Underground Doctor Chapter 2: I’m going to do a little surgery to make some money quickly Part 1

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I walked through the streets of [Grand Palace Great Labyrinth] and scouting for an apothecary around.

 It was hard to find the store I was looking for, so I sighed and frowned.

 Because the city is too big, I’m gradually getting tired.

 There was a gatekeeper-like person in front of me, so I decided to ask him for directions.


“I’m sorry. Is there an apothecary around here?” (Kaoru)

“Apothecary is it? You have to go to the west medical area. This is the eastern commercial area.” (Gatekeeper)


 The gatekeeper was quite nice to answer with a smile! I waved to the gatekeeper before leaving the commercial area.



 I dragged my tired body and walked towards the west medical area.

 There were many clinics there.

 There are many people, and there are also shops that line up.

 I was checking what kind of injury a person I saw has and checking it with my eyes.

 Scratches, bruise, etc.

 The streets are quite dense, the people walking are so close they’re rubbing elbows.

 I came to the medical area to get the information on the status of this world’s medical knowledge quickly.

 If there are too many people, it will be hard to listen in some conversations.

 So I searched for an empty store.


“Oh, there’s one! But it seems like it’s going to collapse. Here we are.” (Kaoru)


 While saying so, I entered the place with the sign “Reese’s Clinic.”


“Excuse me? It’s so dark, and quite the mess…” (Kaoru)


 I have unfortunately observed,


“Okay welcome! I’m coming.” (Girl)


 The reply came back sounds a little grumpy.

 Looking at the back, there was a girl with beautiful blonde hair just above her waist.

 With a delicate body, she wore a white shirt, a black skirt, and a white robe.


“Well what do you want? If you’re not a customer, go home.” (Girl)


She’s quite slender and tall, about 175 cm (5′ 9″).

 She wears a Hawaiian shirt.

 A white coat is worn over the shirt.

 Her eyes remind me of a panda’s, but she looked good.

 From that appearance I began to wonder if she has the same profession.


“I don’t have a scary face. I don’t eat people. If there’s something you want to ask, come on.” (Girl)


 I looked back at the girl, who is now laughing at me.


“Oops, I haven’t introduced myself yet. I’m Kaoru Ashiya.” (Kaoru)

“Reese Cradle.Are you a customer?” (Reese)


 Reese’s bad mood seem to diminish after the greeting.


“I can’t say I’m here to buy something. I just came here because I wanted some information.” (Kaoru)


 Kaoru says, scratching his head.


“If you don’t have the money, go home! The exit is there.” (Reese)


 Reese stands at the exit and stares at me as if I should say something.


“I just want to talk. Why are you so angry?” (Kaoru)


 Kaoru laughs while replying to Reese, but the expression on Reese becomes more frustrated than before.


“You’re one of the guys trying to shut down the shop! Get out! Don’t get involved with me again!” (Reese)


 She said that and threw a book towards me.

 The hit my brow and caused a cut.

 Blood starts to flow.


“What? What are you talking about? Don’t get me wrong. I came here just to ask if there are some seriously ill patients in this town who cannot be cured. I really hate this; I don’t want to get hurt in the place where I’ll be treating patients.” (Kaoru)


 I told her, keeping my tone even while staring seriously at her eyes.


“Uhh…” (Reese)


 I was staring at her.

 However, she couldn’t reply when she saw the wound that she had inflicted on her own.

 Reese stood straight and schooled her expression.

 Kaoru, looking at the expression, said, “Wow, she has a cute face,” he said, laughing.

 Reese suddenly blushed like a boiled octopus.

 Then, she apologized, “I’m sorry for throwing.”


“I’ll fix it. Show me the wound.” (Reese)


 Reese said, but I wanted to test my skills.


“Can you tell me how recovery magic works and how to use it?” (Kaoru)


 I saw it on the status screen, but I also asked Lease to check if it matches.


“What? Well there’s Full Heal [CureEX]. Using it recovers all wounds… Only the great priests of the Holy City [Eclix] can use it.” (Reese)

“Oh, yeah. Recovery magic–” Full Heal [CureEX] (Kaoru)


 The light yellow-green light covers the wound. the glow lasting for a while.

 The wound on my brow disappeared completely.

 It was cut quite deeply, but it just disappeared without a trace.

 I touched the scratched area with my hand.

 Oh! I thought it was amazing.

 Reese grabs my chest and shakes me back and forth, nervously shouting, “What are you doing!”


“Reese, I’m sorry but I’m getting dizzy. Please stop shaking me… I’m so dizzy. I’m going to get sick. My lunch might revisit my mouth.” (Kaoru)

“Ah… sorry.” (Reese)


 When Reese let me go, I probably looked green. I was so tired I need to sit down


“Ah, I don’t feel good. I can’t move… Oh my head… You shouldn’t do this… I was wounded just a while ago…” (Kaoru)


 While saying so, I glance at Reese.

 Reese replied while looking quite guilty.


“Okay, I know. I should find you somewhere to sleep! Anyway, I’m sorry!”


“Hmm, are you terrible? Absolutely. If you break your promise, I’ll have to pay with your body. Also, I’d be grateful if you could serve me with food.” (Kaoru)


 I speak to Reese in a sick voice, saying, “I want to eat porridge, I want to eat it. I want to fill my stomach with such deliciousness.”

 It’s like a magic spell.


“Alright! I’ll make it!” (Reese)


 Reese sounds like she’s being gutted.


“Eh? Really? You’re going to find me an inn!” (Kaoru)


 I made a guts pose, like I was fine all along.

