Underground Doctor Chapter: 11 Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! IV Part 2

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 I was greeted by the pleasant weather and morning sun warming my skin.


 As I open my eyes and my vision clears.


 I saw an “ahoge” swaying at the edge of the bed. [T/N: Ahoge are antenna-like strands of hair in Japanese anime.]



“Good morning” (Alicia)


“Good morning. What time is it now? Alicia-chan”


“Well, it’s ten o’clock.” (Alicia)


“Well… Thank you.”



 With that said, I patted Alicia’s head, while she’s hiding at the edge of the bed.


 Alicia was in my room again but this time she’s a little farther than yesterday.


 She sounds happy and while getting patted by me.


 It seems that I’m still tired even on the fifth day.


 Alicia notices my tired appearance.



“Oh, I’ve read about it!” (Alicia)




“It’s a symptom from overuse of magic.” (Alicia)



 Alicia seemed excited to share her new-found knowledge.


 I think it’s amazing and smile.


 And Alicia explains my condition in detail.



“Well, first of all. The official name of this seems to be [magical deficiency]. Basically, it seems that it will be better if you drink a large amount of MP recovery medicine. For those who do not have money, it seems that it will be better if you sleep it off. It is said that MP recovers 4 units of mana per 1 second during sleep. So, Kaoru-sama, please drink this.” (Alicia)



 Alicia gives me an MP recovery drug after saying that.


 I received it with a smile.



“I’m sorry to have made you worry. I’m touched by your kindness.”


“Yes!” (Alicia)



 “Was I helpful? I was helpful right?” I can’t help but stroke her head again whenever I see Alicia looking at me like that.



“You’ve looked it up. I was a little impressed.”


“Well, I’m not just sleeping all the time, Kaoru-sama.” (Alicia)


“I know. Didn’t you even try to read the medical manual?”


“Wha-!? Why do you even know that?!” (Alicia)


“No… The title of the book on your bedside can be seen. One of them was a medical manual.”


“Well, I thought you’d be impressed… but I failed. It was even supposed to be…” (Alicia)



 The last word was whispered, and I didn’t hear it.


 However, I learned something useful.


 Now I knew the amount of MP recovered while I am sleeping.


 As expected, I won’t be planning on using MP recovery medicine to recover.


 With how pricey MP recovery items are, no idiot would ever want to use it just to cure [Magical Power Deficiency].


 With such a price tag, and low recovery.


 The efficiency versus price is terrible.


 If you can recover just by sleeping, that is the better choice.


 I have been forced to sleep for twelve hours in the last five days.


 I’ve calculated that I would recover it in about a week.


 So I decided to wait for natural recovery.



“Thanks to Alicia, I now know how long it would take to heal [magical deficiency].”


“Ehehe. I’m glad.” (Alicia)



 Alicia then leaves the room.


 I changed my clothes before heading to the dining room for breakfast.


 While walking, I thought that I need to prepare the things I might need before I go exploring in the labyrinth.


 I think I’ll go shopping in the commercial area after the meal is over.


 After eating, I head for the commercial area.








 There are already quite a few people even before noon came.


 It was full of people who would challenge the labyrinth and people who would exchange information about the labyrinth.


 I discovered a store that sells gear and other items.


 So I entered the store.



“Good day, I want some weapons and armor.”


“For a healer? We have good equipment.” (Store owner)



 While rubbing both hands, a stocky uncle came out.


 Plus he’s a scary-looking skinhead.



“What kind of equipment do you have?”


“Hmm … If you want a light and easy to handle weapon, we have this silver dagger. You can use it as your main weapon up to the fifth floor. If you want to explore the higher floors, there are other weapons you can use.” (Store owner)


“No, that dagger should do. After that, I need to choose armor.”


“How about a robe? Then this one is good. It’s Aerith’s robe. This white fabric also reduces magic attacks. It’s a great deal since boots come as a set.” (Store owner)


“Hmm, I wonder if I would need a piece of equipment with such an effect. How much?”


“It will be 10,000 lira.”(Store owner)


“Yes, yes. Understood.”



  I was fine with buying the equipment. So I take out a bag of gold coins from the item box.



“Oh, is that it customer-san? Is it okay for you to decide so easily? Usually, people ask for discounts or look at other things first?” (Store owner)


“I’m not having trouble with money. That’s why.”


“Well, is that so? Then, I’ll accept.” (Store owner)


“Thank you.”



 I pay the money and receive the goods.


 I equip the equipment I bought and head for the entrance to the labyrinth.


 First I look for [purified water (small)], a drop item from goblins.


 If I don’t get one, I won’t be able to start concocting medicine, so I have to be enthusiastic.


 I am good at fighting against people, but I have never fought monsters.


 For the time being, I have Aikido along with my skills.


 Checking the details on the status screen.



 ・ Complete counter attack

– Has the effect of doubling the attack power of the opponent and returning it.

         -The effect of deflecting the attack of the other party.


 ・ Effective range – within arms reach. Valid only for humanoids.



(It affects only humanoid enemies… This is terrible)



 I was walking with that in mind. Soon, I arrived at the entrance to the labyrinth.


 I can’t help but sigh once I reach the entrance.


 Many guides were standing at the entrance.


 I decided to listen to the explorers chatting.



“If you want to move to another floor, please tell me. If you specify the level of the labyrinth, I will take you to that floor.”


“Thank you for your support on the 15th floor.”


“Okay, so please organize a party. We will teleport you to the designated floor.”


“So, is this amount okay?”


“Yes, then one warp is 500 lira.”


“Okay, let’s give it a try before the sun goes down.”


“Then, <Spatial Magic – Warp Road>'”



 When the guide chanted the magic, a magic circle appeared, and the guide and several explorers disappeared.


 I was surprised to see that, “Oh, teleport exists!”


 A little less worried, I talked to one of the many guides.


“I have something to ask?”


“Are you moving to a specific floor?” (Guide)


“No, that’s not it. Can teleport magic be used to move from town to town?”


“Hmm? Well, only in some labyrinths? I wish I could go from town to town but I don’t have such a useful magic yet. You will know?” (Guide)


“I came from the countryside, so I don’t know much. I heard strange things and I don’t know much.”


“No, then, please enjoy your time at Grand Palace Labyrinth.” (Guide)


“Oh, I’ll do that.”



 After talking with the guide, I went into the labyrinth.

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