeks and let’s head towards the dining room quickly okay? Food doesn’t taste good when it becomes cold.”


“……Yes” (Alicia)


I stroked her head gently and a satisfied purr-like sound escaped from her lips.


Because of that, I might’ve dallied a bit.


But the two of us went straight to the dining room.


I must pass today’s report to Cain-san so we can decide how to move once tomorrow comes.


And Alicia’s actions today were sigh-inducing, thinking that it was all the work of Karin-san being an idiot.


I scratched my head thinking that it was done and it can’t be helped now.


I walked while thinking about various things in my heart.




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