 That expression made Reese looked dead inside, but it was done!

 I laughed at her because she was easy to handle.

 Now I have just secured an inn and dinner. Finally, I asked Reese about the information I wanted.


“Let’s return back to the topic a while ago. I wonder if there are some seriously ill patients in this town who cannot be cured?” (Kaoru)

“Well, I’m sure there was one in an aristocratic area, neither I can cure it. Even the Great Priest who can use [CureEx] can’t heal the patient.” (Reese)

“I see. What kind of symptoms does the aristocrat have?” (Kaoru)


 I switched into work mode.


“I’m sure he had a weak heart. It looks like he’s been that was since he was born… He’s currently 16 years old, but has difficulty walking and is bedridden.” (Reese)


 I pondered about Reese’s remarks, narrowing down the proper disease.


“Oh yeah…and one more thing. Besides recovery magic, is there any other magic that cures the human body?” (Kaoru)


 I ask Reese, with her hand on her chin.

 Reese replied with a naive look,


“There’s no such thing. Most of the time, recovery magic is used to heal wounds and trauma. Poison magic is used to neutralize poisons in the body. I heard that the Great Priest using [CureEX] can attach limbs that have been cut-off, and even if a person whose face was eaten by a monster can be returned to its original state.” (Reese)


 Reese explains.


“Hmm? Do you know how to cure such an illness?” (Kaoru)


 Kaoru found that healing physical trauma could be done with recovery magic. However, people always catch some kind of illness. However, she was skeptical that I was not ill at all.


“Oh, yeah, it is impossible to cure. Nobody knows what the cause is. Recovery magic doesn’t work either. Therefore, everyone is paying attention to their own health. You know, even a little injury makes everyone go to the clinic, because when they get sick they might die. People are doing a lot of research at [Eclix], but it’s totally useless.” (Reese)


 Reese told me, “I wish I could do it.”

 I listened to the information she shared.


“Okay, so I’m going to work a bit. I’m fine with dinner.” (Kaoru)


 I said before stand up and walking towards the exit.


“Who the hell is that person…” (Reese)


 Reese exhales a big sigh and returns to her laboratory.



 I smoked a cigarette while walking towards the aristocratic area.


“I feel calm, and just before working. Ah, I didn’t know where the aristocrat’s house is. Well, if I ask about it, I’ll find it sooner or later.” (Kaoru)


 I walked while laughing.

 There was a lady who looked nice in front of me, so I decided to talk to her.


“I’m sorry. I’d like to ask, but where in this area is a house with a seriously ill patient?” (Kaoru)

“I’m sorry, but are you a healer?” (Lady)

“Ah, sorry, people around me say, “I don’t look like one but I’m a healer from [Eclix]. I heard about a patient with a serious illness. I am lost and I need directions.” (Kaoru)


 I tell the lady while looking quite pitiful.

 I noticed that the lady’s wrist is covered in bandages.

 You can see the edges of a bandage.


“You’re injured, aren’t you?” (Kaoru)


 I made a worried expression and talked to the lady.


“I’m embarrassed. Yesterday, my daughter wanted to make candy for a long time. Since I did some long ago, I was tried to making one again. At that time, my daughter made a prank. But oil got splashed on my wrist and I got burned.” (Lady)


 I told the lady that I can help


“If you want. I can cure it.” (Kaoru)


“Yeah. I’m going to my neighbor’s house. I’m thinking of going to the clinic before going home. Thank you for your concern.” (Lady)


 The lady replied while smiling.


“It’s fine, I’ll heal your wounds. Women’s skin is delicate. If you treat it with poor healing magic, it will heal but it will leave a scar.” (Kaoru)


 She looked troubled after what I said.

 I think a little push might be needed.


“I’m staying on this town for work. I also wanted to investigate various things. It’s a life of a Great Priest. Well, just think you’ve been tricked by such a young man. So try it once. I know it may be suspicious of me. But I can make it good as before.” (Kaoru)


 I was humbling myself and trying to ease the Lady’s suspicion.

 Then the lady smiled,


“Then I should be tricked once.” (Lady)


 Then the lady sits on a bench nearby.

 She shows me her wrist.


“It is surprisingly deep.” (Kaoru)


 The burned area was swollen due to blisters.


 I was about to use [CureEx], but I can use something else. It may be difficult but I want to use it. I am using magic while thinking, “Is it possible to use recovery magic on myself?”


“Recovery Magic, Skin regeneration [Angel breath]” (Kaoru)


 A pale blue wind gently surrounds the lady’s wrist.

 Then, the burned area with glowed. Then returned to the original beautiful skin.

 I thought, “I don’t know how regeneration would affect the burn. The highest grade would be more effective.”


“Wow!?” (Lady)


 The lady has been rendered speechless.

 This is because I used magic that is on a pretty advanced level of recovery magic.

 There is no advanced level recovery magic user in this city.

 At best, they can only use it up to the intermediate level.


“It’s alright now.” (Kaoru)


 Smile and tell the lady.


“How do I say this? You really are a healer from [Eclix].” (Lady)


 Kaoru stopped the lady from getting money from her bag,


“I don’t need any money. Instead, can you guide me to the home of a seriously ill patient and help prove that I am a healer from [Eclix]?

 I offer my elbow to her.

 She willingly accepted it.

 I do look a bit strange.

 But with advanced level of recovery magic and the name “Eclix” have a lot of power in this different world.

 I thought it would be a business card substitute.

 The place I was looking for was right next door, and the patient is part of the Orvis family.

 With the lady, we walked towards the Orvis house.



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