Underground Doctor Chapter: 12 Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! V Part 3

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“Ah, I’m sorry. I was a little surprised.”


“Sorry, I’m sorry. I pry too much. Sometimes there are some things you can’t say.” (Alicia)


“No, that’s not true. However, it’s obvious that troublesome things will happen in the future. I don’t want to get involved.”


“Is it a hassle?” (Alicia)


“That’s the story. Alicia shouldn’t mind it.”


“Yes” (Alicia)



 Alicia looked uneasy after hearing my words.


 I am only ever going to be me, and it is clear that they will be able to find out more about me because I’ve been calling myself a messenger of [Eclix]. I know it very well. At that time, I am worried that the Orvis family would suffer a great deal of trouble.


 I intend to tell Cain-san about the truth when Argus’ case is over.


 It is a seed that I sowed myself. I intended to accept all the consequences of my lie.



“Oh, that’s right! What kind of heart disease did Kaoru-sama’s best friend have?” (Alicia)


“Hmm? Ah, a disease called [arteriosclerosis]. The blood vessels in the heart are thin by nature. Normally, it’s not a disease that you would normally have when you are a child. The cause is unknown, but their heart was fragile. I was supposed to be cured by surgery, but I couldn’t do it because of my physical strength.”


“There are such illnesses, but can’t you do it if the patient is weak?” (Alicia)


“Alicia wasn’t so weak, but my best friend was so weak that they were alive only with the help of medicine.”


“Ah……” (Alicia)


“Well, that’s what became my trigger. I hope I can hold on to the important people in my life using these hands. And I’ll be able to cure any illness so that I don’t feel sad because the people around me are. I thought about it since I was just a brat. What I lost at that time was too big.”


“They were an important person.” (Alicia)


“Well, yes”



 I wanted to get rid of this gloomy atmosphere, so I talked about something else.



“Then, let’s ask about Alicia-chan this time.”


“About me?” (Alicia)


“I also want to know about Alicia.”



 When I say that, Alicia’s face turns red and she seems a little bit happier.


 Seeing such an expression, I wanted to tease her again.


 Alicia seems to have been unable to leave the house since she became ill. It may also be due to the overprotection of Cain-san and Sarah-san. At that time, something like this happened. She shared her story while smiling and I can’t help but be infected by her joy.


 It was evening when we were talking about our romance free life.


 When I heard the sound of knocking on the door and called out to the person, Karin-san was there.


 Apparently, dinner was ready.


 When we heard that, we went out and head to dinner together.


 After eating dinner, I went to Cain-san who is in the living room to make my report.


 We sat on the sofa and took a break.



“How about Kaoru-sama? The medicine” (Cain)


“Oh, I’m at a dead-end.”


“Even Kaoru-sama can sometimes get stuck.” (Cain)


“Saying the same thing as Alicia … is it unusual?”


“That’s … you can cure pretty much everything, so I thought you’d finish this one without any issue.” (Cain)



 Cain-san laughs bitterly while scratching his head.


 I saw it and thought that they are truly parent and child.



“That’s it. I want you to lend me a pharmacist.”


“Aren’t you a pharmacist?” (Cain)


“There is a drying procedure. It would take about a week to make it normal.”


“I see … it’s okay. Are the people employed by company okay?” (Cain)


“No, I don’t like it. I’ll adjust it to Cain-san’s convenience.”


“That would help.” (Cain)



 I think that the drying work can be cleared with this. By the way, I think I’ll take a long time until it’s completed.


 That is because it seems that some skills will come out again.


 There is no problem because I have the necessary materials.



“Yeah. Did you deliver the medicine?”


“Oh, then yes, I let my employees deliver it today.” (Cain)


“I wish that was the case.”



 Because I have to let Cain check the effect of the medicine.


 That’s why I handed over the medicine last night.



“Today, this is the end of the report.”


“Yes. By the way, are you fine with Alicia bothering you?” (Cain)


“Hmm? Why?”


“I heard from Karin that she was with you when the drug was being refined.” (Cain)


“Ah, no problem at all”


“Is that so” (Cain)



 My problem is a word that makes me feel relieved.


 This time, Cain is careful because what he is making is a thing.


 It was me who saw that and said that.



“Then, thank you for your hard work today.” (Cain)


“Yes. Is it okay to go with me tomorrow?”


“Oh, I’m grateful for that.” (Cain)





 Cain-san leaves the living room.


 I lie on the sofa and closed my eyes for a while.


 My body suddenly feels dull.



“(I try not to show it on my face, but I’ll do my best)”



 I’ll take a short break before I return to my room.




~3rd Person Perspective~


 After finishing the report with Kaoru, Cain returned to his room.


“Oh, Sarah, did you sent it out today?” (Cain)


“Hmm? Ah, that letter. Yes, I sent it out. You’re missing this.” (Sarah)


“That’s right. It’s been quite some time right?” (Cain)


“I’ll forget it as soon as I’m happy… It’s rude that I didn’t even send a thank-you letter even though I had a messenger sent out.” (Sarah)



 Cain is filled with a feeling saying, “Mine!” after seeing Sarah


 Scratching his head, he tries to deny it by saying no.



“Thanks to Sarah, I was saved. It would be troublesome if I didn’t thank [Eclix]. Ahaha.” (Cain)


“If you say such a thing, it will be really troublesome.” (Sarah)




 The two laughed and chatted through the night.

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