Underground Doctor Chapter 14: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 7 Part 1

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 After she stated her business with us she took off her hood.


 Her face looks feverish. She was slightly red. Her eyes were shiny and teary, and her long, bright red hair was joined together into a thick braided bun. I wondered if the aura she was exuding was that of a mage or something similar.




“Yes, we have it here. Are you okay?” (Reese)


“Ah, it’s pretty tough. It’s has become an annual occurrence… but this year it’s even worse.” (Patient)


“I’ll get you some energy restorative magic and the medicine in a moment.” (Reese)


“Kaoru! Bring me some medicine” (Reese)





 Reese told me to prepare a day’s worth of medicine.


 I then put the medicine in a small paper bag.


 When I was done, I returned to Reese. I saw that Reese cast recovery magic on the woman.


 Reese’s hand glowed green, and light enveloped the woman’s body.


 I sat on the waiting chair while watching Reese’s work.


 About two minutes after the magic was activated, the green light disappeared from Reese’s hand.


 Then the woman was no longer breathing while her shoulders are heaving, and her complexion was a little better.



“Yes, I’ve regained her strength for now. As for the rest, Kaoru, don’t just sit there, hurry up with the pills!” (Reese)


“Yes, I just got back.”



 I gave the medicine to Reese.


 She got a bag of Rifampinado.



“Here, take one of these, please, starting today. In this bag is the medicine you will take for the day, there are three of them. Take them morning, noon and night after your meals.” (Reese)


“Is this the medicine? Rumor has it that it won’t work right away, but why doesn’t it work immediately?” (Patient)



 Reese was a bit flustered with the slightly anxious woman. She couldn’t explain it when she was suddenly thrust into something outside of her expertise. She turned to me and pleaded with her eyes. She seemed to be quite anxious. It was kind of fun to watch.



“It’s because the pathogen of labyrinth fever is still inside your body.”



 Then I entered the conversation to explain more clearly.


 Then the woman pondered as if to say, “hmm.”



“If you compare it to a labyrinth, the deeper the level, the stronger the monsters, right?”


“Yes, that’s right.” (Patient)


“Labyrinth fever is the same as the monsters in the deeper levels. You’ll take it down by attacking it many times, right? They don’t normally go down with one shot.”


“I see. So the damage is going to be done with this drug to weaken it! And the number of times you need to do that is the number of times you need to take this drug.” (Patient)


“That’s right. Is it easier to understand now?”


“I understand it.” (Patient)



 That said, she took out a pill and swallowed it.


 Her expression becomes sullen, perhaps it was a little bitter.



“Hold on for a moment.”


“Okay?” (Patient)



 I held my hand to the woman’s forehead and brushed her hair back.



“What?” (Patient)


“Okay, we’re done.”


“Huh… Huh?” (Patient)



 The woman looked at me with a pouting expression.



“So, I’m going to go to …… uh, the bill is…?” (Patient)


“Ah, yes. Let’s see, three pills cost 1,500 liras and 800 liras for the stamina recovery magic, so that makes a total of 2,300 liras.” (Reese)


“Eh? Is it okay for it to be so cheap?” (Patient)


“What? Is it really cheap?” (Reese)


“Um, ……sorry. I thought the standard was supposed to be high since Count Argus’s treatment center took the lead in setting the price. Though, the people around me didn’t think the price was too high to match it. And since this is the labyrinth fever medicine, I thought it would be extremely expensive, and I have some gold coins ready to use…….” (Patient)


“Go-gold coins!? I don’t want that much. Um, I want it. But I can’t do it because I think that if it’s too expensive, it will lead to a very few people getting it.” (Reese)


“Uh-huh, that’s honest. But there are people like you. Keep up the good work. Next time, I’ll use this place. I mean, I know you’ll hear a lot of things, but please don’t give up.” (Patient)


“Yes, thank you” (Reese)



 Reese bowed her head after hearing those words


 The woman said, “Please stop, don’t bow,” so both of them exchanged bows.


 Reese reminded the patient to come back if her symptoms don’t improve after she finishes all the pills.


 Reese sees off the woman with a big smile after receiving the payment.



“Fu …” (Reese)


“Good job. You look ready to tap out.”


Shut up. I’m holding you responsible for not teaching me how to handle those scenarios.” (Reese)


“He-he, I’m sorry.”



 As she said this, I solved the problem by teaching Reese various phrases to say for what could happen.


 It would be about twenty minutes after the next one arrived.


 The second and third people come into the treatment center while hiding their faces.


 I wondered if this was due to the power of Argus.


 Reese properly treats them and receives payment.


 She gazes into her money box with a sparkle in her eyes.


 She looks pretty happy.


 After that, people come in from time to time.


 Reese had been acting strangely around the time she treated the tenth patient.


 Perhaps around three o’clock, Reese’s complexion is pale.



