Underground Doctor Chapter: 11 Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! IV Part 3

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 Inside the labyrinth, dimly lit torches are placed at regular intervals on the walls of the passage.


 The place is humid and water is flowing in the ditch.


 I think that this is the source of labyrinth mosquitoes.


 While I was walking I found several passages.


 I am searching for goblins while remembering landmarks so that I can go back to my original path.


 As I went a little further, I came to the open floor.


 There were a lot of torches and it was brighter than in the aisle.


 A green moving creature can be seen from a short distance.


 Its skin is green and wears a tattered piece of cloth. In its hand, it is holding something that looked like a club.



(That thing … it looks like a goblin that appeared in a game I played when I was a kid. It’s unpleasant, isn’t it bullying beating that?)”



 I pulled out the silver dagger on my waist. Though it still disturbs me, I am ready.


 Staring straight ahead, I close the gap with the goblins.


 Did they notice me? The goblins are looking from side to side.


 The moment I met its eyes. The goblins ran towards me screaming and wanting to kill me.


 I was frightened by their horrifying screaming for a moment, but I immediately ready myself for the fight.


 It’s a battle of life and death. A moment of hesitation can be fatal.


 The goblin swings up the club and swings it down toward my head.


 My body, which was frozen for a moment, responds to the attack.


 Twisting my body sideways, I shift half a step to the side. I narrowly avoided the club.


 The goblin continuously moved with its momentum unchanged.


 Using its momentum, I used my foot to trip the goblin and slammed a dagger on the back of its head.


 The goblin fell headfirst into the ground, spewing blue blood from the back of its head.



“Gugaaaaaaaa!” (Goblin)


“Wow, if you’re a normal human, this is going to be awkward. For the time being, using Aikido to counter, I’ll accept all your attacks.”



 The goblin’s eyes glowed red, and a strange deep voice echoes, unlike before, whether it represents anger or something else, I don’t know.


 I’m moving again even while my legs keep shaking.


 I did a counter again. This time, I let the dagger’s blade slash its neck as it falls towards the blade.



“Gugi … Ahhh” (Goblin)



 The goblin falls down lifelessly.


It seems that the final attack killed it.


 The fallen goblin became particles of light and disappeared. A small vial had fallen where the goblin died.


 I picked it up and examined it using [analysis] and found it to be [pure water (small)].



“Yeah. Got the first one. At this rate, I think I can collect about ten before the day ends.”



 I was confident in my first battle inside the labyrinth.


 I was worried about whether I could get around or not.


 It’s probably too hard for someone who has never done anything like this before.


 It is not normal to kill unless it involves a do or dies situation.


 It’s normal in this world though.


 I wanted to get used to it little by little.


 After this, I went deeper and defeated ten goblins to get about ten [pure water (small)].


 When I have gathered enough. I went back to my original path to get out. But there was another goblin on the floor where I first killed one.



(I wonder if I can try it this time. If I use it like this, I’m afraid… I’ll try it anyway.)



 With that in mind, I made a loud noise to get the goblins’ attention.


 The goblin reacts to the sound and ran here.


 I didn’t hesitate to attack. I touch the heart of the goblin as I counter.



“Medical magic— [DC defibrillator] Vector 5”



 An electric current flows at a high voltage across the heart where my hand was placed.


 Don! The goblin collapsed silently with a bang.


 It was converted into light particles and it disappeared.



“(Wow! Still no good, I guess… It seems that this usage puts a considerable burden on a normal heart. Then again this is vector 5 … No, I should stop thinking too deeply… I can’t imitate the girl on that anime! Who are you telling me that it’s in a public facility! I think it over properly and promises to use it to save a living person.



 I carved those words in my heart.


 DC defibrillators are normally used for patients under cardiac arrest.


 And with my medical magic, this magic that can be used with varying intensities.


 I can raise it as much as I want, but the power is too much that wouldn’t need it.


 Other medical magic is the same and can be manipulated by changing the vector.


 1 is enough, but this time it’s a monster, so I tried raising it to 5.


