Underground Doctor Chapter 13: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 6 Part 1

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~3rd Person Perspective~


 It’s early morning, but the weather is a bit cloudy.


 The room is dimly lit.


 In the midst of all this, a lone figure is walking impatiently towards Kaoru’s room.


 The figure knocked on the door before opening it and entered the room.






“Kaoru-sama, it’s morning! You asked me to wake you up yesterday~” (Alicia)




“What? You’re the one who asked me out! No, no, no. You said you were going with father to the Chamber of Commerce today. Okay – we have to get going!” (Alicia)


“*Long deep sigh*”


“Damn. You’re very stubborn.” (Alicia)





 Alicia shook Kaoru’s body from side to side to wake him up, but it’s no good.


 Yesterday, Kaoru had [magical deficiency] and asked Alicia to wake her up because she didn’t know if she could wake up.


 At those words, Alicia replied that she would do her best with her eyes sparkling.


 He was a little worried, but decided that he shouldn’t be late if he’s the one that asked for it.



“I’m up…”



 With that said, Alicia covered Kaoru’s nose and mouth with her hands.


 She has a slightly excited expression.


 After blocking Kaoru’s respiratory system for about ten seconds, Kaoru’s facial expression suddenly turned pale.


“Hmm, gu, gu, guuuuuuu” [T/N: He’s moaning]


“Waku Waku Doki Doki” (Alicia) [T/N: Her heart is beating wildly]


“Fugo, nuu, uuuugu, puhaaaaah, hahaha…” [T/N He’s suffocating then she suddenly released her hands and lets him breathe.]


“Good morning Kaoru-sama” (Alicia)


“Huh? Good morning, Alicia. You said good morning, it was almost not good morning, but goodbye instead.”


“Fe……!?” (Alicia)



~Toru’s Perspective~


 I joked while, stroking Alicia’s head.


 I have a headache and dizziness, partly due to being forced awake.


 I get up from the bed, and gently massaged my head.



“Are you okay?” (Alicia)


“Oh, somehow. It might be a bad idea to take a break on the way.”


“Well, that’s not okay, isn’t it?” (Alicia)


“Before, I had to work even harder than this. Though, t’s not an everyday occurrence.”


“How hard were you working?” (Alicia)


“I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to rest again. There’s no time to rest with the constant stream of sick people coming in.”


“That’s the kind of place you need to leave right now! Kaoru-sama is dying. I didn’t know [Eclix] was such a place…” (Alicia)


“Ahaha, that’s right (I can’t say it’s my original workplace in my previous world)”






 As we talked about trivial matters, my body gradually got used to it.


 It was enough to make it okay to move around.


 After thanking Alicia, they went to the dining room to have breakfast.





 I had eaten a light meal and was taking a break while drinking tea when Cain-san came over.


“Oh, good morning, Kaoru-sama. You seem ready to go…” (Cain)


“Good morning, Cain-san. I’m ready to go.”



 Alicia listens at our conversation, and Cain-san is thrilled when she tells him, “I just have some business, so I don’t have to follow you or anything.”

 I can’t help but smile at her.


 I noticed the way she is looking at me and she then looks at her father with envy, her cheeks puffed out a little.


 I think such an expression is cute.


 Though wondered if this was due to me being conscious of her feelings.



“Then, let’s go. I’ve prepared a carriage for you, so let’s head over there.” (Cain)


“It’s easy to move by carriage”


“Can Kaoru usually use it? As I said before, please say anything. I will do anything I can to help.” (Cain)


“It’s fine. You don’t have to go that far. I have enough to get by and a place to live.”


“Is that so? It doesn’t seem enough for me. Ahahaha.” (Cain)



 It’s nice to be grateful, but you shouldn’t overdo it. Please be careful.


 There is something called moderation, but moderation from the rich’s point of view is a little different.


 I knows that, so I only asks for the minimum necessary things.


 I got on the carriage and felt anxious.



“By the way, what about Sarah-san?”


“Oh, she was going to do something today. She went out early.” (Cain)


“Yeah. I thought you would do it together.”