“Well, sorry … I’m out of magic.” (Reese)


“Well, then I’ll take over from here, so just sleep and recover your magical power.”


“Yeah. I’m sorry, I’ll take a break in the back, but you can call me if you need anything.” (Reese)





 With that, Reese went into the back, dove onto the couch, and immediately let go of her consciousness, and went to sleep.


 She must have been quite tired. Even with intermediate level magic, Reese’s magic power capacity is still that of an ordinary person. It can’t be helped because she’s completely different from me.


 I then saw twenty patients until six o’clock instead of Reese.


 About the time the last patient of the day came in and I was explaining the medicine, Reese woke up from her sleep.



“I’m sorry! I overslept.” (Reese)



 She said and came out of the back in a flurry of movements.


 She looked quite flustered, but I greeted her like usual.


 I then use [Intermediate Stamina Recovery – Air Heal] on the last patient.


 Then, Reese’s eyes glaze over at the sight of it.


 From my hand, a blue-white light spreads and covered the patient in an instant, flowing into the patient’s body in a flash.


 Apparently this was because it was quite different from the normal [Intermediate Stamina Recovery – Air Heal].


 With Reese’s knowledge, she knew that it was faster when the magic power used was a lot, but she had never heard of it being finished in an instant before.



“Hey, that’s it.”


“Thank you. I feel so much better already.” (Patient)


“That’s good to hear.”


“The price……” (Patient)


“Oh, 1500 liras for 3 doses of medicine. 800 liras for stamina recovery magic, 2300 liras.”


“Eh?” (Patient)


“What? Everyone has the same reaction. It seems that the price set by the healers here are just so good.”


“Oh, thank you. I didn’t have a lot of money to spend…” (Patient)


“I’m glad. The healers here have low rates.”



 Laughing at my own words, I was busy talking to my patient.


 Little did I know Reese was still looking at me with wide eyes.


 The patient noticed it and bowed to Reese.


 Reese finally noticed the bow and hurriedly bowed her head as well.


 The patient paid the fee and bows his head again and again. I laughed and watched as Reese also bowed back in the same way.


 After the last patient left, Reese asked me about my [Air Heal], but I didn’t know much about it myself, so I didn’t have any concrete answer.



“Too many things about you surprise me.” (Reese)


“Not really. I get to know a lot of things I don’t know when I’m with Reese!”


“How naïve.” (Reese)


“You’re always saying that, so I’m not sure I’m not used to it.”


“I don’t like that about you……” (Reese)


“I can’t help it? Well, that’s totally true though.”



 Reese could only let out a sigh as I answered without taking offense to her words.





“And there was one thing I was wondering about…” (Reese)


“Hmm? What is it?”


“What did you do to the first patient who came to the door?” (Reese)


“You want to know? What I did before?”


“Tell me about it.”



 I wondered what to do with Reese, who appealed with her eyes.



“Speaking of which, I have one question for Reese.”


“What! Don’t answer a question with another question, tell me.” (Reese)




“Oh, damn. I can’t help it okay. What?” (Reese)


“Is there such a thing as a chant-less spell?”


“There are some, but you’re asking something special again.” (Reese)


“It would be convenient if there was one”


“It’s a special thing. I don’t know if anyone else could use it or not, as far as I know.” (Reese)


“That’s a shame.”


“What? Do you want to use it?” (Reese)


“Well, I’m thinking that we could do a lot of things together.”


“Of course you can’t do it. Well, you have your whole life to learn how to do it” (Reese)


“Maybe we could do that.”



 I cut the subject off immediately and quickly changed the topic.



“Oh, yeah, don’t you have to calculate the income?”


“Oh! That’s right.” (Reese)


“You haven’t had any customers for a long time, so I guess you’ve forgotten all that…… how sad.”


“No, no! I didn’t forget! I was just distracted for a minute.” (Reese)



 As she says this, she hurriedly opens the money box.


 And Reese began calculating.



“Or Kaoru! I set a new record!” (Reese)


“Oh, I’m glad for you.”


“Hey, today’s sales! It’s 69,000 lira.” (Reese)


“You’ve earned it.”


“I’ve never made that much money in my life.” (Reese)


“You’ll run out of magic. You’ll never last without a day off.”


“That’s right.” (Reese)


“I think we’re going to have to find someone to hire.”


“Ugh, but I just don’t have the time for that.” (Reese)


“Well, I guess we’ll just have to think about it.”


“Oh! That’s right. This is your share.” (Reese)



 Reese has offered me 46,000 lira from the 20 patients.



“Hmm? What’s going on here?”


“I didn’t treat them … and I didn’t prepare this medicine either.” (Reese)


“No. no.”


“But…” (Reese)


“You’re currently having trouble with money.”


“Hmm” (Reese)



 Reese was slightly hurt and it looked like I had to do something to make it right.


 Seeing this, I thought there was no way around it.