 The result is this.


 In tandem with the Aikido counter, I got close to the goblin and placed my hand on its heart while applying an electric current.


 The goblins suffered cardiac arrest and died.


 I wanted to test myself.


 After the experiment, I walked towards the exit of the labyrinth.


 There were no more monsters encountered while I walked towards the exit.


 When I went outside, it was just around noon.


 I returned to the commercial area and approached a stall selling items.


 It seems to be a shop run by a kind-looking, auntie.



“I’m sorry. Is there any Oren fruit for sale?”


“Hmm? Ah, what is it for? Do you want to make poison arrows?” (Auntie)


“Ahaha, not quite”


“How many do you want?” (Auntie)


“Yeah, I would like to get about ten?”


“Okay, it’s a hundred lira.” (Auntie)



 Then the auntie packed about ten Oren fruits in a bag.


 I gave her my payment upon receiving it.


 Then I put the Oren fruits in the item box.



“You are a healer, right?” (Auntie)


“Hmm? Yeah.”


“It’s hard. You know, Labyrinth fever? It looks like its making its round this year too. I’m not scared for myself though.” (Auntie)


“Ah, of course. It seems that you may die if you’re not careful.”


“Scary. Hey, I heard an interesting story though!” (Auntie)


“What is it?”



  Looks like all aunties in every world like to make small talk and gossip.


 However, this information might be useful, so it is not a problem.


 I listen to her while she tells me the rumor.



“See, there is a treatment center run by Count Argus in the healer’s area. There are rumors that the price will be raised again due to this labyrinth fever season.” (Auntie)


“Well, I see. I feel like he’s making a lot of money.”


“But he’s not just making a fortune!” (Auntie)


“Hmm? What do you mean?”


“Well. Count Argus seems to have changed a lot in the last few months. It’s rumored that people around him may have some illness. Maybe with this price increase of [Eclix] services, I’m told that he’s raising money to get some treatment.” (Auntie)


“Hey, that’s some information.”


“Well, it’s a rumor. Oh no! I can’t do business if I talk to customers too much. Ufufu.” (Auntie)


“Thank you. See you around.”


“Come again. It’s your job to listen to your elders.” (Auntie)


“I’ll come again. I’ll listen to some gossip again.”



 I go away from the stall, waving my hand.


 The stall’s aunt was waving too until I disappeared.



(Argus is sick. It looks like it’s going to be a trump card.)



 With that in mind, I might have a sly smile pasted on my face.


 Now I should go see what’s going on with Irga-san and Lyrica.


 Yesterday, the medicine I prescribed to Lyrica wasn’t the best, so I have to replace it.


 So I head to the accommodation area next.


 Irga-san and his friends are heading to [Bringer] on Third street.




 I felt quite groggy because of the lack of magical power.


 Finally, I arrived at [Bringer] around noon.



“I wish I could move quickly by using a warp ability common in another-world stories. Isn’t it no good? Cain-san said, ‘Are you going to be riding a carriage?’ It’s annoying to be riding on it when going to a lot of places. On the contrary, I seem to be quite late, and I’m want to be punctual, so I can’t refuse it.”



 Just in case something happens, but I like the scenery and atmosphere of this place for some reason, and I think it’s not a bad idea to walk slowly once in a while.


 However, due to my current physical condition, my body is complaining.


 I went into the inn.



“Welcome … oh!” (Receptionist)


“Yeah! I’m here again”


“Thank you for yesterday. I even received a stamina recovery medicine.” (Receptionist)


“Yes. How are you feeling?”


“I’m in great shape as usual. Ufufu” (Receptionist)



 The lady at the reception tells me without any feelings of tension or sickness.


 While laughing at her words, I just replied, “I’m glad I can help.” And asked her about Irga-san.


 The lady at the reception walked quickly and returned. Immediately after getting permission, I head for the room on the second floor where Irga-san is.


 Arriving in front of the room and I knocked before entering.