“We’re always together. It just happened to not be the case today.” (Cain)



 Talking about that, the carriage started to move.


 The interior looks very normal. The seating was incomparably better than Irga’s carriage.


 The swaying of the carriage is almost unnoticeable.



“That’s a nice carriage.”


“Ah, that’s right? Actually, this is a custom-made product.” (Cain)


“Well, if now that I think about it there is very little shaking, is it because it’s custom-made product?”


“I bought it when I took Alicia to [Eclix].” (Cain)


“Oh, I see. I’m convinced.”



 I look at Cain with a small laugh.


 I might have done that when the situation was the same, even though I thought he was a foolish parent at times.


 It’s normal to want to do something for a loved one.


 We talked for quite a while.


 Finally we arrived at Cain-san’s company.


 Cain-san’s firm is on the western edge of the aristocratic area.


 We gets off the carriage and I looked up at Cain-san’s company.


 There was a heavily guarded gate surrounding a 10-story brick building.



“This is quite the grand building.”


“That’s not true.” (Cain)


“It’s the biggest square footage and the tallest building in the neighborhood.”


“Ahahaha, well, let’s not talk about it.” (Cain)





 The two of us approached the gate.


 There are two gatekeepers in front of the gate, and the moment they see Cain-san, they bowed their heads.


 Cain also gave a light bow and asked them to open the gate so we could enter.



“You must feel like quite the top guy.”


“You’re make fun of me Kaoru-sama.” (Cain)


“Ahaha, I’m sorry”



 So we went inside as it is.


 When we opened the door of the building and went inside, there was an entrance.


 At the center of it, there were many counters, and the lady at the reception was available.



“It looks similar to the commercial guild”


“Yeah, this allows you to sort out where and what you want in trade, etc. My company has branches in most of the big cities on the continent. From here I wholesale to commercial guilds and shops.” (Cain)


“It’s huge. I don’t know how you put all this stuff together.”


“If you do your best, you will also do well.” (Cain)


“That’s right”



 I returned a nice smile still looking a little troubled.


 He seems to have only gained aristocratic status through trade.


 The scale is not so big, but it is considerable in this world.


 In the world where I used to be, it may be a small or medium-sized business, but it is certainly connecting the networks of this other world, albeit roughly.


“Then, should we go to my office?” (Cain)


“Yeah, I want to be introduced to a good pharmacist.”



 With that said, we take the stairs to the room on the 10th floor.


 It goes without saying that I got tired on the way.


 Seeing me in such a state, Cain-san got worried.



“Are you okay? Kaoru-sama doesn’t have much physical strength huh?” (Cain)


“No. At first, I thought I was weak, but I am still under magical deficiency.”


“What! Then, should I bring recovery medicine?” (Cain)


“No, I think it will recover in a little while, so it’s okay. It’s going to be useful in the long run if I verify how much rest I need to recover.”


“Yes? How much mana did you consume?” (Cain)


“Ah, I can’t say that.”



 I muddied my words, thinking that if I told Cain about the MP I had consumed, he would either faint or not believe it.


 It’s hard to ask if the skills that consume about 1 million MP exist in this world.


 If people know him, people will think he’s a stupid kid.


 I climbed the stairs, whipping my weakened body.


 We have finally arrived at the room on the 10th floor.



“For the time being, Kaoru-sama, please sit on the sofa.” (Cain)


“I’ll do that”



 My MP has not been recovered because I was forced to get up early in the morning.


 My complexion is pale and I am sweating unpleasantly.


 I want to make medicine as early as possible and return to Orvis House to take a nap.


 Rather, the desire to close my eyes right at this moment fills my heart.


 While I was under conflicting thoughts, Cain-san asked his secretary to bring a pharmacist who was free today to a single room.


 Meanwhile, I am losing the conflict and took a nap.


 Cain-san laughed and asked the secretary about today’s schedule.


 After about 20 minutes, I heard a knock on the door.


 Cain-san replied and he called them in.

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