Underground Doctor Chapter 14: Operation Crushing an Aristocrat! 7 Part 2

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 I woke up before the sun rises.


 It seems that the effects of magical deficiency have been relieved.


 The results matched Alicia’s calculation of the amount of recovery during sleep it should be just about a week.


 So I get up and changed quickly from my sleepwear to an easy-to-move outfit.


 Then I left the Orvis House and started jogging.


 I hadn’t been able to exercise for the past week, so I thought I was getting dull, but my body didn’t seem to be as out of shape as I’ve expected.


 Today was the first time I went on a run since recovering my health.


 The first day I was sent over here, I was hungover and for the next week, I was moving around afflicted with magic deficiency and far from being in perfect condition.


 Heavy, as if my body had weights on it. My joints ache badly as if they were inflamed. And I have a parade of physical ailments, including a headache. It’s a wonder I’ve been able to keep my nerves in order. I avoided thinking about it by turning my mind to other things.



(It doesn’t seem that only my appearance has changed. I wonder if my health is the same when I was younger? I don’t feel any weakness at all. Rather, it’s faster to say that I’m feeling rejuvenated.)



 With that in mind, I easily ran 10 km and came back to the Orvis House.


 I met Karin who was trimming the garden.


 When I greeted her and she said, “Eh? Kaoru-sama, you’re up early! It‘s going will rain tomorrow for sure.” So I gave a light whack on her head to silence her.


 I returned to the room, sweaty. So I changed my clothes and headed to the dining room.


 When I sat down in the dining chair, Karin brought me some tea.


 I drank it slowly and took a deep breath.



“Yes, it’s fragrant and calming.”


“That’s right, of course. I made it, so it’s bound to be delicious.” (Karin)


You’ve added Herbs?”


“Kaoru-sama, you understand well. But that’s just 50 points. This is a special kind of herb, and it’s called Lux herb …” (Karin)


It is the ingredient giving the relaxing effect, etc.”



 I might have been a little mean when I said that.


 Karin puffed up like a pouty brat after hearing that though.



“Argh, don’t just steal what I’m about to say~. Gununu, I’m angry because you’re right. Kaoru-sama, did you really know about it?” (Karin)


“No, I just heard the name of the herb and had some idea about it.”


“That alone shouldn’t usually be enough to know the effects… but if you haven’t studied a book about herbs, you definitely shouldn’t know…” (Karin)


“Is that so? *Lux probably came from relax?” [T/N: It’s an abbreviation but using katakana ラックス-rakkusu-lax/lux リラックス-rirakkusu-relax. But I like the spelling of Lux so I used it instead. Not that I was like Karin and also didn’t get it. (˳˘ ɜ˘)]


“Ah!?” (Karin)




“I‘m a useless maid who only notices stuff like this when told” (Karin)


“Isn’t it an abbreviation?”


“Mukii!!! (Karin)



 Karin has quite high strung since the morning started.


 To be honest, it’s annoying, but I still think it’s a good day.


 Cain-san and Sara-san are also up. So I greeted everyone, then sat on a chair and went and had breakfast.


 Sarah-san doesn’t seem to be a morning person. Watching her move like she’s a boat rocking gently makes me feel a little relaxed.


 She is still dexterously eating bread little by little while chewing non-stop. Seeing Sarah look like a tiny creature. I was reminded that Alicia was just like her mother.


 While I was thinking about that, Alicia came to the dining room.


 Saying hello to everyone and she sat down in a chair. Alicia swaying like a boat in the same way as Sarah-san.



 (Are? Deja vu? No way)



 Thinking about that, Alicia picked up the bread on the plate and chewed.



(Hey, they’re synchronized! You don’t disappoint me at all, really.)



 Moving only her mouth and eating dexterously. Alicia while wearing a pink rabbi hood was looking quite cute.


 Cain-san tells me that they are quite similar being mother and child.



“Please, outside, don’t eat like that… I’m asking you Sarah-san and Alicia.”


“Yes~” (Sarah & Alicia)



 I can’t help but laugh at their reply.


 Both of them dexterously ate the pieces of bread without dropping any, and then took a sip of tea.


 Alicia, who has finally begun to be fully awake, begins to look around while rubbing the sleep of her eyes.


 Alicia finally realized that I was here.


 She pinched her cheeks while she continuously stared at me.


 She noticed it and turned bright red and sank on her chair.


 Cain and Sarah both said, “Oh, well,” and teased Alicia before going off to work.


 I saw them off and returned talking to Alicia.



“Why is Kaoru-sama here?” (Alicia)


“Oh, I’ve been relieved from my magical deficiency and I’m fully awake. I thought I’d eat breakfast early, so I took my time here.”


“Oh, I’m weak in the morning.” (Alicia)


“That’s right. I’ve witnessed it first hand.”


“Hmm ~~~~ ?!” (Alicia)


“Yeah. It was cute.”



 My words made her try to get herself to sink smaller on her chair.


 If I tease her again, she might really shrink herself, so I finally decided to let her calm down and not tease her.


 Karin, who was watching the two of us, was watching us warmly.







 After that, I also finished breakfast before heading to Bringer, where Irga-san is staying.


 Yesterday, I couldn’t go to see him, so I was thinking of going early today.


 My footsteps were quite light. I felt like it was a lie when I was usually short of breath.


 I went and talked to the receptionist of the in after I arrived at the inn.



“Oh, welcome.” (Receptionist)


“Good morning. I have some business with Irga-san.”


“Yes, please wait a moment~” (Receptionist)



 When she said that, she ran up the stairs to the second floor. And she came back quickly. It was easy to understand because she made an okay sign with both hands after she came back.


