Underground Doctor Chapter 13: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 6 Part 3

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 I made the entire room sterile.


 In the first place, I wondered if it would be okay to use it in a normal room for handling medicine, and executed magic.


 I couldn’t point out what Yurina was missing, but Yurina, who was curious about the magic, glanced at me with eyes shining.


 Ignoring her reaction, I transfer the powder on the table onto a clean paper and forced Yurina to pick it up.


 She transferred the Oren skin powder to a bowl.



“Well, that’s the magic I describer earlier.”


“Corporate secrets”


“Gan! Isn’t it okay? Please tell me.” (Yurina)




“I won’t help you ~ Is that okay ~” (Yurina)


“Fine, I just have to ask another person.”


“Don’t let me go. Please ask for me again.” (Yurina)



 Yurina, who lost the bargaining game, cried at me and pleaded not to have me replace her with another pharmacist.


 I have gradually become accustomed to her personality, still, I began laughing despite myself.





“Fine, let’s go to the next process.”


“Yes!” (Yurina)


“Do you know what’s next?”


“What are you talking about? I don’t know, you know.” (Yurina)



 I grabbed Yurina’s head by her face and squeezed.



“Stop it, okay. You’re squishing it. Its squished, oh oh.” (Yurina)


“Yurina is really fun to play with.”


“Well, so please tell me how.” (Yurina)


“I should request a change of personnel from Cain-san”


“Gyaaaa. You’re not serious, right? You’re just joking.” (Yurina)


“Is it so? Are you sure?”


“Yes” (Yurina)



 Yurina happily made a noise of content while looking at me.



“Then, add pure water (small) to this and mix.”


“How should I do it” (Yurina)


“Well, mix them and form into small balls.”


“Of course~” (Yurina)




“I like you~” (Yurina)



 When I said that, Yurina formed the mixtures into dumpling-shaped portions, then she used [Drying].


 After the dumplings were dried, the size became about a 500-yen coin.


 I used analysis on it.



[Rifaminado (Intermediate)]


 ・ Ingredients: [Oregano Dyne]

 ・ Effect: labyrinth fever cure. And can eliminate pathogens when taken three times a day for three days.

 ・ Side effects, drowsiness, etc.




 I was relieved to see the results of the analysis.


 Both ingredients were almost the same as the medicine I made.


 If it is different, I think the effect would be a little weak.


 However, the labyrinth fever lasts for more than a week, so I was wondering if the patient could recover it in three days.



“Oh, we’re done Yurina.”


“Oh, yeah? Already? Couldn’t it be more like this? Like this goofy stuff. Crash and burn!” (Yurina)


“Hey … I’m the one who should be more scared.”


“That’s right, it wouldn’t be fun if it could be done so easily.” (Yurina)


“No, I was saved.”


“Gununu” (Yurina)



 I picked up the finished medicine and calculated how many pieces could be made by dividing it by the amount.


 I calculated that about 15 pills can be made from the skin of one fruit.


 I stopped her when she tried to leave the room to report it to Cain-san.


 I spread my arms and blocked her exit.



“It’s no good ~. Not yet ~” (Yurina)


“What? Why are you playing with your foot like that?”


“That’s right ~. It’s different ~” (Yurina)


“I can’t help it”


“What is it? Please tell me!!” (Yurina)



 I beckoned her a little.


 Being caught by it, Yurina approaches Kaoru.


 Just in front of Kaoru, Kaoru puts his hand on Yurina’s head and gently crumples it.



“Next time”


“Yes!” (Yurina)



 Yurina, who was gently patted unlike before, was taken aback by my action.


 I smiled gently and told her “She can go”, so I left the room.


 I didn’t notice Yurina touching her head and squirming with joy…


 Then I reported to Cain.


 I taught the general steps on the refining method to Yurina, so they can ask Yurina for details. Also, an employee of his that has been suffering from labyrinth fever and if that person improved, he would carry out the operation.


 He said that he was preparing for my return trip and that I should start preparing for the carriage ride for the return trip.


 Swayed by the carriage, I returned to Orvis House.


 As soon as I came back, I walked towards my room and fell into bed.


 I planned on sleeping for about four or five hours and before I slept.


 I thought I would wake up around noon.

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