Underground Doctor Chapter: 12 Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! V Part 1

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 I return to the Orvis Mansion and immediately begin synthesizing the drug.


First I have to detoxify the Oren Fruit.


But I was distracted by a knocking on the door.


I called out to my visitor to enter.


Then the door opened and Alicia came in looking like she has something to say.


 I stop for a while and wait for Alicia to tell me why she came to see me.

“Oh Kaoru-sama, can I watch you making medicine?” (Alicia)

 Alicia said to me in a quiet voice.


 Seeing that, seeing her smiled I beckoned, her to come nearer.


 Alicia’s expression brightened, shining like the sun as she approaches and sits on the floor. She thanks me as her eyes focus on the Oren fruit in Kaoru’s hand.

“You’re quite enthusiastic about studying. What happened recently?”


“Well, I want to see Kaoru-sama’s work.” (Alicia)


“Well, what’s your real intention?”


“Well, what do think about me just wanting to be with Kaoru-sama?” (Alicia)


“Ahahaha, that’s quite straightforward. It’s really easy to understand.”


“Uh ~. You’re terrible Kaoru-sama.” (Alicia)

 I burst into laughter at Alicia’s unexpected verbal slip. Alicia’s cheeks puffed up and she’s bright red as a tomato.

“Well … First of all, I will detoxify the fruit, recovery magic [Detoxify] okay?”


“That’s Oren fruit, isn’t it? What will happen once you use detoxification?” (Alicia)


“You’ll see. And if you don’t understand something, ask me. It is good to have a strong desire for knowledge.”


“Huh, is it really good to ask questions?” (Alicia)


“Well, questions are welcome.”

 While saying that, take one of the Oren fruits, held it with both hands, and use magic.

“‘Recovery magic—[Detoxify]”

 The inside of my hand glows with a pale light.


 The light disappears quickly.


 Alicia stares at the scene curiously.


 I use [analysis] to the Oren fruit, and confirmed that the poison is gone.


[Oren’s fruit (detoxified)]


 ・ Non-poisonous Oren fruit.

 ・ Although it is not suitable for food, it can be safely ingested.

 ・ If you eat too much, you may experience diarrhea.

 ・ [Oregano Dyne] an active chemical within the fruit.

“Okay, detoxification is a success.”


“That’s quite fast. Did you detoxify it that quickly?” (Alicia)


“Oh, as far as I can see, there is no problem, and the poison is now nullified.”


“Is Kaoru-sama someone special?” (Alicia)


“Hey? What do you mean?”

 Seeing me reply with a short pause, Alicia smirks at me before explaining.

“Normally, [Detoxify] is said to take about 10 seconds to detoxify poisons. It seems that people with higher magical power are faster.” (Alicia)


“I see. I’m grateful that Alicia is her for telling me what I don’t know.”


“Well, that’s not the case…” (Alicia)




“Hey, don’t laugh!” (Alicia)

 I couldn’t stand laughing when I see Alicia’s expressions, partly because she was speaking a little fast.


 Alicia, who pounds her tiny fist against me, was very cute.


 However, there’s no damage at all.

“Kaoru-sama, are you teasing me?” (Alicia)


“Don’t mind it, I’m just being terrible”


“What? Why are you speaking like a dummy? Please deny it. I’m not a toy! Ah ~ I’m looking away now! I’m looking away. Muu ~! I’m so angry, really angry. You see that right?!” (Alicia)


“No, sorry. I might’ve overdone my teasing.”


“I feel like you’ve been teasing me for a long while now.” (Alicia)

 This time, she’s all pouty and teary-eyed. She moved quite the distance away from me. I reached out but wasn’t able to reach her when she moved further.


 But she doesn’t leave or move near me.

“I’m sorry. Please come back here.”


(…) (Alicia)

 Looking sideways and glancing at me while being a little cautious. She comes near but slower than usual. Her expression right now is quite something.


 I scratched my head and thought that he was self-employed.

“What should I do to fix your mood?”


“Hmph” (Alicia)


“Then, how can you get rid of your mood?”


“… Hmm” (Alicia)

 Alicia thinks for a while and then says.

“I want to hear Kaoru-sama’s past. If you tell me, I’ll be in a good mood.” (Alicia)


“What? Is that so?”


“That’s good enough” (Alicia)

 Saying it while her cheeks are inflated like pink balloons.


 I know Alicia’s intentions and seeing Alicia’s current state I’ve decided to accept Alicia’s condition.

“Okay, after I finish making the medicine.”


“Yes, please …. okay.” (Alicia)

 Alicia is already in a good mood.


 I think it’s funny to see her reactions.

“Well. First, peel the skin and separate the flesh. It was written that [Oregano Dyne] is in small concentrations only. Actually, I wonder if it the skin will be used for something later.”


“What is it? I’ve never heard of this.” (Alicia)


“I’m trying to synthesize a drug using this material for the first time. There may be some mistakes along the way.”


“I get to see Kaoru-sama’s failure. It’s exciting.” (Alicia)


“In a different sense, I’m excited, I wonder if I can stop from falling. I might be voicing out my inner thoughts.”


“What do you mean? I don’t get it.”  (Alicia)


“Yes, it’s fine”

 Alicia was looking away from me.


 I sigh and move on to the next step.


 And the next step is to dry it.

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