 After thanking her, I head up to Irga-san’s room.


 I’ve reached their door and knocked on the door before entering. Then Lyrica, who looked suspicious, welcomed me.



“What? What happened?”


“Nothing” (Lyrica)



 With that said, Lyrica refused to make eye contact with Irga-san.


 I went to Irga-san’s side and talked to him, wondering if Irga-san’s total silence was because he had done something.



“What’s happening? Lyrica seems to be in a bad mood.”


“I want to know too! I really don’t understand.” (Irga)


“When did this start?”


“Hmm. It seems like it was from this morning.” (Irga)


“What did you do before that put her in such a sour mood?”


“We were just eating breakfast together. Speaking of which.” (Irga)




“Yesterday, Kaoru didn’t come, so I had a healer come. At that time, we were mistaken as lovers. I said that wasn’t the case, and I told the healer that and I have resolved the misunderstanding. But what kind of eyes do they have to think that we’re lovers?” (Irga)


“I got it”


“So do you get it Kaoru?” (Irga)


“I see, I see. I’m still not convinced that I understand why Lyrica was in a bad mood though.”


“Hey! Kaoru can’t figure out how Lyrica got that way!” (Irga)


“Irga-san’s face is too close, it’s hot, so stop.”



 After moving away from Irga-san talking on and on, I approached Lyrica and tapped her shoulder, and told her, “It looks like it’s going to be a long way. It may be a thorny road, but do your best.”


 Lyrica nods a little while her cheeks are dyed red.


 The power of Irga’s denseness is fully demonstrated.


 It seems that he doesn’t even have a clue even after getting to this point.


 At this rate, I thought it was a pity, so I asked Irga to leave my seat and talk to Lyrica.


 As soon as Irga left the room, Lyrica began to cry.



“Why doesn’t he notice my feelings? Wawaaah.” (Lyrica)


“Hey, Lyrica, let’s calm down a little? Look, take one deep breath.”



 Suddenly Lyrica’s emotional dam burst open.


 After that, Lyrica kept crying so I patted her back until she was calm.



“Are you okay? Are you feeling calm now?”


“Yup” (Lyrica)


“Well, I think it would take a lot of patience to conquer Irga-san’s denseness.”


“Yeah, I’ve taken a lot of steps, but there’s no progress at all.” (Lyrica)


“What did you do?”


“Well, it’s a little bit of a skinny-dipping thing… Also cuddling and getting under the same bed with…” (Lyrica)


“Well, haven’t you said anything directly yet”


“No, I can’t say that!” (Lyrica)


“That’s right. I think it’s impossible to guess it, but …”


“Take that much!” (Lyrica)


“Maybe he’ll never know until Iruga-san dies…”


“Uhhh” (Lyrica)



 Lyrica begins to look quite gloomy after hearing my words.


 I lightly slapped Lyrica on the back of her head since she is about to cry again.



“Ah. You started by trying to convey your feelings, but you haven’t even confessed yet?”


“Because it’s embarrassing.” (Lyrica)


“Then you have no choice but to give up.”


“Oh, I hate that idea!” (Lyrica)


“Then don’t say it’s embarrassing, just say it, what’s the use of your mouth? Is it a decoration? It’s hard to tell how people feel, even after many years. Well, to be clear, if you want others to understand, put your thoughts into words, got it?”


(……) (Lyrica)



 Lyrica gets depressed after hearing my honest opinion.


 Until now, Lyrica has only taken an indirect approach hoping Irga-san would notice.


 If she wants to convey her feelings, she has to say it in words.


 Lyrica decided to bitterly accept my words into herself and convey her feelings to Irga-san.



“I will do my best” (Lyrica)


“Oh, that spirit. Good luck! In many ways …”


“Hmm? Uh, yeah. Thank you Kaoru.” (Lyrica)


“Then I’ll call Irga-san, so wait here.”



 With that said, Lyrica nodded and took a deep breath, and waited.


 I told Irga to leave the room, go to the lounge once, and return to Lyrica’s room afterward.


 Irga-san returned to the room.


 I watched them with a bitter smile.



(She’ll definitely fail … but I wonder if she can now stand on the starting line with this.)



 With that in mind, when I was chatting with the receptionist at the lounge, a strong intimidating aura fell over the inn.


 I feel like the temperature has dropped, and I was breaking into a cold sweat.


 The next moment, the inn shook with a ridiculously loud noise.


 Everyone in the lounge looked at each other.


 Are those two? I hurried back to the room.


 There I saw Irga-san slumped on the door.



“What? How is did this happen?”



 My thoughts could not understand this scenario.


 Did the little Lyrica blow off that giant Irga-san? That would probably be it.


 However, I wondered where such explosive power was hidden in that small body.



“Well, she courageously confessed, but what’s that?!”


“No it’s… just hear me out.” (Irga)


“Oh no, Irga-san’s denseness!”


“Oh, Kaoru, please help me get out of this! I can’t get out by myself because I’m stuck.” (Irga)


“That’s the only part of you that’s so calm, Irga-san.”


“Hmm? What do you mean?”(Irga)


“No…… Yeah. You’re going to get kicked out if you don’t clean up the mess for now. As for Lyrica, I’ll take care of her…… and you can take care of that yourself”


“Eh? Hey Kaoru? Help me! You can’t get out by yourself. Hey, are you listening?” (Irga)



 Irga-san is screaming, but I went towards Lyrica.


 The abandoned Irga-san was moving around like a shrimp.



 The receptionist saw what happened and Irga-san tried to get out of it with a bitter smile, but he got into a tight spot.


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