“Oh, Kaoru! You came? It’s amazing! Yesterday’s pain has disappeared like it was a lie.” (Irga)



 He faces me with a very wide smile.


 To be honest, his reaction is a bit too much, but I couldn’t reject how grateful he was.



“I’m glad I helped. So what about Lyrica?”


“It’s still going to be hard on her. But she said it’s a lot better than yesterday. She’s sleeping now. I think the recovery item pill that Kaoru gave us worked.” (Irga)


“That’s good. I’ll check on you again and then choose a recovery item to prescribe. I’ll choose the one that works best.”


“Please do that! Kaoru is amazing. I’ve never seen a healer who can do what you do.” (Irga)





 Irga-san probably didn’t notice that I was a healer before, but any normal healer will feel bitter if they hear Irga-san’s words.


 Also, I decided to push through with the previous silver bullet as it is because it seems to be good medicine for Irga-san.



“Then, let me see Lyrica.”


“Oh, if you could Kaoru.” (Irga)



 I approached Lyrica’s bed and begin her medical examination.


 Placing my hand on Lyrica’s forehead I activate [Diagnosis].


 As a result, I was found that it was a clave bacterium, so I took out the [Kleblite] that I had made yesterday from the item box and exchanged it with the medicine that I prescribed yesterday.



“This should be just right”


“Should I drink this medicine next time?” (Irga)


“Oh, you should drink it in three doses, morning, noon, and night. After that, you should always put some food in your stomach before taking it, okay?”


“Oh yes, I understand. I’m sorry for troubling you.” (Irga)


“I’ve only started treating you yesterday, you know? And, you don’t have to worry about it. And drink it properly. Otherwise, you’ll get sick and you’ll relapse.”


“I know, I’m not a child.” (Irga)



 I can’t help but sigh at Irga-san, who is excitedly talking.



“No, I’m really worried.”


“Here and there. Why Kaoru?” (Irga)


“… Then, let me ask you … Why are you fully equipped?”


“Hmm? Well, uh, no, this is it.” (Irga)



 Irga-san can’t look directly at my eyes.


 Making excuses and also sweating. Hmmm.



“I’m just going out for a little shopping” (Irga)


“Is it really necessary to be fully equipped even though you’re just going shopping?”


“Yeah, just in case.” (Irga)


“You’re just digging deeper and deeper”


“… I’m sorry.” (Irga)



 While sighing, I tell Irga-san to disarm.


 Irga-san reluctantly unequipped his weapons and armor and lay down on the bed.



“Seriously, if you want to be cured of it, sleep and rest.”


“Because I thought it was okay.” (Irga)


“Ah, I can’t hear any excuses anymore. Didn’t you have to take care of Lyrica?”


“Lyrica says she’s okay, so I was about to go.” (Irga)


“Don’t worry, she told you that… such an insensitive old man.”





 My words finally convey Lyrica’s feelings and worry.


 From the first day of the capture, she fell due to the labyrinth fever, so he wanted to dive into the labyrinth early.


 Lyrica knew that, so she those words Irga-san so as not to get in his way.



“Don’t worry if you can’t understand the meaning of her words properly.”


“It’s reasonable” (Irga)


“Once she’s healed properly, you should both capture it, yeah. The labyrinth will not run away.”


“That’s right. First, after healing Lyrica’s physical condition. Kaoru, I’m sorry. You went through a lot of trouble.” (Irga)


“If you understand it, that’s good. Then I’ll go home now.”


“Oh, if something happens again, please drop in. I will welcome you.” (Irga)


“At that time, I will.”



 When I went out, I looked at Lyrica’s bed and saw Lyrica.


 Her face is bright red and her mouth is moving like a fish’s.


 I made a nice smile, and I gave thumbs up and turned to Lyrica, she returned with a wince.


 I thought I might have done something excessive, but I quickly changed my mind and left the room.


 I left the inn and check today’s schedule.


 All you have to do is make the medicine from the materials I’ve gathered after I go home.


 I went back to Orvis’s mansion, hoping that I could make it without any problems.




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