Underground Doctor Chapter 13: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 6 Part 2

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“Chief – I’m sorry – I’m a bit sick.” (Pharmacist)

“Hmm? Oh, but don’t you seem better now?” (Cain)

“Well, mysteriously, it seems that the new product for recovering physical strength that the chief gave me worked.” (Pharmacist)

“That seems right.” (Cain)

 Cain-san is not yet sure it is the silver bullet for labyrinth fever, so he sent it to his subordinates as a new product for recovering physical strength.

 The effect was as they can see.

 Cain-san introduces me, who was taking a nap on the sofa a while ago.

“Kaoru-sama, this is Yurina, a pharmacist.” (Cain)

“It is nice to meet you. I’m Yurina. I’m 17 years old.” (Yurina)

“Good day, I’m Kaoru”

“She’s a bit of an idiot, but she’s a good worker… she’ll be your arms, so don’t worry.” (Cain)

“Oh, chief! That’s terrible ~. I’m doing my best ~ This is still ~” (Yurina)

“Well, do your best. Please don’t become a bother.” (Cain)

“Sh*t” (Yurina)

“The reply is funny, but it’s okay. Then, please use the room opposite this room, Kaoru-sama.” (Cain)

“Oh, oh, I understand.”

 I was a little worried about the conversation between Cain-san and Yurina, asked Cain-san, “Is this person really good?”

 The answer is, “Maybe it’ll be okay,” and the word “maybe” shouldn’t have been heard.

“Then, do you want to finish it in the room over there?”

“Huh ~ i” (Yurina)

 Yurina and I left the room where Cain-san is and went to the opposite room.

 Cain-san, who sees us off, has a slightly cramped expression.

 That should be the case. Unbeknownst to me, the Yurina is a slightly problematic pharmacist Cain-san’s company.

 She is one of the three most skilled workers in the company, but she’s just not very motivated. When it comes to the things that interest her, she is quite passionate about them, but when it comes to things that are not important to her, she is a bit of a troublemaker, making wasteful products and not refining them properly.

 So Cain-san is mainly in charge of refining new recovery items and so on.

 She was the only pharmacist available this time, and he was anxious about the trouble she might cause Kaoru.


 In the opposite room, I sat in a chair and took out the detoxified Oren’s skin and pure water (small) on the table.

 Seeing that, Yurina sighed and began rolling on the floor.

“What’s the matter?”

“I thought you were going to make some kind of fun item, but you’re just going to make a poison pill ~. It’s not fun~” (Yurina)

 Yurina, who puffs up her cheeks and protests, made a cute expression, but I was wearing a devil’s face that makes her want to hit her.

 He pulled her green hair back and made it into a ponytail, and maybe her glasses were a little big, and it was falling a little from the tip of her nose.

 Her limbs had a delicate feel to it that it feels like she would break if kicked her, and she wore a loose robe.

“Wow ~ I want to kick someone”

“Eh? Eh?” (Yurina)

“No, nothing!”

 My inner monologue leaked a little and I just spat out my inner thoughts.

 After hearing my words, Yurina hides under the table while she’s trembling.

 I made a bitter smile and coaxed her with my eyes.

“Don’t just stand there, come here”

「……」 (Yurina)

“Right, it’s not like a poison pill or anything. Come on over here for more fun.”

“Isn’t that some poison pill ……? What are you going to make me do?” (Yurina)

“Whoa, whoa, whoa.”

 Yurina was fascinated by the fact it was not a poison.

 In the case of Oren fruits, most of the time, a basic poison is extracted and the tip of a poison bullet or arrow is dipped, so her motivation was easily lost.

 She wants to make sure that my words aren’t lies and she began pulling on my clothes hard while breathing heavily.

 Then it was me who had to distance myself from her.

“Well, let’s calm down a little? Yeah?”

“Aina ~” (Yurina)

 Looking at Yurina who replied cheerfully, I somehow saw the anxiety-inducing character that Cain-san mentioned.

 As I saw her I thought, if she can do it I can use her.

“By the way, Yurina’s eyes are a little red, but are you okay?”

“No … Actually, I had a labyrinth fever the day before yesterday.” (Yurina)

“Ah … I see.”

“That’s right ~. It’s a new product that restores physical strength from the chief, and I’m fine now ~ It was a wonderful medicine.” (Yurina)

“Isn’t it more interesting if I that it’s compounded?”

“What did you say?!” (Yurina)

 With eyes wide open, Yurina once again began to pull on my lab coat more vigorously than before.

 She’s surprisingly strong, the neck of my white coat rubs and chafes the skin on my neck.

 I’m really starting to get annoyed,

“My neck hurts.”

“Unyarabaaaaaaaaaa” (Yurina)

 I decided on landing a hand chop on Yurina’s head.

 While tears collect at the corners of her eyes, she touched her head gingerly. This time, she pulls the lab coat but she’s barely putting force.

 I sigh and sat on a chair, patting Yurina’s head.

 Yurina approached and looks at the materials as if she’s about to cuddle them.

“So…so…how are you going to make it?” (Yurina)

“First of all, I want you to dry this Oren’s skin.”

“Does it have to be dried?” (Yurina)

“Oh yeah”

“What about the poison?” (Yurina)

“It’s been detoxified. I want you to do it.”

“Leave it to me” (Yurina)

 With a smile, Yurina picks up Oren’s skin and holds her hand.

“[Skill-Drying] “(Yurina)

 The pale orange skin turned into a dull orange color that looked crispy and dry.

 When I look at the scene and say “Oh, it’s amazing”, I look at this with an expression like “Oh, it’s amazing”.

 It is a secret that I wanted to give her another head chop.

“So what do you want to do with this?” (Yurina)

“We’ll grind this up into a powder: … that’s it.”

“A powder form huh? [Skill – Milling]” (Yurina)

 Before I finished talking, Yurina instantly turned the dried Oren’s skin into powder.

 The thing that turned into a white powder made a mound on the table.

“How’s that? I’m a quite the fast person, aren’t I?” (Yurina)

“So? Why don’t you just put it on the table and do it in a bowl first? Aren’t you supposed to put it in a bowl first?

“Tee-hee~” (Yurina)

“What the hell?”

 Placing her hands on her hips and head, she stuck out her tongue and winked at me.

 I couldn’t control my hand and chopped Yurina’s head, who bit her tongue. And is now rolling on the floor with her hands on her mouth.

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t ask me what’s next.”

“Oth-ay, Goth ith” [T/N: Okay, Got it] (Yurina)

 Yurina won’t face me after my hand chop and biting her tongue.

 However, she still clinging on to me.

 I picked up the beautiful paper that was around.

“[Medical magic – sterilization vector 1]”

“[Medical magic – Sterile Room]”

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