“Then how about you help me when I’m in trouble? Can you make sure you get this clinic back on track by then? Otherwise, if you don’t, I won’t be able to rely on you, You’ll go out of business again.”


“Fine, I know. I’ll take care of it this time.” (Reese)



 Kaoru patted Reese on the head, who is looking shy and grumpy.


 My action makes her grumpy again.


 The moment Reese said I should eat before I go home, but I politely declined. It was necessary, partly because I didn’t want to end my life yet. And partly because I didn’t want to go through that nightmare.


 Whether she knew it or not, she said something incomprehensible about how delicious it was, but I decided not to ask.


 It was about the time for me to go.


 By the time we were done talking about this and that, it was already 7 pm.


 It was getting dark and the streets were getting less crowded.



“Then I’m going home today.”


“Yes, that’s right.” (Reese)



 Reese looked a little uneasy.


 Since I was spreading rumors today, I didn’t think he’d be able to visit unless I caught the ears of Count Argus very quickly.


 However, Reese, in fact, seemed to be quite anxious.



“Are you worried?”


“Oh, no! I’m fine!” (Reese)


“Your facial expressions and words aren’t really matching each other.”


“Uh …” (Reese)



 She’s still worried about it.


 There’s no way to know how the other person is going to react.


 Scratching my head, I gazed outside. Then I made eye contact with some people outside.


 I used intimidation and so I walked out as it is.


 And in front of the door.



“No, that’s scary! As expected, please don’t point that kind of intimidation at us. That’s what she’s saying.” (Person Outside)


“Do you mean that you guys are Cain-san’s?”


“This is right. We are told to watch over Reese-san from the shadows.” (Person Outside  => Reese’s Guards)



 About three people stand in front of me.



I’m late to introduce myself. I’m Ralph, and this little girl is a dahlia and this little one is Schmidt.” (Ralph)


“Dahlia. Nice to meet you.” (Dahlia)


“Quite the tremendous intimidation you used. I’ll have to be careful of it. My name is Schmidt. Nice to meet you.” (Schmidt)


Kaoru. I’m sure we’ll be in good hands on this mission.”


Yes. So, that’s about it…… Reese-san, are you sure you want to be over there?” (Ralph)


Hmm? Oh, yeah. That’s one dumb kid expression on your face.”



 The three of them laughed at his words and the place relaxed, but Reese blushed curtly and walked into the store.



For now, let’s go inside and talk since it’s we’re too conspicuous.”


“I agree.” (Ralph)



 When they say that, they all go to the Reese Clinic and sit in a chair to talk.


 Ralph, the one who first spoke to me, was dressed as an ordinary adventurer.


 He’s looks like an ordinary young man, but his aura is a little different.


 He has short black hair and is wearing light armor that can be found anywhere.


 Dahlia wore a robe similar to a mage and with the face of a mischievous child, but she also has a different aura.


 She had brown hair wore it in a ponytail. Her hair was swaying, perhaps because she was looking around the clinic.


 Schmidt wore loose trousers with a fuzzy tunic, posing as a citizen.


 He had dark hair and long hair. It made him look rather narcissistic, but his smiling face gave him a mysterious vibe.



Is that a disguise or something?”


Yeah. We’re on the front lines of material collection and such. But we never thought we’d be hired.” (Ralph)


“What do you mean?”


We’re considered the best in the Orvis Trading Company, for one thing. Well, I’m proud of that.” (Ralph)


I see. Were you all fired up to get on board?”


“That’s what I mean. But I hear it’s a big job this time around, so there’s no way around it. We can’t be extremely proud.” (Ralph)



 From the aura that each of the three of them exudes, I am bracing myself to go along with the plans, knowing that they are not just anyone.


 They meticulously discussed the strategy for this time and confirmed the method of escorting Reese.


 This is because their actions will change depending on the night’s escort and Argus’ actions from now on.


 After the talk is over, I also confirm it with Reese.


 Also, I didn’t forget to nail the idea to the three of them to never eat any of the food that was cooked here.


 The reason is that it will definitely interfere with the mission.


 The three of them laughed, but the unknown food in the back kitchen made them cringe, and they understood what I had just said.


 That led to a nice punch from Reese, which hit me in the cheek, but I endured it, thinking this was also for the sake of the mission.


 I left the rest of it to Dahlia to take care of Reese, as it was a girl-power situation.


 It was decided that they would take turns, and Ralph and Schmidt would take turns on the outside, which took some of Reese’s anxiety away.


 Surprisingly, Reese and Dahlia clicked and hit it off, and I told her that I was going home for the day and was heading back to the Orvis mansion.


 I am always on standby so that I can take action anytime.



 On the way back from Reese’s Clinic, I hear rumors spreading through the town.


 The name of Reese’s Clinic was mentioned, discussing whether it was all lies or true.


 Since I heard the name of Reese’s clinic and thought that there might be something more about to happen tomorrow.


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