Underground Doctor Chapter: 12 Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! V Part 2

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“I don’t want to dry it too much, but I don’t have a drying device?”


“Drying it? Kaoru-sama doesn’t have the skills of a pharmacist?” (Alicia)


“No. There is a training system for the entire recovery system and the drug production itself…”



 I stopped there because Alicia’s facial expression had changed before she said all the words. I slipped a little because I was quite relaxed with her.


 Alicia spoke again,



“You can use every recovery magic spells?!” (Alicia)


“I don’t know. I’m just kidding.”



 My reply might’ve been quite suspicious.


 I bring up the pharmacist’s skills to change the mood.



“Well, leave it alone. Is there a pharmacist’s skill that dries materials?”


“Ah, yes. It is said that all materials that make up HP recovery potions are dried before extracting the active ingredients, so pharmacist’s skills should have a skill for drying.” (Alicia)


“I see. It would take a week if I did it normally. I can’t do that.”


“What shall we do······” (Alicia)


“It’s true that this is best left to an expert. Do you want to ask Cain-san if we can borrow a pharmacist?”


“I think we can have a pharmacist help us. As father has said that there are many, so I think it is okay.” (Alicia)



 With Alicia’s confirmation, I feel relieved that there won’t be any problem. I thought that this was the end of the work that only I can do.



“Today we stop here”


“Is it done?” (Alicia)


“Oh, that’s right. I’m sorry but we’re done for today.”



 I can see Alicia’s expression and there’s a glint.


 I was a little worried about how far she would ask me to talk about it.



“Then, please tell me about Kaoru-sama’s past.” (Alicia)


“Hey, I don’t have such an interesting story in the past.”


“It doesn’t have to be interesting. I want to know more about Kaoru-sama.” (Alicia)


“Then what kind of story do you want to hear?”


“I want to hear what made you decide to become a healer.” (Alicia)


“A Healer eh?”



 I don’t know much about healers in this world, so I talked about how I become a doctor with a slight modification so that it doesn’t sound awkward.



“To put it simply. I think it was because I couldn’t help my best friend.”


“Did you lose your friend …” (Alicia)


“Well, don’t worry too much. That’s because that was so far in the past.”


“But …” (Alicia)


“If I do it now, I can cure the disease without difficulty. At that time, I was an 8-year-old brat. I couldn’t do anything, and I was just a helpless mess.


“… What kind of illness did they have?” (Alicia)



 Alicia asks me while looking apologetic.


 Seeing that expression, I laugh and stroke her head.


 Then her expression softened a little.



“They have heart disease”


“Did they have the same heart condition as mine?” (Alicia)


“It’s a little different I guess?”



 I tell her while scratching my head.


 With that look, Alicia learns that there are other heart diseases.



“Maybe it’s an illness that isn’t listed in the book that Alicia reads. You have no way to even know that.”


“Maybe that’s the case. I’ve read most of the time, but I didn’t find any details as Kaoru-sama said.” (Alicia)


“Well, let’s do something about that. You can’t help it because there is no way to know.”


“Why does Kaoru know the illness?” (Alicia)


“Hmm. What should I say? Isn’t it a trade secret?”


“With absolute confidence, when I look at your actions and listen to your words, it’s like some kind of magic, and when I can look up your methods, I can’t find it.” (Alicia)


“… I see.”



 Alicia looks at me excitedly.


 I had no choice but to laugh bitterly.


 The thing is that only I might be the only person at present with diagnostic skills. Because if anyone can use it, some information should remain. If it doesn’t even exist, then there is nobody in this world that can use diagnosis. Or it exists but kept hidden? I had two answers. I still don’t know which is the correct answer. After all, it hasn’t even been a week since I came to this world.



 While I was thinking, Alicia probably noticed the somber atmosphere here and tried to ease the situation.

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